The Here We Go Podcast
The Here We Go Podcast
Fabrizio Romano
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I would trust Fabrizio if he said LeBron James was winning the World Cup—one of the most reliable sources out there
Fast paced jibber jabber that’s basically filler.
will lost
Decidedly Optimal
Learned about this through the new Men in Blazers connection and good grief is this excellent. So fast paced, engaging and super insightful.
Certainly not "Tired"
My view
Very good content and I love him but he doesn't stick behind his microphone always. So I give him 4/5 on that.
You need to get closer to the mic please!
Fabrizio please speak into your microphone!!! Even with my volume at full blast I still can’t hear you sometimes
Poor sound quality and balance
This podcast comes from a well-informed and reliable source. Two main issues that bother me are poor sound balance such that participants have huge differences in their sound levels making listening a painful experience and nauseating promotion of their financial backers such as Socios or some crypto cards. Find a way to fix these issues and it will be a fantastic experience.
Volume control
One of my favorite podcasts and the word of Fabrizio is GOLD. If you don’t hear, “Here we go!”, it’s fake news. My issue is that Fab and Francesco are at such different volume levels, that it’s hard to listen with buds or in the car. So much amazing content, just hope you guys can fix that. Keep up the fantastic work!!
ian yancey
Disappointing g
If possible would give zero stars. Started listening to compete for and chz and found out this guy is a hack and hard to understand him. Can’t even understand the password he is trying to relay. Some people shouldn’t be podcasters
nobody better than Fabrizio Romano. Love the podcast!
Here we go!