The Fundamentalists
The Fundamentalists
Elliott Morgan and Peter Rollins
A new show hosted by Philosopher Peter Rollins and Comedian Elliott Morgan
Freud called dreams the 'royal road to the unconscious'. In other words, your seemingly bizarre and random night-time visions can offer a unique insight into the forces that drive us. In this episode, Peter and Elliott talk about how we might go about deciphering these secret messages that we send to ourselves.
Nov 22
43 min
New Normal
This week Pete and Elliott talk about The New Normal, Hegel’s Bad Infinity, The Vow, Unproductive Therapy, and how to work out whether Trump or Biden will win.
Nov 2
55 min
This week the boys dissect the nature of success and who we’re trying to be successful for. This episode is all about desire... other people's desire.
Oct 25
50 min
Big Other
This week the boys talk about freedom, stoicism, neurosis, and the mysterious Big Other.
Oct 18
56 min
Echo Chambers
This week the boys explore why we often try to surround ourselves with people who think like us, and discuss the idea that our real fear of others isn’t to do with them being different from us, but rather that they might expose our own difference to ourselves.
Oct 11
57 min
The Gaze
This week The Fundamentalists take on the philosophical notion of The Gaze and use it to help analyze the fundamental conflict that exists between the Republican and Democratic experiences of the world.
Oct 4
1 hr 2 min
Today the boys talk about something they’ve been said to be experts in… Ignorance. Along the way, they talk about the difference between standard ignorance, willful ignorance, and learned ignorance.
Sep 27
1 hr
Hot on the heels of last week's discussion of Socialism, Peter and Elliott tackle another increasingly used political term... Fascism. Looking at it in its political, philosophical, and psychological dimensions, they aim to give a broad definition of the term as something more substantive than ‘someone I don’t like’.
Sep 19
43 min
Who’s Afraid of Socialism? The word ‘Socialism’ is being used a lot these days, so this week we discuss what it actually means. Along the way we talk about Marxism, Capitalism and the End of History
Sep 12
1 hr 7 min
What is the Oedipus Complex, what’s it got to do with satisfaction and do we really want to sleep with our mothers? These, and other questions you’ve never asked, are explored on this episode.
Sep 6
56 min
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