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One of my favorites
One of my favorite basketball pods!
Super great pod. Good insight. The last episode with Rachel was awesome!
Too much cursing
I really like Howard beck but all the cursing is just too much
Good content, but a little annoying at times.
The bumper music after the ad break adds hype (like it should in the beginning of the podcast) but usually his question or whatever he says after the break is not fitting. And I suppose it’s the production value, but the guest’s audio always sounds like it’s coming through a tin can. And half the time I think “who the hell is this guest?”
Basketball podcasting gold
Should’ve done this so long ago but thank you Howard for all the great content over the past couple of years. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you!
Political talk has no place on a sports podcast
Too much political talk. Who in their right mind tunes into a sports podcast to be harangued about a political movement based on a dubious premise?
Khun Kurt
Drunk with Power Pod
Is the best Pod
What a woke lefty tool.
The Most Informative NBA Podcast
Love HB as a writer and now a podcaster. Great interviews every week.
Mike Woodson's Beard
Great NBA reporter. Even better man.
That Marc Spears, that’s real. Beck and Lowe, I’d listen to these 2 on any topic any day.
Let’s talk about politics ok boomer
The fastes runner sonic
I came to listen to for the basketball content. I know there is not much going on but I here enough politics in my everyday life. I prefer for it to be left out of my sports talk.
I follow sports to get away from politics. Mr. Beck feels the need to inject a political slant into matters. Please stick to the games
Best podcast.
Thank you, Beck
Thank you for not being afraid.
Anyone who complains about hearing anything political has an opinion that is not worth hearing. Having your head in the sand is a disease that results in America as we see it today. The world is on fire maybe being oblivious is a bad idea?
Jesus Thong
How much did Bloomberg pay for that ad?
Love Howar, but whoever agreed to air that Bloomberg ad should no longer have any input on this podcast
Get new sponsors
Good show. Get some razor company or blue apron. Get Bloomberg off my basketball pod. Please .
Aj squid
Keep politics out of the podcast
“The last real president. It’s always nice to be reminded of what a real president looks and sounds like” That was uncalled for and inappropriate. I listen to this podcast for NBA news and analysis, not politics. Whether you like or dislike the current president, this is not the venue for that.
PS118 students
Thank you for continuing to talk about Kobe
Mamba forever🏀
Kicco d
Great podcast for new fan!
My 8 year old son is becoming a huge NBA fan and found The Full 48 as I was about to suggest it. Here’s to many more as the season transitions to playoff mode.
Ballpark Nerd
What up beck
The 2nd best niche basketball podcast.
Zachary D. Sm.
Say no to Bloomberg
I never want to hear a Mike Bloomberg add again.
Good hoop convos
Really love beck and he said that reviewing the pod would help it. So that’s what I’m doing
Howard is great
Love the pod
Restaurant Rec.
La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria in Phoenix.
Excellent Podcast for NBA Nerds
Howard’s pod has what you want in a regular NBA show; he is knowledgeable, positive, funny and well-spoken. His delivery is excellent and the show features many league insiders who know their stuff!
Chuck Mangione Lives!
Must listen
Howard puts an amazing show together, you can feel his heart in it and correlates directly to the high quality content he puts together. His knowledge seems endless, each episode usually displays interesting nuance or encyclopedia-like references to the past. Howard, when you and Zach get together you slide into a gear unattainable when either individual is solo. A bi-weekly show between you two would be insanely awesome content. Either way keep doin what you do!
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Longest questions in the business...
Give the guests a chance! Or don't have guests at all. The guests are merely there to listen to Howard and get interrupted. Howard, self control has always made great interviewers. So make a choice.
Keep em coming
Great conversation from one of my favorite insiders, happy to see an episode every week.
Confused Conisourer
Great Podcast
Howard kills it! I have not missed a single episode. Howard does an outstanding job of letting the guest shine and asking questions that spur conversation beyond the cliche responses.
Great Podcast
I love the podcast, I wish there was a little more basketball insight talk and less interviews though. Everybody is having people on their podcasts and talking with former players or front office people. But very few people are giving game breakdowns and with you only doing a couple podcasts a week it’d be really easy for you to just break down the best games of the week because not very many people are doing that.
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Michael Lee was terrible
Love ya Howard but Michael Lees entire appearance can be summed up as bah humbug or old man yells at cloud. You rightfully pushed back on him in saying the league needs to do SOMETHING about the regular season.
Too-Player Friendly, please
Howard, I like your podcast and from what I have heard, you are a great guy. I get very frustrated though listening to your podcasts because you are too “player-friendly”. For example, you narrative whether Wiggins is a bust. You said, “typically it’s the teams fault for over reaching. It is not the players fault”(Paraphrasing”).Wiggins has been criticized repeatedly for effort. In addition, he is so so talented that there is no argument that his selection is an over reach. Characterizing him - before this season - as a bust, is wholly justified. It’s disrespectful to the agency of man, no matter if they are 19 or 25, to always criticize the institution and not the player. It’s entertainment. We can criticize a player for being a bust instead of always blaming the institution. It’s not a moral issue, so please hold back the self righteousness. And it’s not a big deal, so do it confidently. The pendulum on your podcast has been swung too far. Happy to discuss.
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More Friends Drunk With Power
For everyone wishing TV’s “Friends” might do a reunion show someday, I say forget that: Just listen to the "Drunk With Power" episode: The very best national NBA journalists casually swap stories and bat around all kinds of great (and a few not so great) ideas over drinks in a Vegas Tiki Lounge! Good Friends indeed. (Rachel actually is named Rachel, Lowe/Ross?, Beck/Chandler?) Just imagine next year if few more great NBA voices joined the happily drunken mix: Ramona/Monica, Jackie Mac/Phoebe, Mannix/Joey? Let’s do this! Fireworks and magic when these folks are spitballing!
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Enternal Gratitude
That's all I've ever wanted from Howard Beck, so now i'll get it!
100 Linden
awesome content
great pod and interviews! would even love more eps a week.
Beck pod
This is the good stuff
Miami Heat
Bring Ethan Skolnick on to discuss the Heat!!!
I rated
I rated for eternal gratitude
One of the best NBA Pods
I love how Howard mixes up his episodes with seriousness but also fun and casual conversations. It makes it super easy to listen to. I also like the diversity with guests. From the consensus fave Full 48 guest Wes Wilcox (a former GM) to the Game of Zones creators the Malamut brothers and then the NBA schedule creators.
Adam Do
What up!!
Howard’s pod rocks. Getting better since Ive been listening last 2 years (especially intros 😉) Annual Interview with Kerr is top notch. NBA long time expert and down to earth dude. Bay Area Represent!
TG episode was great
Hey Howard, TG was great. Modest proposal: could you make one quarter of your guests in the coming year women? I am less sure where you are on people of color, but just like management ranks in the NBA, some pods could use more diversity.
Okay King John
What up Beck!
My favorite basketball podcast
Apologist for LBJ and Cheerleader for China - Not a good look
I normally like Beck, but I was appalled at his obsequious defense of LBJ trashing Morey and defending China, which concluded with Beck cheerleading for China and its relationship with the NBA. In the late 1930s, he’d have been cheering for IBM and Ford to continue supplying Germany, so long as the money train kept running.
What up back? I’m sure of the first person to write that to you.
I really enjoy your thoughtful, analytical and at the same time not taking yourself to seriously approach to your podcast and seemingly life. I grew up in LA and loved those early 2000’s Laker teams that you cut your teeth on. You deserve all the success you are achieving. Thank you for putting out a great product that I can count on every week to get me thinking about a wide array of topics and guests.
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Mr. D speaks the thruth
i 👀 you howard!
steve kerr!!!!!
Hue b
Need another hall of fame debate podcast
Love the zach lowe debates and want to know your projections on whether Lillard,George,Irving,Griffin,Love,Lowry,etc will be hall of famers.
Spread it out
I’m sorry is this the Giannis and bucks pod? Mix up the conversation a little.
I’m a simple man.
You try to make me listen to Howard Bryant and I unsubscribe and rate 1 star.
Jeffrey B. Epstein
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