The Genealogy Gems Podcast with Lisa Louise Cooke     -      Your Family History Show
The Genealogy Gems Podcast with Lisa Louise Cooke - Your Family History Show
Lisa Louise Cooke
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Love the show!
Great, informative genealogy content. One suggestion to make it even more enjoyable: consider filtering your finished audio through a De-esser before publishing. There are a lot of high-pitched, hissy, sibilant S’s that are hard on the ears. Signed, a fellow podcast professional
And I’m done…
If you want a podcast that’s nothing more than an infomercial for Evernote and her paid services, you’ve found the right one. Don’t believe me? I challenge you to count the number of times she throws those two topics in. If you want substance, listen to another podcast. With this one you’ll hear about how you gather so much information (Evernote), and documents (Evernote) and to organize everything (pay for my premium content…and Evernote). If she’s not getting paid by Evernote, she should be. Seriously, don’t waste your time here unless you want to listen to advertising content.
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Such Super Genealogical information and how-to’s
Congratulations to you if you have found this awesome genealogy podcast! Use it to sharpen and keep up to date all your genealogy projects.
Super helpful
Love this podcast for consistently helpful hints with my hobby of family history. Lisa Louise Cooke is a wonderful podcaster, with professional, high quality episodes.
Friendly Genealogy podcast
Love this podcast which is always so informative and covers a wide variety of topics. Lisa has an amazing ‘radio’ voice! Keep up the good work!
Just a beginner
Hi Lisa, I started making a an ancestry tree in March 2019. My cousin Vickie was a great encouragement & help getting me started. A couple weeks ago I came across your podcasts I needed something simple & easy to learn more & what to do. I’m so grateful for your podcasts I keep learning from them. I love your podcasts & listen to them everyday. Also I had been given an ancestry list from both parents side so I’ve had a great start on my family tree. Thank you, Linda
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Abby's Linder
One of the better Genealogy Podcast
THis podcast is well structure and provides a substantial amount of new information. Occasionally the podcast veres off into the trivial, but all in all is well worth the time to listen
There is nothing I love more than Genealogy. Well, I love Podcasts almost as much. Genealogy Gems has brought my two favorite hobbies together! I am loving every episode and can't wait to try out some of these Gems!
Educational and Enjoyable podcast
I have been listening to Lisa Louise Cooke for several years. Her podcast just keeps improving even though I think it is great the way it is. It is Educational, Informative, interesting and just plain enjoyable. Anyone intersted in genealogy should listen to this podcast.
Serious Lack of Content
This podcast used to be filled with really helpful and valuable information, but I think since they've launched their premium paid podcast it's devolved into a platform for reading "fan" mail and endless fluffy banter between Lisa and her daughter and guests. There's little content that's interesting or useful and if they're now putting all the real content into their Premium/paid podcast why not archive this free one and move along. I can deal with advertising, but not to a show that's now devoid of any real depth and instead filled with plugs to buy into their "premium" show. Listen to the older shows though, they were good...
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Can’t do without
The best way to stay up to date and learn something every podcast!
Joan Laurie
Love listening to Lisa Louise Cooke!
Lisa is so upbeat and extremely helpful. She makes you feel like a personal friend. She gives you solid advise on genealogy research and the latest news. Genealogy Gems really helps in understanding how your DNA assists in discovering your family. Make this a regular podcast listening experience to enrich your search finding your ancestry. You will love it.
Disappointed geni
Love it
My only problem is I wish it was new twice a month. Learn something new every time I listen. I relisten constantly. My 4th favorite genealogy podcast.
Very informational but...
I tried, I really tried to listen to her but I couldn’t get used to listening to her lisp. Every time she pronounces a word with a “s” or a “z” it’s very hard to concentrate. I tried listening to her with my headphones and I couldn’t stand it. On my laptop was much better but it just killed it. Sorry Mrs. Cooke :(
Great Info
I find Lisa Louise Cooke easy to listen to and captivating talker. She has added the military and DNA discussions which are a real plus. And I like listener mail. Shows she is in touch with people looking for ancestors.
For older, conservative, tech newbies who don't mind constant bragging & racist apologia
Some good genealogy tips, but the negatives outweigh that. Cooke spends far too much time on sharing praise she's received, as well as on shilling her premium membership and products. The tech tips she offers are geared to newbies who don't know and can't figure out relatively simple computer/mobile computing techniques. The explanations are long-winded and laborious to others. Also, the conservative slant is off-putting. Apparently virtually every reader submission to her poetry solicitation is from a listener whose family tree consists entirely of holier-than-thou, hard-working, (Christian)God-fearing, small town/rural saints. And I find it very suspicious that every single listener agreed with her edit that information that would indicate the racism of an ancestor be omitted from the record, despite it coming from a reliable friend or relative who knew the ancestor well. She claims the info must be dismissed as hearsay, though she encourages receding other info that is just as much hearsay Her other justification for omitting such reports from the record is that it's unfair to apply today's standards to people of the past. Yet, she fails to note that one could include the information without judgement. Seems to me she just doesn't want racist behavior and attitudes mentioned, even though I by her own admission these were common in the past. Again, she is entitled to her opinion, but not to present it as gospel with with no one disagrees.
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There's Good Stuff Here But It's Hard To Find
I listened to five recent episodes of this podcast and have decided not to stick with it. There is good information here, but it's buried most of the time in folksy chatter, long and overproduced musical interludes introducing segments, and lots and lots of advertising the content available to premium members. I listen to other podcasts that offer premium content, but I've never heard anyone else reference it this frequently. It's a LOT of mostly irrelevant (to my purposes) talk to sit through in order to get a few tips that are actually of use to me. I'll find another genealogy podcast to subscribe to.
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Ancestor finder
My name is Kathy and I'm a genealogy gems junkie. Lisa's podcasts have helped me clean my garage, can apples and cancel my subscription to Audible. Who has time for books when there is sooo much news from Lisa. More importantly, they have provided a wealth of genealogical information that a dozen conventions couldn't provide. It's amazing how much knowledge and information she acquires and shares.
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The nicest person I've listened to.Helpful
"She seems to be very conscientious in filling the podcast with lots of helpful genealogy tips. She keeps me informed with the latest family history news." -- SlideTrip dot com
Mormon Person
Consistently Great Content
If you are a genealogist of any skill level, you will find this podcast valuable. Lisa posts helpful content that is consistency high quality.
Alto MI
Opened a new door
I absolutely love This podcast. Lisa has opened my eyes to so much. I learned more from her than from the 2 books I had just finished. She just makes it clear and fun!
Good but so chatty
I rate the content of this podcast as excellent. On the other hand, the presentation is way too chatty and could be covered in half the time. I quit listening for that reason.
I want to like genealogy podcasts. I find it very hard with this one. It's chockfull of self-promotion. A humbler host would edit listener mail to highlight the question, Instead, much time is spent on the fan mail portion of the mail. Hardly a moment goes by without the suggestion we spend $ on premium content or purchase something else from her. I've subscribed and unsubscribed at least 4 times and will be unsubscribing for the last time now.
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Keeping up with Genealogy News
I've done genealogy for 30 years but I have picked up a lot of tips from this podcast. It's really essential to keep up with news on seminars, media and the release of new documents. I look forward to every episode!
Excellent Show
This is a really informative and useful show for both the neophyte research or the most experienced.
David McClellan
Lisa is s Gem!!
Thanks Lisa for bringing the best out of genealogy! I always look forward to each new show.
Never knew there's so much to know!
I got my iPad about a week on the market, and discovered this Podcast. I'd never had an apple product before. I've been doing family history research for 20+ years and Lisa has given me so many gems, I feel like I've been a beginner up until now. I love genealogy so much, it made me become an archivist, and still Lisa has soooo much to teach me! I love her podcasts. Lisa, thank you, and keep up the great work!
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Praise for Genealogy Gems
Genealogy Gems podcast continues to provide nifty tips and ideas to help with family research. It's great for novices, but experienced genealogists can benefit from it, too.
Genealogy Gems
Great podcast, informative useful information every time and it's entertaining. Mike
Genealogy Gems is a Gem
A great, informative, interesting podcast. I have downloaded and listened to just about every episode from 2008 thru 2009 (to date) and learned something interesting each time.
An awesome and motivating podcast.
I have recently found Lisa's podcast. I am about half way through listening to all of them. I have to say that all of the tips, techniques and work-arounds provided by Lisa has helped me in my research as of late. Thank you Lisa and please keep up the good work. Eric
A pleasure to listen to
This podcast is fantastic. Lisa is a pleasure to listen to and the Genealogy Gems podcast is alway so informative. I can't tell you how many "gems" have helped me with my research and gotten me over those dreaded brick walls. I would suggest you listen if you want to get the latest news, tips, tricks, & more regarding genealogy.
Lori Amarantes
Genealogy Gem Tips
I love the tips. I try to incorporate them into my research as much as possible.
Genealogy Gems Podcast - GREAT
I always look forward to hearing new Gems and other words of wisdom from this PodCast. Thank you Lisa !!! Great Job. While listening to your PodCast, it's like you are talking directly to me. It's about as close to one-on-one as you can get. I did enjoy meeting you in Philadelphia and I enjoy reading your book. I am still learning to use Google and have been encourged by your PodCast. Thank you Lisa.
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family historian
I have only listened to the first 35 episodes, and am new to genealogy. This podcat gives me something new to use as tools to find family in every show.
You CAN teach an old gal new tricks and in a fantastic way!
As another person noted, I've enjoyed my "hobby" for 20 plus years and thought I had a handle on Genealogy research! Thank you Lisa for not only creating informative Podcasts but you also encourge and INSPIRE we "old TImers" to get back into lines left to the side for far too long! I will encourage everyone I meet ot listen to these podcasts! This Podcast is for beginners and experienced researchers alike! (A private thanks to my son for giving me my iPod which I first thought I had no real "use" for! ). I listen to Lisa while driving often and can NOT wait to get home and try out her newest "Gem"!! Lisa is also true GEM herself! THANKS for all your work one Lisa to another!
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I like how she lays it on the table for you to use!
I really appreciate how Lisa will tell you how to do everything, and then you can do it yourself. If you don't catch it, you can check on the show notes and see it or have the cheat notes. This is a podcaster that LOVES what she does, and who she can help.
Experienced Genealogist Learns New Tricks!
I have done and experienced everything a genealogist could experience in my 25 years of dabbling in my favorite hobby ------ I thought ---- until I heard Lisa Louise Cooke and some of her ideas! I have learned a lot of new tricks and things that have made me think out of the box and try on my own. I subscribe to a few genealogy podcasts and Genealogy Gems is the best one for ideas on how to make our reasearch fun and how to make our published work fun to read. I've listened to all of the episodes and I'm listening to the companion podcast for the beginners. Thank you Lisa!
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Tim in San Francisco
Great podcast. Really helpful
This has helped me so much on my genealogy. Definitely a can't miss show. Burn this to CD and play for your genealogist grandma.
Austin Beeman
Great Podcast
This podcast is not only entertaining, it is highly informative, filled with tips on searching the internet and ideas on all aspects of genealogy. Don't miss it!
Five stars all the way!!!
This is such a great podcast! Lisa has put in alot of heart and TIME into all her podcasts! i give her a huge BRAVO for her success...our family history is apart of us all and Lisa reminds us that in every episode. Keep rockin Lisa!
Fading Podcast
Ms. Cooke's early episodes put a new and unique spin on helping everyone with their genealogy research. Now it seems to be a podcast for the fan club of the Lennon Family. Please consider your old format with short gems for listeners.
Don't miss this one
Where do I start? This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. I'm a beginning genealogist, and I need all the help I can get. Lisa is upbeat, encouraging and offers great ideas for finding, using and displaying information. Just what this guy needs to keep me scaling those brick walls.
Practical and Positive
There are a lot of things to like about Lisa Louse Cooke's Genealogy Gems: Her advice is practical, it's based on real-world techniques for increasing your genealogy knowledge, and it's not overwhelming. Ms. Cooke has mastered the art of the succinct presentation. Her programs are focused, well organized, and detailed. At the same time, by referring to her own family and discussing the progress of her own research, she manages to convey a friends-over-coffee approach to the subject. Keep 'em coming, Ms. Cooke!
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Great Podcast
Great podcast with terrific tips. Lisa has a lovely voice and enthusiastic way about her. It makes her very pleasant to listen to.
The Gems in the title describes this podcast perfectly!!
This podcast is fun to listen to and is filled with great useful information for everyone.
Wealth of Knowledge
I've been researching family history for only 4 years. I got this iPod for Christmas and I thought - what on earth do I do with it now? Well, this podcast has been so fun to listen to. I've gotten great ideas of how to have even more fun with my new electronic toy! Thanks LL Cooke for your informative and entertaining podcasts. BTW - The interview with Venice was great!!
Outstanding Podcast!
Thanks so much! The Genealogy Gems Podcast is both educational and entertaining. I look forward to each new episode!
Easy to listen to and very informative!
This is a great podcast. Lisa Louise Cooke is really enthusiastic about sharing her wealth of knowledge of genealogy with her podcast audience. Cooke speaks in a very comfortable manner that is easy to listen to. She reminds me of that cousin who's deep into the family history and enjoys sharing her findings with the rest of the family. Cooke clearly explains her "gem" topics and often describes ways to use new tools she has found on the internet. I have so far only listened to the last few current episodes, but I intend to go back and listen from the start. Anyone who in interested in their own family history -- beginner or veteran -- will find information, encouragement, and inspiration here.
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Genealogy GEMS
This podcast is very informative and interesting and, although I'm not crazy about most of the old music Lisa sometimes adds, I'd gladly listen to hours of it just to get those "GEMS".
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