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Great hockey pod
Informative, professional and overall a very solid listen. I do miss Ken Campbell and Matt Larkin. Campbell, Larkin and Kennedy were a great trio. Kennedy and Larkin were good too.
Love ‘Em but yes
Lol no mention of Andrew Copp with regards to deadline success evaluations. Cmon ! Agree w others re : audio qual as well. Xo
Inconsistent volume between hosts, audio issues occur far too often and the page downloads far too many episodes onto my phone than is worth it. Even though they turn out good podcasts between a lot of brutal takes I’m considering unfollowing.
Very Good Overall Hockey Podcast
They cover all aspects of hockey the hosts are interesting and fun to hear. The only issue is sometimes their volume is not consistent between the hosts or so it’s hard toFind a comfortable volume level.
Great hockey content, but please, please, please can you adjust the volume of the guys microphone s? Ryan has a loud booming voice and Steven kinda mumbles. Makes it hard to listen without constantly adjusting my headphone volume. Thanks
Great Podcast!!!
Love the show guys, love the depth, national and international look on Ice Hockey. One suggestion please turn your mic volume up, I can barely hear you guys and have to turn my volume all the way up & even then it’s hard to hear.
Updating my previous review
This is an informative podcast. However, the subtle cheap shots have gotten a bit annoying about people that aren’t willing to be vaccinated, accept lockdowns and the differences between the US and Canada. Longtime subscriber and supporter signing off for good.
The content is decent, but get Ryan Kennedy internet from this decade, it cuts out constantly
For the love of God please someone upgrade Ryan Kennedy’s internet
Seriously. Kennedy cuts out consistently for 3-8 seconds. It’s unbearable. Give the man a raise so he can get faster internet.
It’s stunning how consistently bad the audio quality is for this podcast.
Sometimes interesting but host has wacky views
It’s really annoying when podcast hosts talk ‘under their breath’ because when they do so you can’t understand what they say! Also, during long discussions about a player, it would be great if they repeat that players name rather than just saying “he” and 30 to 45 seconds later you have to go back to learn who “he” was. I give the hosts credit for taking a “wait and see” approach to Anari Panarin’s troubles but it was ridiculous for the host to say Russian media repeating unsubstantiated claims “would never happen here.” Hello! Did the host sleep through 4 years of President Trump’s ludicrous tweets? And it’s be great to have hosts with a better grasp of their audience. One of them hated the outdoor game (that’s his right) but it got record ratings! Is he so jaded he can’t see what’s good for the sport?
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Mediocre at best
Love The Hockey News magazine, but this podcast isn’t very good. They’re so negative on so many cases and belittle their listeners sometimes. I only listen to it occasionally when I’m waiting for the next Spittin Chiclets episode to come out
What did I just listen to?
The bias is unfathomable. Once I heard them say the east is the “worst division in hockey” hard to take anything seriously. This is basically the Fox News of Hockey podcasts.
Rating of the Hockey News
I think the podcast is ok not bad not good, but I think the takes are pretty ehh. The podcast is kinda like your overprotective mom who you love and does some things right but you don’t really like her. So overall it’s ok.
patrick tserpes
Good but audio problems
Love the pod but the one guy needs to get better internet, his audio cuts out on every episode.
Hockey news not popular in 20 years
Bad hosts lacking knowledge of the topics
brewin 123
Woke generation
So another decent podcast ruined by the woke generation. I want to hear hockey news. Not half baked opinions. These guys are better in print, listening to them is maddening. Stop “like, like, liking” so much. As for the “other” added podcasts to the lineup. What a bunch of turds. Unfortunately not much else is available, but I’ll be looking.
It’s a jumbled mess of shows now
It ‘was’ a decent podcast but now it’s a variety hour podcast with some pretty obnoxious alternatives to be completely honest.
Like a lot of hockey podcasts, it’s all useless cliches without any insight. Just a boring podcast
akdiebdia d s
A w e s o m e
Funny pd keep up the good work
Renegades 11
Puck-Pin Heads
Top NHL analysis. Need to stick to what they know best and skip the politics.
Woke Scolded
Main podcast was fine
But now just getting bombarded with their other new ones, that are all kinda bad except for Simmers Morning Skate, which I would have subscribed to. But Goiche live etc weren’t what I subscribed to. So... unsubscribe it is.
Love the Hockey News
Great content. I like all their opinions/style.
Best pure hockey podcast out there
Great guys who collectively are the most accredited hockey podcasters in the biz. Basic production values, but that makes it even better.
Interview of Igor Larionov was fantastic
Insightful and fun
STOP hitting the GD microphone!!! F’N DOWN SYNDROME DONKEYS!!! TARD INC.... Opening a beer and thinking it’s cool or funny. How many lives are ruined every minute from alcohol. How about the sound of a syringe or gunfire. Millennial punks, adolescent podcast. Otherwise its ok..
done with heart
Great source.
Good quality. Bad takes. Great place to hear the trolls opinions before battling them online.
How the mighty have fallen
The Hockey News used to be probably the most respected news outlet in the sport. Now these guys are seriously debating whether or not extending Jim Benning was a good idea. It’s not too early to decide, he has a legit history of just horrendous contracts. “Too early to get Roussel and chimera”. You NEVER need those guys on your roster. Also they think the blues are just okay team.
goalie freak 31
Balanced, thoughtful, funny and to the point
I love this show because they get right to the point and having several commentators (Matt Larkin, Ryan Kennedy, Ken Cambell and others) lends a balanced discussion with multiple points of view and the ability to get a lot covered. It's a nice complement to shows like the Hockey PDOcast or 31 Thoughts which are generally more focused and detailed and sometimes get a little dry. Don't get me wrong, I love both those shows (with PDOcast being especially great) and this doesn't mean the Hockey News is light on hockey knowledge - it's just that they gets things done more efficiently which is very much to my liking. I also like that the show has several segments which are led by a specific commentator with subject knowledge. Ryan runs the "future watch" and Ken does the "hot take" (IMO the perfect choice for this segment given his thorny personality). I look forward to this podcast each week. Yes the audio can be annoying but I overlook this minor solveable glitch because the underlying content is so good. Cheers guys!!!
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Ken Campbell is possibly the worst hockey analyst in the business and now he’s complaining about how Stanley Cup Champions are celebrating with the cup. Kick rocks bud
Worst hockey commentary I have ever heard.
Fan of Hockey
Good, needs better production
The content is generally good, the sound could be much better.
Take it down a few notches on the enthusiasm for the basics. Just speak normally! Otherwise kind of hard to listen to.
Mumble, mumble, yell, mumble.
How can a publication like the Hockey News not have the resources to have professional sound quality? You have to turn up the volume to hear the guys mumbling at the end of a tunnel when suddenly the one guy who sounds like he’s yelling directly into your ears chimes in. I appreciate their insights but really can’t support this when obviously having quality equal or better than 98% of podcasts operated out of homes is so low on their priority list. When they upgrade beyond used Radio Shack crap then yeah, maybe.
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Audio quality is brutal. We are past the era where your iPhone is good enough. Clean it up or don’t bother.
Sound Quality Needs to Be Updated
The conversation and insight of Matt, Ken, and Ryan is great, no issues. However, why is it always so low in sound quality? Does everyone have their own mic? Are they speaking into it? And when you are recording remotely, you can’t record a video call and extract the audio? It sounds like an old timey rotary phone is recorded when someone is in a hotel room or the episode where no one could come to the office because of a snowstorm. If the sound quality can improve, this is a 5 star podcast.
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Good show bad sound
I like this podcast, but the audio is very difficult to listen to. If everyone wore microphones I’d be more inclined to listen, but unfortunately it’s hard to hear what’s said. I just can’t deal with the audio issue, otherwise this would be 5 stars
T bizzy b bone dogg shizzy
New sound levels aren’t good.
The sound levels on the new podcast were pretty bad, boys. Ryan Kennedy sounds like he’s right in front of the microphone while Ken and Matt sound like they’re in the other room. Furthermore the sound is very “tinny”. Great content as always though.
New studio, same ol’ issues; alt title= Sound check much?
This would be great if anyone besides (in addition to?) the guy who sounds like he’s doing an impression of a guy with a low voice would sit close to the mic. That dude is WAY louder than the other guys, and it makes it so you can only listen in earbuds with no other sounds anywhere near you. Will revisit this podcast when a sound pro takes a look at the issue.
Sound quality is worse not better
Whatever fix you made - as mentioned in the podcast- isn’t working.
Great mix of fantasy and overall hockey
Gives me a great insight into the game.
Best General Hockey Podcast
Too many podcasts feature mindless chatter. (31 Thoughts for example.) Or swearing just because you can do it on a podcast. (No need to declare the obvious offender here.) But this one covers a vast range of topics, with expert analysis, in a relatively short period of time. There is banter and jokes but it doesn’t veer far from the subject at hand. Highly recommended.
So close...
TL:DR The content makes it worth listening to, but the audio is so crap that its the LAST one I listen to after I’m caught up on all the others. + The only podcast with a deep knowledge of each team’s prospects! - The audio is excruciating... how come every other podcast, even with speakers not co-located, sound so clear and this one sounds like guys sitting around an cheap speakerphone in someone’s bathroom? - Given the sound quality issues, maybe have Campbell NOT be the guy that leans back in his chair and is even harder to hear? - And Kennedy... nobody talks like that in real-life do they? Or is this what “man-splaining” sounds like?!? I’ve never had something mansplained to me before... ugh.
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Enough with the expletives
I listen from Alabama with my young children who are also hockey fans and players and we appreciate most of the content. However, I don’t appreciate some of the foul language on some episodes. If you guys want to talk that way it’s fine, either bleep it out or put the explicit tag on the episode so i know not to listen with my kids around.
Must listen!
Don’t know who gave these guys a bad review, but that guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. THN guys are consummate experts; best and most knowledgeable guys in the industry. Well-educated and informed, spot-on analyses, and well respected within the industry. They cover everything too, instead of just focusing on big markets or headlines only. I also subscribe to their magazine, and its money well spent.
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Pretty bad
They only cover the big fan bases. If you're a fan of a small market team you won't hear one thing about them.
Hockey fan
I have been a hawks fan since the early 90’s... the fact that you say the defense is the problem, wrong... The defense is the only thing that has the hawks in the position they are in and are very young and will only get better and when they are on I would put them against any team in this league easily the forward group has underperformed so much it’s crazy.. get your facts right and mike green is only good when he feels like it..
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Dig the prospect talk. There’s a lot to know and I know a lot more of it after every episode.
Dipsy Foo
Good but Audio Lacking
The hockey coverage is knowledgeable and interesting. However at times the audio is ear piercing depending on who is talking. I haven't experienced this with other podcasts.
Thumbs Up
They actually know hockey prospects! One of the few hockey podcasts!
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