The Future of Cities
The Future of Cities
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Great podcast, fingers crossed for more seasons!
Really enjoyed this podcast! It single-handedly sparked my newfound obsession with urbanism. There is so much potential to rebuild the world around us in a smarter end better way. Please renew for future seasons!!!
The best podcast for city lovers
Really loved this podcast! Can’t recommend it enough.
Nico Grothey
Super interesting for a traveler!
As someone that is a mobile entrepreneur this is an incredibly fascinating podcast! After traveling to almost every state in the US I have some of my own thoughts on US cities, and it’s awesome to hear what others think.
Incredible Podcast!
This is an Incredible show about cities of the future that brings together premium expert guests, incredible editing and production qualtiy, and is just a joy to listen to and hugely inofmrative. Wow!
Love it!
What an interesting show! Exploring where we live, where we are going, the archetecture, the culture. A very interesting listen, enjoying it a lot!
Great work!!
Super excited about this new podcast!!
Matt 1585
Super amped about this channel
As mine was, this channel will blow your mind about the complexities of planning the cities of the future. Great content!
Great Work!
Amazing work, team!
Dylan Langlois
Nicely produced, quality content
I was looking for something like this. I do podcast every morning at gym. But typical format of journalist interviews tech star is getting stale. And my audio books are too boring / hard to focus on while at gym. This is a nice, entertaining middle ground. Solid amount of outside voices, interviewees, incorporated into good story telling. Highly recommend.
Tater Tots 44
Yet another incredibly well produced, fascinating series by the Mission. I am seriously considering how I can restructure my weekly routine to fit more of these in!!
Gratefully sleepy
Great Series!
Very thought provoking and wide ranging discussion of an extremely relevant topic. Thank you for taking the time to distill such a complex issue into readily understandable segments. Keep up the good work!
Jim Reichert
Such an amazing perspective on the future of our cities. The writers/creators did a spectacular job on this podcast and you won’t be able to hit the pause button!
Geoff Green
Informative and Really Well Adobe
I really loved the first episode. It pulls you in with an interesting question and has some informative and unexpected answers. Excited to listen to the rest of the series!
K8-E J
Every episode is a treat
High quality interviews with some of the smartest thought leaders in the industry. Keep it coming!
Great listen, excited to hear more
Fresh ideas presented in an intelligent and well-spoken way. Tons of content crammed into every episode so it’s captivating from the get-go to the end. I’m excited to hear what’s next from this team. Subscribed ✅!
Philip 925
In Depth Assessment of The Future
This pod gives an in depth assessment of what we can expect to see for the future of our cities! With interviews from folks at Airbnb, Lime, Lyft, Katerra, Proterra, and more - I can't recommend it enough!
Lacey Peace
Worth A Listen
This podcast is fascinating! I’ve never heard anything like this in the podcast space. Clear, riveting and different. Definitely a podcast worth the listen. Great work to the producing team.
Really Engaging!
Really interesting and engaging podcast! The episodes are the perfect length where they keep your attention the whole time. I also really appreciate the writing and production quality which are both very high!!
Amazing Podcast
I can’t say enough great things about this podcast. It’s without question one of my favorites!
Great podcast!
Super thought provoking and interesting. I am so excited for more episodes to come out.
Great insights into the future presented in a compelling way. Keep them coming!!
The Future of Cities
A great podcast for those wanting to know what the future holds for our communities and cities.
Forward looking and interesting
A fascinating look at how cities are expanding and growing with the times. Love the insights from the people building the future.
Amazing podcast!!! Highly recommend!!
Pumped for this series!
As tech advances, what’s the future for our cities? This podcast answers it all: transportation, housing, traffic, infrastructure, workplaces, and more!
Soooo good!!!
This is my favorite podcast so far by the team over at The Mission!!! I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!
Great podcast
Really interesting discussion around what cities look like. Great work and keep it coming!
Richard Cambria
We are geniuses.
Chad Grills
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