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Childhood TV Memories and Being Thankful in 2020, Happiest Season, Dreamland, Freaky
This week, we talk about some of our most memorable or impactful childhood TV memories, meaning those moments that you still reflect on even still many years later. Many of us enjoyed morning cartoons, some of us remember when MTV actually had music videos, and the many different experiences of watching with our families and alone. Also this week: spoiler-free review of Freaky, Happiest Season, Dreamland, a news roundup, new releases, and dropping all negativity to share what we're thankful for in 2020!
Nov 18
1 hr 43 min
How TV and Movie Habits Have Changed in 2020, Let Him Go, Listener Questions
This week, we look back at 2020 and how our normal TV and movie viewing habits have altered throughout the year. No movie theaters, increased streaming availability, an endless supply of new content: what are we doing different now that we will continue to do in the future? Also this week: our review of Let Him Go, a news roundup including Johnny Depp's shocking departure from Fantastic Beasts 3, listener questions, new releases, a round of HO Jeopardy, and more!
Nov 11
1 hr 1 min
Presidents in Entertainment and Sean Connery
On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we first take a look back at the legacy of Sir Thomas Sean Connery. We then shift over to Presidents in Entertainment. Independence Day, 24, The West Wing, entertainment is full of fantastic representations of the United States Presidency. We discuss what constitutes being "presidential", how much movies and TV influences are opinion on actual presidents, and even play a few games with both real and fictional presidents.
Nov 4
1 hr 5 min
John Maggio | HBO's The Perfect Weapon (2020)
Director John Maggio discusses his career and the timeliness of his latest film, The Perfect Weapon, centered around the growing use of cyberterrorism as the preferred warfare of the modern age. Maggio elaborates on many of the themes included in the film, such as the expansion of 5G and "Perception Hacks", as well as the challenges in bringing this riveting film to life. This is a fascinating interview every person needs to hear. The Perfect Weapon is now available on HBO Max.
Nov 3
35 min
Sleepaway Camp (1983) | A Hollywood Outsider Movie Commentary
After a horrible boating accident kills her family, shy, sullen Angela moves in with her eccentric Aunt Martha and protective cousin Ricky. One summer, Martha sends the kids to Camp Arawak. Soon after their arrival, bizarre, increasingly-violent accidents claim the lives of various campers. The disclosure of the murderer's identity is one of the most shocking climaxes in the history of American cinema...and you're going to hear our immediate reactions as we watch Sleepaway Camp LIVE!
Oct 28
1 hr 45 min
Borat 2 and Spell
On this episode, our news roundup leads into spoiler-free reviews of new films Borat 2 and Spell.
Oct 28
23 min
A Happy, Happy Halloween Episode | 2020 Edition
On this 2020 edition of our Happy, Happy Halloween podcast, we look back at building a perfect horror film, women in horror, Darren Lynn Bousman on SAW traps, iconic horror villains, and surviving a horror movie. This episode has something for every fan!
Oct 21
2 hr
80s Family Movie Battle Royale
Which 80s family movie do you consider the best of all time? In this episode, we're determining which '80s family movie is the best. Titles like Back to the Future, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Goonies, and E.T. - you don't want to miss out on who takes home the title! Also on this week's episode: entertainment news roundup, spoiler-free reviews of The Haunting of Bly Manor, The Boys, The Wolf of Snow Hollow, Shithouse, and Love and Monsters, new releases, and our HO Teachable Minute.
Oct 14
1 hr 56 min
Classic Movie Monsters, Bad TV Couples, and a Perfect Summer Soundtrack
Here are three of our most popular topics from earlier this year: Bad TV Couples, Classic Movie Monsters, and the Perfect Summer Soundtrack
Oct 8
1 hr 42 min
Fall TV Preview and Mental Illness in Entertainment
What Do You Think of the Portrayal of Mental Illness in Entertainment? As we’re approaching October 10th, which is World Mental Health Day, we thought it appropriate to take on a discussion about mental illness in entertainment. We also discuss our annual Fall TV preview, the shows returning we're looking forward to and new shows that we're anticipating. As well as our news roundup, reviews of Enola Holmes, Spontaneous, Kajillionaire, and The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw.
Sep 30
1 hr 49 min
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