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The Great Escape Breakout
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Breakout Episode 5: Should you ‘Fix It In Post’?
47 minutes Posted Oct 19, 2015 at 7:15 am.
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Breakout Episode 5: Fix It In Post?

In this episode of Breakout, we discuss the benefits and pitfalls of ‘fixing it in post’, or vowing to correct an issue during the production of a film in the post-production phase. Is it a phrase that should always be avoided, or are there some merits to it?

Mentioned in podcast

Since recording this podcast, it has been revealed that the scene, which previously was thought never filmed, has turned up on a VHS workprint copy of the film, and will be released as part of Arrow Film’s new Hellraiser boxset. Find out more here: Rue Morgue: Exclusive look at the lost Surgeon Scene from Hellraiser II!

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