The Guitar Hour Podcast
The Guitar Hour Podcast
David Beebee, Tom Quayle, Dan Smith & Jake Willson
The Guitar Hour Podcast is a weekly, long-form discussion hosted by David Beebee, Tom Quayle, Dan Smith & Jake Willson. Together, and in conversation with today’s top players, they explore different approaches for improvising, theory, technique, practising, teaching and share the humorous ups and downs of being professional guitarists in the modern age.
146: Giant Follow-up & Practise, Listener Email
The guys follow up on last week’s Giant Steps episode with Jake and Beebee discussing practise and progress on the tune. We also get more on the subject of ‘Guitar heroes’ and answer listener email. In this week's longer Patreon edit, Dan and Beebs ponder the troubadour guitar life and potentially start a TGHP standard/song/jam of the month.
Nov 28
1 hr
145: Do You Really Need To Learn Giant Steps?
This week the boys ask the question; “Do we really need to learn Giant Steps?” - They take a closer look at what it is, why it’s so notoriously tricky, how they’ve all tackled it in the past, and what you may or may not gain from attempting this ultimate jazz Tough Mudder. This week in the Patreon edit more on vocab and Tom and Beebee accidentally jam GS over zoom, with the result being 90s dial-up modem nonsense. Plus on the Whiskey Hour, Jake goes shopping for drams and Dan is getting peat curious
Nov 22
1 hr 15 min
144: Acquiring Blues, Bebop Vocabulary & More Muscle Memory
The guys pick up on the muscle memory thread started in October's bonus episode, they deep dive the subject and Tom weighs in with his thoughts. Conversation then pivots to learning blues vocabulary, bebop language and if remembering changes actually makes us all play better? Dan ponders a question for the ages “What even is vocab bro?”
Nov 14
1 hr 28 min
143: Plini Interview - The Creative Journey
Jake and Dan welcome Australian guitar visionary Plini onto the podcast to talk about his new music, inspirations and the creative journey. This week's extended Patreon edit features some extra minutes with Plini and the guys: a behind the podcast sausage curtain, covid catch ups, and all the usual bants.
Nov 7
57 min
142: The Deep Theory & Technique of Time Feel (Milton Mermikides)
This week the boys revisit the ever elusive concept of ‘time feel’, bringing in Jake’s colleague Dr Milton Mermikides for a scholarly deep dive into the technique, theory and analysis of time feel. This week's extended Patreon edit features the longer chat with Milton, including guilty pleasures, subjectivity, and the snare sound on Metallica's St. Anger.
Oct 29
1 hr 16 min
141: Guitar Heroes In 2020 & Our Personal Mt. Rockmore
Jack Gardiner returns to the show and the guys pick up on the guitar hero theme Dan laid out last episode. Each rogue shares their own personal ‘mt. rockmore’ before discussing what it even means to be a ‘guitar hero’ in 2020. This week's longer patreon edit features an additional 30 minute argument about John Mayer, plus all the usual NSFW banter.
Oct 22
1 hr 37 min
140: Remembering Eddie Van Halen, Tom Quayle's New Youtube Lessons
EVH :( Pour one out dear listeners. TGHP doesn’t often ‘do a news’, but we can not do an episode without acknowledging, remembering and celebrating a genuine goat. Eddie Van Halen. We kick off however with a dissection of the youtube lesson landscape and Tom launches new youtube lessons - the first is a killer video on Lazy First Finger Syndrome - the enemy of your legato technique!
Oct 12
50 min
139: Time Feel, Soloing On Dim 7th Chords, Ibanez Giveaway
After a brief covid catch up Beebee crashes the pod bus into a harmony hole - soloing over diminished 7th chords using the harmonic major scale! Back on ‘main topic’ the guys discuss the concept of Time Feel. What it is, what it isn’t and possible ways of working on it.
Oct 1
1 hr 10 min
138: Red Light Syndrome, Bending Technique & Pick Type
We’re back, and weekly podcasts are resuming! This week the team chat about the ‘red light recording syndrome', screwing up takes, plectrum material and debate various bending techniques/practice. In the Patreon after show edit there’s more bending chat, ear training follow ups, pitching notes without a reference tone and plenty more bants.
Sep 27
59 min
137: Defending 3 Note Per String? 4ths Tuning, Musical Identity (With Special Guest Ant Law)
Ant Law joins Tom, Beebs and Jake. They discuss Ant’s recent adventures before delving into 4ths tuning (Ant tunes in 4ths, but not the same as TQ), juggling multiple musical identities, and a passionate re-evaluation of the “3 note per string” approach, yields surprising conclusions. In the Patreon aftershow the guys chew the fat and briefly review Petrucci’s new album, Terminal Velocity. Ant has also very kindly given us charts and backing tracks to his latest album for you guys to download.
Sep 10
1 hr 31 min
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