The Highwire with Del Bigtree
The Highwire with Del Bigtree
The Highwire with Del Bigtree
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Thank you!!!
You are doing the country a great service.
God's truth not ours
Wow! The Maddie story is heartbreaking!
Thank you for all of your coverage! Poor Maddie needs help and the drug companies left her high and dry!
Thee Truth!
Thank you!!
Best information you can find. Very informative. Enjoy listening to every episode. Keep up the excellent work!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👍🏼
NWI Officer
One of the best pod going
Del is an amazing communicator and pushes for truth every episode. There is no fluff here. It is stark and sometimes shocking, but extremely credible. Thank you for your courage, Del!
Best up to date information
This is, by far, the most well researched information about Covid podcast. I share it with people who want the truth. Thank you!! Keep up the awesome work!
Really good information and delivery
I know Del is a media professional so this show OUGHT to be well done, but it is so good and he has the best guests. He doesn’t go for the sensational stories that can’t be proven, he comes with the documentation and lays out each story in an understandable way. The shows are long but worth every minute, plus he does smaller snippets of the big show where you can listen in smaller bites. Great show!
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Del is prescient
You could replace every expert in the government medical bureaucracy with one guy; And that’s Del Bigtree. If you’ve been listening to Del for the last two years you’ve been ahead of every policy mistake the government/pharma/medical complex has made and have seen through the lies.
Thank you
Tony ‘Fraud’ Fauci. How’s your patents doing, Fauci?
Toni Bolonii
Thankful & Grateful
To Del & the whole team. I am so so grateful for all of you. You all are a huge part of my hope in this world. Thank you for being honest, genuine, truth seeking human beings. Someday I will meet you all…(I hope) but know that Daniel Floyd Ralph and all his family and extended family cherish and appreciate you all so much. LETS GO!!! Anytime you need a random, normal guy to speak with ya…I am 100% down to tap out with you guys. Thank you Jeffery Jaxon as well. For being a true patriot and seeker for truth. 🤙🏼🙏🏼🔥😁
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Vermont is with you!
I speak for many, many here, yes in Burlington, Vermont, whom aren’t buying The Narrative. The media doesn’t want anyone to know there are lots of people like me, here, being empowered daily by you and your amazing guests. Please keep delivering brave content. It means so much.
Must listen
The truth is so powerful and they bring the facts to back it up. Anyone who is honestly looking for the truth should listen. Must listen!!
Vaxxed Movie
I am watching now and I am dumbfounded by the incredible evidence showing the direct correlation between MMR and autism; however I am not surprised. Twenty five years ago my son had a reaction to the MMR vaccine. He couldn’t walk for 8 hours. This almost went unnoticed. When I called the doctor a nurse insisted he was probably just tired. Thank God an astute doctor recognized this as a “rare allergic reaction” called ataxia and he was never allowed to get the booster. I always worried about him getting the measles but when he was 18 he had a blood test that showed the first MMR shot did give him protection against measles. I often imagine, what if his inability to walk went unnoticed. What if the ataxia occurred during sleep, or what if he hadn’t been walking yet in his development? I would have taken him for his booster and then what? His life and ours would have been ruined forever like so many children and parents and families. When I watched the children in the movie often begin their reaction with not walking I wanted to cry. Talk about hitting home; my son dodged a painful bullet as did we. Megyn Kelly, who I love, just had Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on her show and she fought him on the MMR vaccine conversation. I tried writing her to get her to see this movie and also recommended that she interview you. I think that if she saw this movie and what was really going on, she would have a strong influence on the fight against the craziness going on today with the CDC, NIH, vaccines etc. She is NOT a Fauci fan!! So if there is a way for you to connect with her and get her to see the light, I think she could help the cause greatly. She is the bridge between the 2 sides. She connects with all kinds of people, some in high places and I believe breakthroughs could potentially be made. Just like you, she is fearless and has true grit. Just a thought. Lastly, thank you Del for all that you do to get to the difficult and unpopular truth. You are a superhero in this fight and I support you all the way!! Keep up the incredible work that you are doing for all of us. ❤️
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Del and the Highwire are the best show on real vaxx science
Love this show!
Great information, needs slight changes
I have utilized this show for so long now. I started listening when I was pregnant to make sure I was informed on all sides, and have listened to every single show throughout the pandemic. I love hearing all of the science and getting in touch with the truth. I love you Del but it would be so much easier to understand the information if you would stop interrupting all of your guests, especially Jeffery Jaxen! It is hard to follow the story/article when Del is constantly going off on tangents. I 100% agree with his opinions and understand it can be emotional to discuss, but it’s very distracting and makes me want to listen to other sources. I’d love to listen to a Jaxen report without interruptions 😬 Thank you for all that you do, all in love.
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A true hero in these troubling times
A remarkable, reliable podcast. Hardworking journalists speaking truth. Thank you for all you do!
Awesome response
This is a truly amazing show. I love the passion. The episode with Mikki Willis was one of the most impactful podcasts I’ve ever listened to. And the episode with Edward Dowd scared the crap out of me
Michael Stookey
Thank You
Some time ago I heard a great quote, “The truth will bury the lies.” Truth is scary, but we must know what we’re up against. I’m glad i discovered your podcast. Thanks to you and the brave people who are helping to expose the Truth.
Absolutely love this podcast
I’m grateful for each interview and your Christian perspective. Listening to those reporters call you out for speaking at the rally was so cringey. The only reason they are fearful is because they are guilty. Thank you Del and team!
More than opinion, there are facts
Del Bigtree brings the goods. His guests do the same. Actual data, facts, proof are given to back up what they’re saying and can counter the garbage that’s being passed off as being true by the so called experts in media, government and most healthcare systems.
Reporting we can trust
It’s nice to have reporting on the Highwire that can be trusted. I won’t watch the lamestream news anymore because they make up fake news biased to their narrative instead of reporting actual NEWS without bias.
Finally the truth about big pharma & vaccines
Del really lays out the facts over and over. He points out bias and faulty data surrounding childhood vaccines. THANK YOU Del for your bravery, for continuing to call out the atrocities. I was vaccine hesitant after hearing stories of multiple mothers. I didn’t trust the science what people were saying on either side. As a healthcare provider as well as a mother, I was grappling to find a course of action for my infant son that I felt comfortable with. It wasn’t until I heard Del speak and lay down the facts that I finally felt at peace with my decision not to vaccinate. I have recently started your show from the beginning (2017) and am continually mind blown by all of the facts. THANK YOU!
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This podcast has truly changed my view on the current circumstances within our country and other countries. I’ve shared many of the episodes with my closest friends and family to articulate the fears I’ve been feeling about the governments over reach and Fauci perverse use of power that’s been detrimental for the human species globally. My favorite part of this podcast is that we don’t just trust Dels word for it he brings on well respected scientists and doctors on the show who share their invaluable opinions in a very comprehensive way. I recommend this podcast to any and everyone!!! Thank you for your invaluable service to humanity Del!!!
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I just had to say, thanks for yelling at me about the newsletter. Ha! You’re absolutely right! I needed that. Thank you for all the work you do to find truth in these times.
12/12/21 someone is messing with your emails….
I’ve signed up for emails and sent emails to ask why I’m not getting them….and now you announced hardly anyone is getting your emails. Please look into the fact that nefarious players may be intervening and working against your efforts. I’ve been looking for the emails in my inbox since August but I never get one. I hope someone sees this and fixes it soon. We need to get all this information out.
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Gammy 1
Excellent, top notch investigative journalism!
Looking for the truth? You’ll find it here. Worth listening to, worth supporting, look no further than The Highwire!
I look forward to every podcast from Del. So glad to hear the truth be told and he has the most incredible guests! He stands firm on his beliefs and doesn't back down and I love that. Thank you Del for all you do for all of us!!
brenda gamble
ICAN $ Supporter
Grateful for Highwire. I am sad to report that I do not share this information with people I know who have been vaccinated. They are defensive, and have their heels dug in, at least publicly. They watch cable tv and, for the most part, vote Democratic, as if there is a real difference between the two parties, but in this instance, because it is advantageous to the Republicans, there is a difference. Keep up this fight. I am.
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This is the first podcast I listen to, I’m obsessed
I am so glad to have found the Highwire. I look forward to it weekly. The best out there! Keep spreading the truth!!
It’s alarming the number of people who treat this guy like the second coming of the savior. Only comfort: if this pandemic doesn’t wipe these sheeple out, the next one surely will. Resulting in the average IQ of our nation rising twenty points
5 stars
Fantastic! Thanks for keeping us informed!
appreciate all that you are standing for. such great information. gold.
raw analog
Thank you for your truth on what’s really happening in the world🙌🏼
Del is the greatest truth teller of all time!!!
Love Coley
I listen to a lot of programs. So many of them are incredibly important. However, when it comes to the virus and our response to it, no program is as consistently informative in heterodox ways as the Highwire. If you could only listen to one show, it had to be this one!
Honest and of the utmost integrity!!
Transparent, honest, highest integrity
Jessica Helen DeFilippo
Your the best !!!
Thank you your my hero !!
Class is in session
Follow the science, follow Del he’s got the science
I often listen to Del Bigtree. This podcast is very informative and helpful.
Going where other news won't.
The Highwire is and has been life-changing in this current political and socio-medical climate we're in. The information they present does have some bias to it, but it really does come as passion and frustration vs "anti-vaxx", and they work they do is very impressive given their non-profit and the team that make it work. The length of time is a commitment, but so much is covered by those at The Highwire that isn't covered by mainstream media that it's difficult to choose what to report and to what depth but every week they are really trying to utilize their time effectively. Thank you to Del and your amazing team for showing light to the dark surrounding this atrocity we're all burdened with today.
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Thank you!
Thank you for your investigative medical reporting! We sooo need this information. Appreciate all you do!
Chrisie L
I will never get the jab, ever
I’m in love with this podcast
I just want to thank you for bringing this information out to the people I listen to you every day at work you’re always in my ear I share your podcast with friends and family and coworkers. I want to let people know the truth about what is going on with Covid and this nasty shot they call a vaccine I will remain unvaccinated I do not vaccinate my children at all that’s just me I love my freedom and I will stand for it I will stand for my children and my fellow Americans! I love your show!
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Becker 39
I’m so grateful for The Highwire episode each week. They break down the hype and give science and evidence to back up any and all information they share. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate Del, Jaxson and the whole team that produces the show!
You are not alone
This podcast offers a community of freedom fighters. Uncovering media fraud, the host is the ultimate truth defender. If you value liberty, support this cause.
Go Del & Erin Marie!!
That was intense and so infuriating. Thanks so very much for your efforts and may god bless us all. The madness of this Covid Pharma Trance needs to end for crying out loud!!
Great thank you for sharing
I work for the ncaa I umpire softball and don’t want to get the vaccine. Their mandating it or saying we need medical or religious paperwork filled out and approved by the conference in order to work which is not right.
Del Is A Good Man
Thank you for sharing the truth.
Food forrest show with Jim Gale was incredible
Props to Del and his team. I’m deeply inspired but the conversation with Jim Gale and our family is going to start our food forrest immediately.
Jon Vroman
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