The Grimerica Show
The Grimerica Show
A loose cannon podcast featuring casual conversations with whomever we deem interesting, often on the fringe, Like Coast to Coast, but on demand. Like a less compromised Joe Rogan Experience. Interviews on Spirituality, Alternative History, UFO's, and More
#462 - Ryan Merkle
Ryan Merkle joins us to chat about Quadrant Theory and all the research he has done in regards to this. We talk about ancient theories that match this - Pythagoras and Plato, other areas like dreaming, love and synchronicities, the world of forms, and the supreme form of existence. Unity is behind everything….
Nov 26
2 hr 1 min
#461 - Union of the Unwanted 11/16/20
A great swapcast with many great alternative media minds. Roger Stone joins us this time as well as some other newer attendees
Nov 20
2 hr 7 min
#460 - Australian Lockdown Update
we chat with a listener named Zach who is from the centre of the first wave of lockdowns in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. We have a great talk about the state of the situation, the rules and laws, the Chinese involvement, the testing, the protests, and the Roadmap to the New Normal.
Nov 19
38 min
#459 - Charlie Robinson
Charlie Robinson is back 6 months later to talk about the release of his book “The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire”. We chat about the history of control, fake terror attacks, NGO’s, and the invisible enemy.
Nov 16
2 hr 19 min
#458 - Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman joins us for a chat about Cryptozoology, the museum, and his decades of research into these topics. We get into how Covid has provided the museum with a silver lining, and enabled an expansion. We also get into the new exhibit - Sasquatch Revealed 2020, the growing interest of Crypto’s, true giants, living fossils, mystery cats, dog men, Dino fish, ancient folklore and mythologies.
Nov 11
1 hr 49 min
#457 - Truthzilla Swapcast
Megan Ed and Scott of Truthzilla join us for an extra little swapcast. We have a great discussion about the local and national politics going on, censorship, searching for the truth, speculations on Trump and the deep state etc…
Nov 6
1 hr 39 min
#456 - Dean Reiner - Up is Down
Dean Reiner, of Up is Down podcast joins us for a great chat about Portland, Podcasting, creepy camping stories, and working for a large national union that won’t be named……
Nov 1
2 hr 42 min
#455 - Foster Gamble - Thrive 2
Foster Gamble joins us for a great chat about making Thrive 1 and the new Thrive 2 - This is What it Takes, documentaries that have truly changed our paradigm. The culmination of his decades of research and work to show people what is really going on.
Oct 25
1 hr 55 min
#454 - Greg Carlwood
Greg Carlwood, the host of the awesome podcast The Higherside Chats is back in Grimerica to discuss podcasting and Terrain Theory
Oct 18
1 hr 58 min
#453 - Union of the Unwanted 12/10/20
Another great Union of the Unwanted swapcast where this time we chat about current events, oil politics, the Armenian conflict, voter suppression, potential violence from the right, censorship, and the Repo market.
Oct 14
2 hr 30 min
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