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The Glenn Beck Program
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Derailing the Media’s Nikki Haley Smears: Not This Time, Soros! | 12/9/19
2 hour 5 minutes Posted Dec 9, 2019 at 9:54 am.
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Show notes
George Soros-funded Media Matters strikes again, removing all context from Nikki Haley’s Confederate flag comments from the latest Glenn Beck Podcast. But while the media bought the lies at first, apologies followed quickly. Ted Cruz was mocked by the media and MSNBC’s Chuck Todd for supporting President Trump in the Ukraine scandal. And Trump isn’t happy with Fox News any more. The attack at Pensacola Naval Air Station is being looked into as terrorism: Can we please STOP training Saudi nationalists to fly planes? And Civil Society 2.0 is growing tired of Trump’s efforts to “drain the swamp.” College students rank Trump as worse than Hitler, and Rudy Giuliani is now public enemy #1, at least according to the New York Times.

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