The Hog Pod with Bo Mattingly
The Hog Pod with Bo Mattingly
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Heck yeah
Love all the great content!!
Favorite Razorback PodCast
This podcast is so well constructed. Every interview is entertaining and educational. Only complaint is I wish they were longer!
Mr Nobody 1992
Hog Pod
Great podcast. My favorite podcast on the Razorbacks. Bo knows the Hogs! Love the guests. Great interviewer.
Utah Hawg
For the true blue HOG fans!!!
Great to hear from hogs of the past! Enjoy the interviews!
Hog pod
This is awesome to get a closer look and find out more about certain Razorback players and legends.
Rob Hurst
I’ve been a hog fan my whole life. This podcast helps me to feel even closer to the university and its teams and players/coaches I love. Many thanks to everyone involved in it.
Hoggy Style
Hog Pod💪🏽🐗
I love the Hog pod! Moved to Indianapolis this last year so it’s a great way to hear about them Razorbacks up north. Always enjoyed taking with and respected Bo during my time with the Hogs. WPS! -Austin Beck
One of the best in the business!!
No doubt Bo to is one of the best out there. Thanks Bo!!!
Great Podcast
BP does a great job interviewing Razorback players and coaches to let us get to know them better.
Hog Fan #33
Bo is World Class
Was disappointed when Bo left radio and very happy when Hog Pod appeared! Was hoping Bo would stay in Arkansas... he could have gone national years ago - he is that good. We are lucky Bo has stayed. But even more, he has the best guests and does the best interviews.
Hog pod
Awesome podcast love all the coaches interviews!!
WPS for life!!!
I like how it gives the everyday fan like myself the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the program and get a more in depth look at it. It also allows you the opportunity to know more about your favorite Razorback players and coaches that you wouldn’t know if you don’t listen. Thanks Bo and all that are involved in making this something every Hog fan can appreciate and be proud of.
Hawg fan Josh
Very unique podcast. No asks all the right questions and really digs deep into every person he interviews. I love all of the backstories for everyone. I’d give it a 6 star review if I could
Great for hog fans
The content is fun and the stories are well told. Any hog fan would enjoy it.
Keep em coming
Love the content, listened to Tony Bua the other day. Great!!!!
Best Podcast Ever
Been listening to Bo and his crew for a long time!! Love the Podcast!!
Great interviews
Bo has a great way of asking good questions.
Excellent material from a personal level of coaches and players!
Incredible podcast
If your a Hog fan, this is your podcast! If your a sports fan, this is your podcast! If you love a well told story, this is your podcast! Excellent production
Incomparable Razorback Material
There is simply nothing else in the world of Razorback media that provides the in-depth coverage and behind the scenes stories you get from The Hog Pod. When Bo, Bart, and Saw ended the Sports Talk radio show, it was a big blow, but they have filled a completely different and even better role with this podcast. Nothing like this has ever existed in the world of Razorback athletics coverage, and I bet there aren’t many other college fans that have this kind of luxury.
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Sully's Stache
My daughter who does not like sports still really enjoys the HogPod. Great stuff.
Great stuff from David Patrick! Bo is an awesome interviewer who excels at getting his guests to relax and share
Enjoyed the interview with the Brewer family but couldn't stand to finish it as Bo asked the same questions over and over about thier relationship and how awesome they are. It just got old.
Amazing production
Very captivating podcast that is a must listen every week for any hog fan.
Tyler Wilson
Awesome show
Best produced show I ever heard
This show is so well produced with incredible sounds and bumpers. Great job.
Awesome Stories from Hog Legends
I always enjoyed Bo’s radio show and his insightful interviews with Hog legends. This podcast is a deep dive into these same type of interviews. I always learn something new and like his old radio show it is very well produced.
Giza Butler
Helping me get through
I tested positive for COVID this week and the hog pod has got me through it! Thanks Bo!
All Hogs Fan will love this
Bo does a great job of interviewing people associated with Razorbacks sports. You learn a lot and they are very enjoyable. Try it you will like it.
The best of all my podcasts, entertainment at it finest.
Even the subjects that don’t interest me are still some of the best
The best
These Hog podcasts are great. I don’t think I have listened to a single one in which I didn’t want to listen to the entire episode. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the bonus ones especially lately since we don’t have much sports to watch or listen to. One thing I might let you know is that Jake Bequette earned a Ranger “tab” not “tag”. If that’s the only criticism you receive I believe you are doing a great job. Honestly only those of us that were in the army would even know. Keep up the great work.
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Hog Pod
If you love the Arkansas Razorbacks, you can’t beat the excitement, nostalgia and getting to hear stories from the players and coaches past and present on the Hog Pod with Bo Mattingly.
Hog Fan
Bo does an excellent job of interviewing some of my favorite Razorback icons. This Podcast fills a huge empty space during the unprecedented time in sports history. Brings out all the emotions. Looking forward to the next episode.
5 star
I can’t wait to hear this every week! Thanks, Bo!
Great Razorback stories. Keep em coming!
Love this podcast!
Phenomenal interviews!
Great interviews
Really enjoy the various interviews and insights! Keep up the great work!
Great Podcast
I’m a Texas Hog fan that travels frequently for work. Always a great listen while driving!
Great content!
Love this different take on Razorback athletics! Awesome to hear the stories of current/former coaches and athletes in our Razorback nation! Keep them coming!
Razorback Anthony
Hog Pod
Great platform.
Hogpod with Bo
I really look forward to the various episodes each week. I really love the bonus episodes . Keep it up Bo!!!
Bo has great presence in the interviews. He connects with the interviewee and brings out their personalities. It is like listening in on a fireside chat between friends. Really enjoy his podcasts.
Tony Bua
Great Hogpod with Tony Bua. Tony still has the passion! Rates right up there with Joe Klein and The Last Dance podcast.
Garage Church
Intelligent, easy listen
Bo asks the questions I want to ask. He also goes deeper. Gently exposes lessons in life. Irony too. Many are replay favorites. All are must hear.
Great for any Hog Fan
Always a good listen!!!
Excellent podcast!
Covering all things Razorback, Bo has an easy voice and an easy manner. He gets the very best from his guests! He lets them talk, and still manages to keep them on topic. Makes my work day better and lets me learn things I probably would not otherwise.
Must listen for hog fans!
Every aspect of Hog sports you can think of and great behind-the-scenes stories. Favorite episode: Coach Neighbors and Coach Miss joint episode, that needs to be a recurring show! WPS!
Best show yet...Ron and Ronnie Brewer
This was the best interview yet and I have listened to them all! I was sad when you left radio because I was not familiar with what a pod cast was! Now I check for the extras. THANKS!!
Hawg Fan
Gotta listen if you like the Razorbacks!
A Must Listen for Hog Fans.
Every episode is well produced with interesting topics and people connected to the Arkansas Razorbacks.
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