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A media-analysis podcast from a horror lens, exploring the unique and raw way society and culture influence film and media. We review media and discuss the history and psychology behind our fears. Support this podcast:
Trace & Joe, Horror Queers
Ghouls are joined by Trace Thurman and Joe Lipsett of the Horror Queers! Trace and Joe talk about their love for horror, what they cover on their show, and what kind of horror truly gets under their skin. We also briefly discuss the art-house, elevated, and prestige horror film, She Dies Tomorrow where we discover the horror of our insignificance and inevitable end. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 24
1 hr 4 min
Zena Dixon, Real Queen of Horror
Ghouls are joined by Zena Dixon, the Real Queen of Horror and co-host of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast. Zena discusses her love of all things horror and how she has made her way in the horror world despite many obstacles. We also talk about the incredible body-shaming, witchy, coming-of-age film The Spell from 1977. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 17
55 min
Prince Jackson, Knight Light Podcast
Ghouls are joined by fellow horror enthusiast, Prince Jackson of Knight Light Podcast. They geek out with Prince about the significance of horror, the different sub-genres that attract us, and what the future of horror looks like. We also dip our toes into a discussion about a new Ghoul's favorite, Scare Me.  Knight Light Podcast: --- Support this podcast:
Nov 10
1 hr
Sade Sellers, Afro Horror Podcast
Ghouls invite guest and new Ghoulfriend, Sade Sellers of Afro Horror Podcast to talk about our love for the genre. Afro Horror is a podcast dedicated to celebrating the black experience within the horror genre. Sade chats with us about what it means to be a black woman who is also a horror fan, the impact of black characters in horror (how their very presence transforms the narratives), and the importance of uplifting black voices in the genre.  Afro Horror Podcast: --- Support this podcast:
Nov 3
59 min
IT (2017)
Ghouls are revisiting the first film they ever covered, IT (2017) but this time more purposefully. IT is about far more than a scary clown monster but rather is about coping with childhood trauma. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 27
52 min
As part of our the Kids Are Alright series, we talk about the spunky little girl who just wanted to be loved, Coraline. How do kids manifest their emotions when their parents just absolutely suck? We don't blame Coraline for wanting to run away to Other Mother but we do question the things done to our beloved Wybe.  --- Support this podcast:
Oct 20
49 min
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
The Ghouls are discussing the Chosen One trope and offer impassioned criticism on one of their least favorite Chosen characters, Sabrina. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a show that promises intersectional feminism but severely fails to deliver. What makes a Chosen One special? What other Chosen Ones have succeeded or failed in garnering compassion from viewers. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 13
58 min
I Am Not Okay With This
Kicking off our The Kids Are Alright series with the Netflix TV show based on a graphic novel of the same name, I Am Not Okay With This. The Ghouls discuss the impact of parental suicide, how puberty sucks, why female puberty is so scary, the challenges of juggling teenage angst along with your own burgeoning sexuality and offer some words of advice for those who may be struggling with their own feelings of depression and hopelessness. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 6
56 min
Shudder's quarantine-made film, Host, twists our virtual safe haven into a nightmare. Ever the meta podcast, the Ghouls are recording their episode remotely. Found Footage films have always had a great knack for turning our reliance on technology into something to fear. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 25
50 min
Ghouls revisit the cult fave, Midsommar to explore how white supremacy, horror tropes, disability, and mental illness are used in the film. What does it mean that horror in white-centric communities can operate in broad daylight? It's hard to hate a film that hateful people hate. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all.  --- Support this podcast:
Aug 18
51 min
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