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The Glenn Beck Program
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A Perfect Storm Is Coming | Guests: Steven Crowder & Dave Isay | 4/28/20
2 hour 3 minutes Posted Apr 28, 2020 at 9:37 am.
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Show notes

Is this the perfect storm for another great depression? The small business loan website overloaded in four minutes, banks are earning tons of money, and even Nancy Pelosi is talking about universal basic income. BlazeTV’s Steven Crowder talks about his plan to do the unthinkable: fact-check CNN live. Tara Reade’s sexual abuse allegations against Joe Biden have even more corroborators, and one even supports Biden! StoryCorps founder and president Dave Isay describes how you can help StoryCorps document this pandemic firsthand for future generations. ICU director Dr. Thomas Yadegar breaks down what he’s witnessed with coronavirus that doctors must understand so we can return to work. ESPN is dropping F-bombs now? Welcome to the new normal.

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