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The Glenn Beck Program
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This podcast will challenge your thinking and push your perspective.
Helium thursday
Bring back Helium Thursday, we need to hear Kamala and sleepy Joe on helium
Love your show
I’ve been a Beck girl for such a long time. I love your show and I love my subscription to The Blaze. Keep fighting.
Real Northern Califoria Girl
Love obnoxious ads? Then you’ll love this.
210 minute daily podcast that has at best 25 minutes of content. The rest is just bumping upcoming segments (gaslight style) advertising, and pumping “the blaze” subscription service. Interviews are decent, but the rest of the show is just absolutely cringeworthy and near impossible to listen to. Especially when they try to be “funny” with fake phone calls and impersonations.
It’s Great!
Great podcast to work by
Glenn is , I think, an honest broker of what he sees as the truth. I don’t think he pushes back hard enough on some people that he interviews (see Glenn Greenwald interview) but he is doing what needs to be done. Pushing the needle!!
July 16 episode
I realize you need to make money, but there seemed to be way more ads in this episode than usual. It’s very annoying. I will subscribe if you have a non-ad version of your show. But I can’t listen to all these ads.
Save our girls
Worth listening to and act upon.
Enjoy the show!
The show is very entertaining and the content is spot on.
Appreciate the Saturday interviews. Informative history and enlightening parallels.
The Saturday interviews are so enlightening. I love Mr. Beck’s perspective and mission to interview interesting persons from all walks. The Tonia Joys interview was so good.
“ need the humor “(Frank Barone)
Thanks for the humor Glenn!Also,finally these “politicians” will be held accountable for their crimes in the Lone Star state!Again in our history it is Texas leading the way for freedom! Thanks Gallagher in Philadelphia
Gallaghers from Philadelphia
The incoherent babbling of a paranoid, right wing lunatic. Oh, and don't forget - the Nazi's are EVERYWHERE!!!! FEMA camps! SOCIALISM!!!!!!!!!!! Might as well listen to Alex Jones, as they share the same "high" levels of integrity. Originally wrote this review in 2010. Holds up remarkably well.
Glenn is back. So are all the intolerable commercials! It’s amazingly how guest-hosts can produce a podcast that is 80% content and 20% commercials, yet the guy whose name is on the podcast only manages 20% content with 80% commercials.
Awesome show
Love Beck
No Joke!
You joked about the CVS Pharmacist coming to your house. I had CVS Pharmacy call me and ask if I had any questions about the COVID vaccine and if I wanted one I could make an appointment to get it. So this is not a joke anymore. They do have your number!
The Gunshine State
Fight for truth
Love the show, love Pat as a guest host , only problem he let’s Stu talk too much.
Very long time listener, first time caller…
Every time Glenn, or Stu says “Old Timey,” I take a drink. Please stop doing this, it’s becoming very difficult to function at work.
Getting the band back together…almost
Although Glenn is on vaca, it’s good to hear the three of you! We need more Jeffy!
1776 project podcast
Thank you Glenn for narration of our true independence!!! It is one of those moments where I will remember exactly when and where I was as I listened. THANK YOU!!!
truker jake
5 stars, BUT...
... for the love of God, Glenn, PLEASE stop speaking in your “drunk” voice, your “grandpa”, voice and your “British” accent - they are like nails on a FREAKIN’ CHALKBOARD!!!!! Other than that - great, entertaining show!
You’re welcome!
You just saved 16 cents. You’re welcome
Too Many Ads
Love the show, great topics, Glenn is a great host but the amount of ads is astronomical. I mean, interrupting guests so that he can read ads is beyond unprofessional. I want to keep listening but I can’t put up with half of the show beings ads.
Stephen Perklin
More Wilfred!
We need more Wilfred!
Colleen the grandma
The whispering imitating Biden annoyed me so much that I unsubscribed. It was creepy and gross when he did it, no one wants to hear you do it too.
I’ve been listening to Glenn Beck for a long time. But I can’t do it anymore bc he keeps recording in his corny voices of a drunk guy or a guy whispering. Seriously it’s not funny. It’s not cute. It’s not creative. For the love of God please stop.
Taki Z
Glenn cares about this country!
Even when you disagree with, there is no doubt he has a heart of gold!
68% Ads
This podcast is absurd. I timed it out and over 68% of this show is adds. An actual waste of your time
I am listening to your opinion on Yellowstone and dying. It’s so funny. I am from Casper, WY. I love Wy, but it’s so funny hearing an outsiders perspective. Yellowstone is actually amazing, you just came at the wrong time. Don’t come at peak season and then you can actually enjoy it ;)
Beck speaks with continuity in strength and character and enough urgency to make you pay attention but not so crazy as to make you panic. He gives just the right amount of commentary and insight we need to get the right feel of the theft of the nation that is taking place. He is willing to speak of what he gets wrong, explain the wrong turns and the necessary remedies we all should take to better improve ourselves in our own path through the Wild West of life.
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Jackie Dawn
The wandering prophet of klavanon
👨‍🦲k The blood moon is near
Part of my day
I listen every morning. I feel like I’m starting my day informed. Glenn and Stu are a great match - Don’t tell their wives.
Stutz Girl
The only podcast I never miss.
Best infomercial ever
There’s a hole in my screen where the FF button was. Somebody’s making money. If you’re looking for a nutrition supplement, this is the podcast for you.
Too many commercials
I love you brother but glenn ya gotta get rid of all that noise! Too much! Avid listener for around 20 yrs, keep it going! Cut the commercials though…
Love the show
Totally agree—way too many ads throughout. I know you need to pay for the program, but sheesh it’s exhausting.
Glenn is a national treasure! God bless him and the Blaze
A couple years ago, I got into listing to Rush everyday. One day I tuned in early and caught the end of Glenn. Him and Stu had me laughing out loud. I’ve been a fan and Blaze subscriber ever since that day. God bless.
It’s Great
Hey Glenn, If you can, get back in the studio in person. Your show is suffering. Thank you.
Where a Tree Once Was
Give it 2 weeks! Check the sources Glenn gives
Glenn does something that few others do… gives his sources. No he said, she said. He can get a little “dramatic” at times. But at the end of the day he provides solid reporting and is always clear when giving an opinion versus verifiable information. You don’t have to like Glenn. But I would challenge you to listen and then do your own homework to see if he’s being truthful. I’m a fan!
S Ja'Real
Wish I could give zero stars. These privileged hosts find marginalized communities funny. Just sick and sad.
Thanks for the great podcast
Critical race theory should be named criminal race theory because it’s mental abuse. Thank You for speaking out against it!
Serious fun
Thank you for your show. You make the apocalypse doable. 🙃
from a pink-faced halfwit.
G u i s e
Laughable and getting worse
There was s a certain way conmen speak that no matter how big the pile of garbage is that they’re handing you, the angry, ignorant or gullible will think its gold and parade around town showing everyone the new garbage they bought and then call you nasty names because you told them their gold was garbage. That’s what you’ll get listening to this con.
Poor day when you can’t learn something
Great way to get your education started. Presentation that is lively and informative. I have read close to 100 books related to listening to this podcast.
Jim Oase
Really really good stuff
I think the show itself says it best; what you are about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. You will learn a lot and laugh a lot, and it’s wonderful.
Four star review
I would have given five stars but the amount of commercials is ridiculous.
It’s great, or whatever
It’s great, or whatever
We need Voddie and others like him!
Wow! Excellent Podcast! Thank you so much for sharing this very insightful information. This is a podcast I can share with many people to help them understand this topic much better.
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