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The Horror Squad Podcast
The Horror Squad Podcast
A Horror podcast that discusses anything and everything horror! Exclusive celebrity interviews, the latest horror news,Horror trivia and reviewing the newest horror movies have a question or some feedback email us at
Episode 150: Z Ft. Director Brandon Christensen Interview
The Squad deals with their post Thanksgiving Turkey hangover by reviewing "Z" and are joined by the Director of the film Brandon Christensen for an interview Music provided by:
Nov 27
2 hr 6 min
Episode 149: The Dark And The Wicked Ft. Producer Adrienne Biddle Interview
The Squad dances with the devil this week as they review 2020s "The dark and the wicked" we are also joined by the producer of the movie Adrienne Biddle for an interview. Music provided by:
Nov 20
2 hr 18 min
Episode 148: The Special Ft. Dave Sheridan Interview
The Squad gets sleazy this week as they head to Madame Zora's to discuss "The Special" (2020) we are also joined by one of the stars of the movie Dave Sheridan who you might best know him as Doofy from scary movie in one of our most interesting interviews ever! Music provided by:
Nov 13
0 sec
Episode 147: Sleepaway Camp Ft. Felissa Rose Interview
The Squad goes back to camp this week as they Review "Sleepaway Camp" we also are very excited to be joined this episode by Angela herself Felissa Rose for an interview as we discussed her career in horror,Conventions and much more! Music provided by:
Nov 6
2 hr 23 min
Episode 146: Halloween Spooktacular 2 Ernest Scared Stupid/Halloween 4
The Squad celebrates Halloween by hosting their second annual Halloween Spooktacular by reviewing "Halloween 4" and "Ernest Scared Stupid" Music provided by:
Oct 30
1 hr 53 min
Episode 145: Sleepy Hollow
The Squad gets spooky this week as Halloween approaches by reviewing "Sleepy Hollow". Also trivia heats up as the end of the year approaches,the latest horror news and more Music provided by:
Oct 23
1 hr 46 min
Episode 144: John Carpenter's Vampires
The Squad sits down this week to Discuss "John Carpenter's Vampires" todd is very hungry this week as he asks everyone what they ate,The latest spooky season activities and much more! Music provided by:
Oct 16
1 hr 47 min
Episode 143: Hubie Halloween
The Squad gets into the Halloween spirit by reviewing the new Adam Sandler movie "Hubie Halloween". Also things heat up in trivia and the latest horror news Music provided by:
Oct 9
1 hr 49 min
Episode 142: Wrong Turn
The Squad celebrates it's one year anniversary by discussing some of their favorite show moments and episodes. Also we review "Wrong Turn" as chosen by one of our listeners! Music provided by:
Oct 2
1 hr 42 min
Episode 141: Antebellum
The Squad sits down this week to discuss a highly anticipated 2020 release as they review "Antebellum". Also spooky season is officially underway as the Squad talks about some of their favorite fall activities and we need your help for our next episode!
Sep 25
2 hr 10 min
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