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Weak men..Congressional Democrats
The Democratic congressmen (and women!) who think they have a “spine”have decided that they will resign!...Weak..Weak! Thanks Gallagher in Philadelphia
Gallaghers from Philadelphia
Truthfully and funny
He always gives the facts. Stretches your thinking and challenges you to think about side the box. A prophetic voice and is always a head of the curve. God bless you sir
Brandon 1984
Surely honest questioning.....than blindfolded fear!
Don’t like politics neither do I and neither did this guy some two thousand years ago who revolutionized time and space. But I’m not making a comparison I’m just saying you’re in good company if your a little radical for good reason and high morals. Have the courage to listen and maybe even question what you thought you knew. Glenn and Stu will give you the news and commentary and as the world looks like all is lost they’ll bring you back from the edge. Like watching the Notebook, but before it ends it goes into the last ten minutes of Blazing Saddles.
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The Glenbeck Show, Anarchism.
Thought-provoking, excellent, makes me rethink what I need to be doing.
A voice that makes sense
So tired of politics as usual, red vs blue, blah, blah,blah. Refreshing to hear honest opinions, and questions that require taking a look in the mirror.
Love the Saturday long form interviews!
The variety of guests you invite on the Saturday podcast is awesome and I love the thoughtful questions and freedom of conversation. Great job!
Unexpectedly great!
Nice to hear an honest researched conversation
Doom & Gloom podcast of the year
Glenn’s pesimism is on full display every day on the podcast…and occasionally some optimism as well.
Stop yawning into the mic.
This is actually a 5 star podcast, but I’m giving it one star until Glenn stops yawning during every ad he reads. Once the yawning has stopped, I’ll switch it back to 5 stars.
You give me hope
Ditto head since 1991, I found you a about 5 years ago, since Rush Limbaugh is gone, I can’t think of anyone I rather listen to.
Jefe Pa
Trump incited a riot? Crazy
Was a loyal Beckster even though he started out a Trump hater until he actuality became president and Beckster made it clear he was mistaken. Should have realized Beckster was full of it. To hear you say he should have done more to stop it and not even mention BLM and ANTIFA in the same sentence is disgusting. Play fair , apologize and tell people within 3 seconds that he should have somehow orders them to stop when we know that the entire riot was at least instigated if not intimately planned by the FBI. To heat you use the words “insurrection” which was not even true according to the FBI themselves and call out on Trump. Get Lost Beckster, you’re a two bit, cheap hustler, call Sharpton for advice. One less subscriber bye bye 👋
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Trusting the media
This is the first online review I have ever given..I just want to thank you for giving me a glimmer of hope in some honest news coverage…since Nov. 3rd the elevation of frustration with media censorship has been felt around the world and I am blessed to have found your podcast. God bless you and your efforts for entertaining, journalist integrity… As we scream into the raging wind it seems to be a whisper on the breeze to DC Thanks again Gj of the plains
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a plains
The show
Keep up the good work
Raiders 44
General flynn!
What an interview on megyn kelly and with my favorite patriot general flynn! Looooove that man! I would fight side by side with him any day! Great job glenn! Cut the commercials please? Mark from Long Island
Very informative-highly necessary
Love the Glenn Beck podcast..listen to it daily to stay informed and to hear the TRUTH.
Jenny 631
it’s a finger lickin good podcast
he looks like colonel sanders
Simply the best.
The content is invaluable and the presentation is engaging.
What are stars really?
Its amazing to see the demographics and rankings on this pod cast! People who give 5 stars from actual listeners who enjoy the program. Then those that give 3 stars who just complain about too many commercials, keep in mind they are willing to write about it, but fail to understand the fast forward 30 sec button on their phone. And if utilized could avoid every built bar/gold line/rec teq/my pillow commercial that free market capitalism has to offer. Then, the 1 star basement troll of whom we all know has never actually taken the time to listen because they are so engulfed in their World of Warcraft tournament to actually care of things that occur in reality, and if it wasn’t for the body naturally purging itself from the Cheetos and Uber eats delivered Taco Bell they wouldn’t have time to spread their distain to the rest of the podcast universe on how they hate this content! Long story short, keep it up Beck and Stu! Don’t let the (negative) stars affect you. For you are a beacon that others can use to navigate through this process we call life.
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Anthony Deroest
Without Prejudice
Some people can’t handle the truth. Others fudge the truth. More and more just rely on false truths because they are lazy to seek it out. The Blaze search and tell you truths, even when they don’t agree with them! Keep it rocking!!!
The Honest Truth!
Glenn is a TRUE Patriot, A Man who loves America and is focused on bringing the ACTUAL truth to the citizens! This show is one of very few where honesty and rationality are a forefront! Thank God for the work and dedication this ONE Man has to his always put up for our Nation! The Blaze is a special, amazing place where freedom can flow to the speakers of millions! Thank God, Glenn has brought us this gift! The gift of truthfulness and kindness! God Bless those who stand to tell the truth, in a world where made up story’s are made to be mainstream ideas!
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S. Bonanza
Dark horses episode!
This conversation gave me hope. Thank you for all that you do!
Intelligence, sanity, humanity
Thank you.
Chi Junkie
Love the podcast
This show provides in-depth analysis that goes beyond the headliners. Excellent, well researched and informative commentary. Glenn is definitely the star, but he would be lost without Stu. While Glenn is the spark of genius creativity and intuition. Stu keeps things running on track.
Loved the Trump Interview
Fabulous Trump interview today! So relaxed and natural, chatting like old friends. And your “list” of Biden blunders of these past nine months was spot on. We all could probably come up with loads more (not counting the gaffs). Also enjoyed the interview with Nic McKinley. True hero!
Really enjoy and I appreciate Glenn and his cast! I love their sense of humor and the data and information that they provide. It’s real and true facts that are vital for us to have and to know in this crazy world. Thank God for the Glenn Beck showAnd they also have a lot of heart!!
Interview 45
Mr. Beck I missed his voice and answers so much Thanks, please bring on again
God bless Glenn Beck
The best show anywhere
Daily Dose of Common Sense
Glenn is not only entertaining but is the most researched show with daily insights on what’s really going on. He speaks truth regardless of the consequences. A must listen daily!
Brett and Heather
They are blinded by their intellectualism. Nothing the Left has ever done has been good. The Left are like weeds. Allow the weeds to grow and spread and they destroy every living thing in their paths.
Excellent Show
This is an excellent show which is fair, & well-informed. (I also enjoy the facetiousness of Glenn & Stu.)
Glen Beck’s Shakespearean Theater
Bravo Sir! Your theater is the new highlight of my week. With everything going on it’s hard to get through the day, but you’re theater is a spark of light.
Glen Keeps pushing forward …
The dark horses episode ✨ this is why you be won me back!
Damon Kirby
Thought provoking with a touch of comedic relief. Especially enjoy the Saturday interviews. The latest with Heather Heying and Brett Weinstein was one of my faves so far. I’m a fan!
I would rate this podcast with five stars if it were just Glen. I cannot honestly give it five stars though because the sound of Stu’s voice makes me cringe. Not just the sound of his voice but everything he has to say. He is smug and arrogant.He has his own show too so why can’t he just talk there. If you can get Stu to shut up I will come back and give you another star.
Keeps me informed and course corrected
It is my daily dose of information and planning for what is ahead.
Not just a any podcast
Glen is actually hilarious even without trying. I have started listening and gotten hooked to this podcast quickly. I love him and Stu’s friendship. Glen’s honest and genuine personality is a breath of fresh air. I trust that when he gives me the news, it’s honest.
It’s Everything
….that the pretend media isn’t. Truthful, informative, courageous, and entertaining. Great guests, co-hosts and t.v. follow up. A great alternative to the tedious corporate media shills at the acronym networks.
Bill O’Reilly
Wow, Bill O’Reilly has really drank the Covid propaganda Kool-Aid!
The Crew at the Blaze
Glen, Stu, Pat and the rest of the Blaze family are bright, intuitive and very good at disseminating material. Glen’s stories are deep and Pat and Stu are great support staff. His guests are always great and I always, always learn new things. I tried to leave 5 star review but it wouldn’ let me. Glenn’s interviews with Jason Whitlock..STRONG! Brilliant.
Love Glenn . . .
. . . but O’Reilly has got to go. He’s obnoxious, smug, and wrong on most issues. He doesn’t belong on your wonderful Podcast, Glenn.
One of the top 3 podcasts available, VERY INFORMATIVE and ENTERTAINING 18 ⭐️s
Thank you so much for all you do.
Love the weekend podcast. These interviews are incredibly informative.
Sarcasm as a deadly weapon
I totally enjoy your approach to current issues. We are indeed in a ‘cold civil war’ and as an ‘Elder’ I remember and lived through the Viet Nam era; survived so far and won’t let the ‘WOKE MORONS’ destroy our Nation. I am glad that your people, and wish for their safe return. God Bless your good works.
Top Doc
Brutal truth
Thank God for Glenn Beck. With his wide reaching network he has become a shining light for truth and good in the world. Bless you and your team. I have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and sacrificed blood and personal treasure for the cause to protect freedom. I am heartbroken .
ret rh chief
God bless you and yours!
Thank you and God bless you for all that you do! I have listened for several years and wanted to let your entire show know how much you are truly appreciated!
Always informative
Love it—I feel he’s one of the few telling us the truth
Bold questioning
Question with boldness, and let the truth reign regardless of the outcome. This is the content you will hear. Unvarnished truth consequences be damned.
Trump didn’t lose election it was stolen. Thought you were smart but guess not.
Amazing job Glen Beck
I absolutely love you Glen! I pray for you daily because your work is needed. Thank you so much for standing up for America and for trying to get the truth out. Love your podcast
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