The Fuzz Life Podcast
The Fuzz Life Podcast
Jason Johnson
Weekly Podcast talking about music gear and fuzz pedals. Doom metal, pedalboards, interviews, and much more. Hosted by Jason Johnson from Fuzzlord Effects.
Episode 29: How To Deal With Negative Comments Online Facebook:
Aug 25
18 min
Episode 28: 3 Things Bands Can Do During Quarantine Facebook:
May 2
8 min
Episode 27: Recording Your Guitar At Home
In this episode I sit down to talk about a few different ways you can record your guitar at home at lower volumes. With everyone stuck at home right now I thought it would be a great time to talk about a few good low volume recording options. Thanks for checking out the podcast! Please leave a rating and subscribe.  Website: Instagram: Facebook:
Apr 5
10 min
Episode 26: Aluminum Vs Wood Guitar Neck Sound Comparison Website: Instagram: Facebook:   In this episode we check out some sound clips comparing a aluminum guitar neck vs a wooden one using a Peavey T60 and an Electrical Guitar Company bolt on neck, Thanks for listening!
Feb 28
9 min
Episode 25: Bass Guitars, Lessons, and Theory With Beholden To The Riff Jered Johnson
In this episode we got to sit down and talk with Jered Johnson who is a guitar and bass instructor in Portland, Oregon. We talked about his awesome YouTube and Instagram lessons, his backround in music, and what he has planned for the year. Bass players are really going to like this episode! Check out more from Beholden To The Riff: YouTube: Instagram:   Fuzzlord: Website: Instagram: Facebook:
Jan 28
37 min
Episode 24: Neck Through Guitars And The JML Guitars Story With Jay Lewis
In this episode we get to talk to Jay Lewis of JML Guitars about how he got into building instruments, his signature neck through guitars, and some of the custom instruments he has built for musicians in band like Monolord and Torche. Check out more from JML Guitars below:   Fuzzlord Effects:  
Jan 9
42 min
Episode 23: Tattoo Life With Jimmy Singleton
Had a great conversation with Jimmy Singleton about what inspired him to pursue tattooing, what his apprenticeship was like, and where he is at today with his passion for artwork and the craft. Be sure to check out Jimmy's work below:   Fuzzlord Links:
Jan 2
41 min
Episode 22: The Story Of Occult Effects And Tips Starting To Building Pedals
Had a great time sitting down to chat with Al from Occult Effects about his pedals, how he started the company, and some backstory about how he learned about guitar pedals that may give you some tips to starting to learn about pedals also! Thanks for listening, be sure to subscribe and share with a friend. Occult Effects:
Dec 22, 2019
40 min
Episode 21: Guitar Pedals And Aluminum Neck Guitars With The Zero Fret
Thank you for listening to the Podcast, don't forget to subscribe and leave a rating! The Zero Fret   Fuzzlord Effects
Dec 10, 2019
48 min
Episode 20: Guitars, Pedals, And Luthiery With Joe Parker Guitars
Thank you for taking the time to listen to the Podcast! Please take the time to subscribe, leave a rating, and share with a friend! These are such simple ways to support the podcast without costing you anything (: Website: Instagram: Facebook:
Dec 8, 2019
48 min
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