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The Glenn Beck Program
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This Is the Radicals’ Endgame | Guests: Larry Elder & Lara Logan | 6/3/20
2 hour 5 minutes Posted Jun 3, 2020 at 10:46 am.
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Show notes

Everything that Glenn has warned about for years is now upon us. The real instigators of these riots are working for a “no November” endgame scenario. They don’t care about “black lives matter” or George Floyd. A black retired police officer was murdered by looters. Wayne State University has started police de-escalation training, and Wayne State President M. Roy Wilson joins to discuss. Radio host Larry Elder describes his upcoming documentary, “Uncle Tom,” an eye-opening look at the freedom of black conservatism. “Blackout Tuesday” has fooled even church leaders into spreading the 1619 Project’s revisionist history. Journalist Lara Logan breaks down just how extensive and coordinated the riots are and who is really involved.

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