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The Gadget Spot is all about cool gadgets, tech, and video games, along with how they affect us as humans. Cause we’re humans. *shifty eyes* | @QuadTTony @TechnOwen @jarron @jddjensen
Geekshow Arcade: Owen Lags Out
-Repair your own Xbox Controller! -8bitdo breaking into keyboards: -Current Gen Consoles finally have sales -The Switch 2 Rumor mill is about to take off: -What do you do when you run into P3 while playing Fallout 76? You drop heals and stims of course: -In the first half of August Gamepass is losing 4 games and adding 6 to its library.
Aug 4, 2023
43 min
Geekshow Helpdesk: Beating a LED Horse
-Like Energy Star but for security: -3D VNAND Mobile CPUs: -Ask Abe Linciln for Advice: -FTC swings for the fences. Faces down Amazon: -RIP incandescent bulbs… mostly: -Echo Buds Review from someone who isn’t Tony
Aug 2, 2023
48 min
Geekshow Arcade: A Jarron Pause
-Pizza Controller for Xbox: -More Acquisitions: -Ubisoft almost really stepped in it: -Simpsons Hit and Run fan remake: -Shoutout to PC Gaming Wiki -Epic Games summer sale is live: -Blizzard is beginning to thaw (HAR HAR HAR). Overwatch 2 coming to Steam: -Ubisoft throws shade at its own unfinishable games. Star Wars Outlaws news: -AntStream? Never heard of it… but it’s available as a service now on your Xbox! -“Intimacy Coordinators”? For a video game? ok.
Jul 28, 2023
38 min
Geekshow Helpdesk: Touching Tips
-That didn’t last long Chevy Bolt is back: -DJI Air 3: -New Sony Earbuds: -New drug to slow Alzheimer’s progression: -Yes, it can always get worse. Twitter is throwing away it’s valuable brand: -Fed launches instant payments service. No more waiting! -Nissan is the next domino: -Electric air taxis are coming! -Arc Browser now available for everyone -De-extinction Science. Like Jurassic Park -Once more around the toilet bowl. Elon officially changes Twitter’s brand trademark…
Jul 27, 2023
59 min
Geekshow Arcade: Microsoft Wins. Again.
-Probably shouldn’t be excited for this but I kind of am: -For Jarron to cry over: -Black Panther game announced: -Documents leak for mid-90s Sega: -Preorders are live for Framework’s modular laptop: -Sony agrees to 10 year CoD deal: -PS Plus July Lineup. CoD: Black Ops Cold War; Alan Wake Remastered; Ending - Extinction is forever. Are these good? -Goodbye Xbox Gold, you were a good friend.
Jul 21, 2023
43 min
Geekshow Helpdesk: Concernispy!
-Aspertame bad?: -BT audio getting another upgrade: -VanMoof declared bankruptcy: -A competitor is making VanMoof’s software available for customers: -Corsair is buying Drop: -Honor Magic V2 is the thinnest foldable smartphone: -Threads usage drops by half: -TikTok being banned from govt devices? Here’s a compelling argument for that, and maybe the US in general. -Remember that book that James shilled so much he bought a random person a copy of it? American Kingpin? Here’s a related followup. -Threads says it isn’t trying to copy Twitter, but it kinda is… Threads Continues to Copy Twitter's Worst Elements With New Rate Limit Http:// -AI in Politcal ADs. Is there a solution?
Jul 19, 2023
55 min
Geekshow Helpdesk: It’s Got a Vibe
-Chinese Smuggler with NVMEs: -Chinese startup says its batteries charge super fast and have no degradation in the cold: -Mercedes is the next domino: -Toyota claims technological breakthrough with solid-state batteries: -Social Media Privacy, how does Threads stack up? -Threads hits 100M users in 5 Days: -Hottest day ever:
Jul 17, 2023
52 min
Geekshow Arcade: A Trip Down Nostalgia Road
-MS beats Sony! Er, I mean the FTC: -The UK’s CMA starts to flip flop on the MS + Activision deal: -All the old games are lost: -Console Countdown (James's Game)
Jul 17, 2023
59 min
Geekshow Arcade: Jarron Teaches Accounting
-Stop requiring online connection on offline play: -Whelp, here we go again with google: -Gollum drags Dev into volcano with him: -Apple game porting toolkit is somehow better and worse than expected: -PlayStation secrets because of a sharpie: -Here’s the next clever anti-cheat method for CoD. Hallucinations. -Only Up? Twitch streamers seem to love this game.
Jul 7, 2023
52 min
Geekshow Helpdesk: The O D A
-Musk is really murdering twitter: -Does Taurine slow the aging process? -Humane’s Ai Pin is coming this year: -Meta’s Threads is announced: -New price tag for retrieving martian samples. -Alef Automotive flying car with FAA special clearance. Delivery in 2025 taking pre-orders now. -What is Bluesky? Will this be the next Twitter?
Jul 6, 2023
57 min
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