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I’ve been watching Glenn Beck for years. I watch every weekday and watch specials and the regular weekend interviews. The whole network is great. Keep up the good work.
Episode 93 concise and rational
How to cooperate to bring country back together without us all having to sing kumbaya together around the campfire. The first part is intellectually fascinating but data dense. But you can fast forward near the end to get the gist.
The Eric Weinstein Podcast - FANTASTIC!
Glenn, I would have hugged Eric, Too! Fantastic, Informative & Hopeful! Keep up the Good Work!
I Love America
Weinstein and Beck!
What a great coonversation. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this discussion between these two. A times the. I crop hone was a bit rough to catch Eric’s every salient word, but overall great recap of the GIN, DISC Nd the big nap.
Thank you so much for your interview with Eric. To me personally, there was so much truth in it and opened my eyes into the direction I need to go and both sides need to go if we’re to keep this experiment going. God Bless you Glen and Eric
Eric’s dichotomy is wrong. Maga was great and good. Woke, is just co-dependent.
Eric Weinstein episode
Wow! So refreshing to hear a respectful conversation from different political perspectives. Exactly, what we are missing today. Thank you.
Together we are better
This interview is amazing. Magastan and Wokastan! Together we are better.
Glenn Beck
Love Glenn Beck. I started watching him way back when he was on Fox. I have learned more from Glenn Beck that from teachers in school. Even came to a church in Texas metroplex area and heard you and David Barton. Thank you sir!!
johnson grass
Mormon? Cmon glen you should know better.
Broke my heart to find out Glen is a freakin Mormon, yet still spouting “Christian” virtues.
S on these
The best
The only news I trust!
Glenn is great!
Glenn has been ahead of the curve going back to 2008. Much knowledge can be gained from listening.
It’s OK
This podcast has entirely too many advertisements and not enough time for his guests
Quality information but.......
I learn and I listen with interest several times a week. Really love the guests including Jason, Bill and of course those Ive never heard of but are doing great things and challenging the media and government on their crap. But when i hear Glenn’s monologue and he uses the word “terrifying” I know its time to hit the fast forward button. Its hard not to compare his constant drone of “terrifying” to the snooze media’s 11 month storyline that the US is getting hit by a Covid hurricane every single day. Both get old. Again, he is worth the listen as the quality of his information is among the best available. I still listen all the time.
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you asked for it, so hear this
Nice to listen to a Christian point of view speaking truth
I’ll give it five stars
How many ads do you need? I’d like to know your take but I can’t listen. You have so many ads. So many.
Great show!!!
Also Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.
I’m going
Great podcast
Great podcast if you’re curious about the right of center perspective in America. Beck doesn’t hesitate to criticize both parties when they deserve it.
It’s Great
That’s truuuue!!!
Where a Tree Once Was
Best radio program
Always informative and ahead of the mainstream media. Love the entire team at The Blaze! Thank you for always telling the truth!
Love ACTION items!
Love the focus on the positive opportunities because I have difficulty seeing them. Hold up the map for us with actionable items WE can do in our homes and communities. (Glenn, please refrain from interrupting when Matt was going to talk about actionable items)
Glenn and Stu are national treasures
My favorite radio program, right up there with Rush Limbaugh. Love to have the podcasts so I can listen after work. Keep up the good fight!
HATE TO SAY THIS..LISTENING T Y AND TEAM AND LOSER fraud Billy O...y guys are frauds...
Madison is awesome
Love Glenn
We are behind you and all of the Blaze!! God bless you and America🇺🇸
Like the sources
Especially the poem you read on Meagan Kelly’s show. On point 👌🏻
Glenn Beck
As usual Glenn, spot on!!!!
Great Podcast/Terrible Intro Music
Entertaining and informative program. Even if the new intro music and voiceover are the worst yet. Voice introduction reminds me of Glenn’s Satan routine.
I put up with the endless commercials....but I can’t stand the drunk talk, baby talk and endless sarcasm. Please Mr Beck your better than this. Have you listened back to any of your shows lately?
Love this show always
I love this shows point of views! The 12/30/20 show was mind blowing to take action and what it looks like! Thank You!
Beck is terrible
Lying liars and the lies they tell to destroy democracy.
The Worst
Lies, conspiracy theories and ugly divisiveness
I heard of Sheryl through my other favorite podcaster megyn Kelly More need to listen to this smart women! Loved it Glenn
luv my farmer
Guest Hosts
Justin Barclay’s incredibly painful, halting speech pattern made the 12/24 episode nearly impossible to listen to. Jeff Katz, on the other hand, made the prior three episodes informative and entertaining.
Nicole Arbour
Very intelligent but felt she disrespected the listeners with her “language.” Disappointed in Glenn for allowing it in his podcast.
Glenn is the real deal - Great guests, crucial conversations
I love listening to Glenn and his group. I find them to be honest, forthright people trying to expose the truth wherever they find it and they are not afraid to poke a little fun at themselves in the process. One reason that I find Glenn amazing is that he is able to bring in people with such diverse backgrounds and opinions and still find the place where we can all meet on the most critical issues such as freedom, choice, etc. A great example is his recent interview with Nicole Arbour. I had never heard of her. Her comedy and use of language is off-putting for me, but she speaks TRUTH. She is an amazing example of positive attitude and perseverance. I really enjoyed the interview and learned something important for my own life. What more can you ask for?
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Glen from LA Liberty
Thank you Glen and Nicole Arbour for your message!❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💯❤️❤️❤️
LA Liberty
Best podcast ever
I’d suggest this podcast to any person that has a brain
Trevor Noah ADs
Great show but why, why, Why, does every show now begin with a Trevor Noah ad and additional ones throughout the show?!?!? Ugh his voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard!
Interview with Sheryl Attkisson was outstanding! Was a tad disappointed in your preamble that you failed to give Fox credit for Tucker Carlson’s interview with Bobalinksi. He/they gave credible coverage on the Hunter issue while other MSM have not.
Last Bastion of Free Speech
Thank you Glenn for seeking truth.
12/10 episode Wow
The last hour I’m sitting on my car with tears . Fear feeling alone ... now hope , faith and a renewed resolve to fight and not give up ! These people who shared and Glen also Thank you !
What an ignorant podcast
A hole? In the sky??
There’s a hole in the sky where a restaurant once was, nobody’s making money. Glenn has an excellent way of weaving (not spinning) the information so you can see what’s going on with the shady characters in our world. And Stu is there too but whatever. It a great show!! Please help us to know that we can DO!!!!!!
DMD 76
Stop with the fear mongering!!!
I used to really enjoy the show. But with all the fear mongering and the snotty sarcasm that’s pointed to our opponents geez I have to turn it off. just tell the truth without all that crap please where did you go Glenn beck!????
romans 122
Informative and fun
I enjoy listening to Glenn, Stu & Pat. They talk about things happening in the world, here in the USA & add in some great humor. I also enjoy the occasionally stories from history that get added in. Thank you for a wonderful podcast/radio program!
Mrs. M. E
Love listening.
Outstanding show today with Mr. Whitlock. Thank you.
jeffro 75
True American
One of a few podcasts that aren’t afraid to tell the truth, and actually do research to find the truth! Glen Beck is Amazing!!!
Real American Patriot 5546
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