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The HarryDank Show
Harrison Weaver
This is the Harrydank Show. Colombian American guy sharing his personal life with you guys.
Episode 29. My Best Friend Bachelor Party In New Orleans ft. Tyler, Cooper, Zach, Cory & Landon. (Rare)
Had a great time for my best friends bachelor party in New Orleans, fell in love with the city & we all embraced my boy Kyle for the week. Extremely great episode and very rare content.   ⌚ 
Jul 28, 2021
53 min
Episode 28. We All Take L's Ft. Landeezy.
Landon & I went out to the bars tonight and did not score successfully. Harrison wasn't a good wingman because he wasn't motivated and Landon got a bit mad. LOL. Funny episode. S/o to all the beautiful women out there.   
Jul 11, 2021
29 min
Episode 27. A New Chapter.
Harrison reflects the process of transitioning to a new job and reflecting on his opportunities that lie ahead. Also he is very excited for the upcoming bachelor party for his best friend Kyle. 
Jul 8, 2021
20 min
Episode 26. I Quit My Job.
Harrison does a deep self reflection of where he's at in his life particularly when it comes to this former occupation. Harry is fed up with how things are going and wants to change for the better. 
Jun 26, 2021
32 min
Episode 25. Pointless Sex Is Not The Solution.
Harrison is back on with this redemption episode and gets really real about his sex life. Also Harry has came to the realization that there's a toxic trend going on in this modern day society where women are taking advantage of good men who's purpose is to treat women with respect and kindness. Harrison is fed up and it's time to put this toxic trend/problem in the spotlight. 
Jun 25, 2021
35 min
Episode 24. Commitment Is An Act, Not A Word.
Had to upload this episode because my best friend has his wedding that's coming up. Also emphasizing my friends commitment to their partners.
Jan 29, 2021
9 min
Episode 23. 2021 New Flow.
HarryDank really bringing that energy this year. Don't play with him. 
Jan 28, 2021
6 min
Episode 22. I Don't Fuck With Boujee Bitches
These women will waste your time with you. Please. This is coming from someone who's been validated by several women of all ages who's in called me handsome. 
Dec 31, 2020
3 min
Episode 21. HarryDank Happy Holidays
We’re gonna get 30 episodes soon guys. Love y’all 💕 stay up.
Dec 22, 2020
5 min
Episode 20. Stick To Your Ways
essentially  explaining to to be yourself regardless of what it is that makes you.
Dec 7, 2020
6 min
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