The Fried Egg Golf Podcast
The Fried Egg Golf Podcast
The Fried Egg
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Knowledgeable and Informative Golf Discussions
The Fried Egg has such a wide range of knowledgeable and informative golf discussion anywhere from architecture to maintenance to equipment and much more. It has helped increase my understanding of numerous topics within golf that I hadn’t given much thought to previously. Highly recommend giving it a listen!
155 Funson
Great golf pod, love the host
Opened my eyes up to a whole other side of golf.
Wannabe architect
Terrible at presenting the other side of the distance debate
Bob Ranum
I loved this pod. He was very interesting and had great stories.
Good pod
Love the pod. Very informative and always have interested guests. On the other hand any time I hear this guys voice I want to go hit myself in the plums with a 9 iron.
Great listen
Probably my favorite podcast. Especially love the superintendent series
Consistently Excellent
This podcast is consistently excellent. The episodes with Tom Doak are especially insightful. They are a must listen !!!!
Superintendent Series
Just listened to Wild Horse Superintendent Josh Mahar, great work!! I could listen to you guys all day, but I have to take care of 2 courses myself, but really enjoy your podcast, keep ‘em coming!!
More Yoak with Doak
Love the interviews and inside information. As well as the history with Tom Doak. Shoot you could have a podcast in itself with just him on there!!
Fried Egg Stories - Yes its that good!
Just listened to Fried Egg Stories ep 8 Golf and the City - Harding Park. This is 'This American Life' quality story-telling, subject matter and varied points of view. I cannot wait to listen to more Fried Egg Stories, so well done!
Love it
Great Great Great. Always interesting and relevant.
Someone referred me to the Steve Cook interview and I’m hooked. Very thoughtful and informative. I did a little more searching and found an interview with Andy Johnson at Lying Four. These both seem tremendous resources to find excellent if unheralded golf courses.
Go Vote!
Golf Junkie deep digs
If you live for the stuff golf telecasts don’t show then this is for you.
Very Intersting
Such a good podcast for all of those interested in golf course architecture and an appreciation for the history of the game and also some unique takes on the modern game. This pod is a regular in my rotation. Fantastic content.
Yolk with Doak Episodes are my favorite podcasts.
Excellent podcasts that have grown a huge interest in Golf Course Architecture for me.
Thoroughly enjoyed it.
A podcast about golf shirts, life, and solving life problems.
living under bogey
Eagle Springs
This episode is an albatross! Great stuff. My brother lives in Janesville so now I have a reason to fly to Milwaukee to visit as I will drive right by
Lawyer Tom
Perfect for the golf obsessed
If you eat, sleep, and breath golf then this podcast is for you. Andy’s focus on golf architecture and the new segments with superintendents shed a light on aspects of the game that go overlooked my most commentary on the game. If you want to truly learn more about golf, then you’ve got to listen to the fried egg. The delivery can be a bit monotone and slow at times but the content and deep knowledge about the history of golf easily makes up for that in my opinion.
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Awesome podcast and content
Really enjoy learning about golf course architecture and everything that goes into the different processes. Excellent latest podcast with Nick Hardy, what a great kid. I really enjoyed hearing his outlook and perspective on golf. I will definitely root for him in the future!
Love the content
Love this podcast but what’s wrong with the audio? Is it only me?
Passion and Due Diligence
Andy’s passion for this subject os unrivaled by anyone in the industry of golf media. He does his due diligence with each podcast and clearly has a grasp of what he discusses. When he doesn’t, he does a good job listening and quickly learning from his guests.
John Low
The John Low bio pod is incredible. I’ve been playing golf for 30 years and had no idea about the evolution of hazards.
Excellent podcast
I really enjoy this podcast. Thanks for all the work you put into making it for us. The interview with Craig Moore was my favorite. Hope you keep interviewing greenskeepers because they provide great insight that golfers may not realize.
Liven Up, Man
Andy’s other pod, Shotgun Start, is such a fun an jovial pod, so the tone of this pod is obviously on purpose, and man is it low energy. It’s got good info but the delivery is in desperate need of a freshening.
Strut N Crow
How the major networks aren’t knocking down his door for commentary or color is incredible. Someone will get him and the others will wonder what the hell they missed. Nick Faldo is vanilla and Geoff Oglivy is Baskin-Robbins.
More Shack!!!
So good!
dad golf 😀
Andy... you’re so serious 😜
The two faces (voices)of Andy! The Fried Egg=serious Andy. The Shotgun Start.. Mr. Giggles. Long time listener, love both!
Awesome again
Phenomenal discussion w Ran Morriset. Just wow.
LSU = Golf School
Andy does his homework and knows his stuff. Last few podcasts have been outside the normal width and angles talk and they have been fascinating great stuff!
Thanks for screwing with the players featured groups. Hilarious.
Got old and negative
Used to be a regular listener but they think they are better then all golf fans. Last straw was vendetta against pga tour featured groups for players. Thanks for ruining coverage for a large group of people that are not interested in your personal thoughts and just want to enjoy golf. There is enough division in the world already.
Love the podcast. Keep it up.
Fried Weir
The best anti Mike Weir podcast on the interwebs.
Dylan Baggins
As a member of my clubs board, this pod has been very helpful in learning about golf course design strategy and maintenance.
Keep it coming
Great Podcast. Enjoyed listening to LPGA commissioner recently. Andy is becoming a great interviewer. Remember Fried Egg more Superintendent interviews.
Andy J Brings it
Nothing like going down the rabbit hole of golf with Andy. Fun and well informed. Keep it up Andy!
The Dancing Titleist
The Fascinating Fried Egg
It’s fascinating how good this podcast is.
Always Interesting
If you’re a golf nut, or someone that wants to learn more about the history, players, and architecture... this pod is for you. Great guests, and Andy does a great job of keeping the conversation fun and interesting.
The best
Interviews keep getting better
Awesome work Andy
My favorite podcast. I’m a total golf architecture geek and love the history and Andy nails it. I’m all in. Great work Andy!
Mark Peck
Great podcasts
Fried Egg and Shotgun Start are my favorite podcasts. Width and angles! Great stuff Andy.
Indominus rocky
Well done, Andy!
Great pod. I loved the interaction with Andy and Castro. Great questions both ways. Never was going to be a puff piece nor “tell him what my agent want me to say.”
Nashville Tom
Fun listen with a ton of great guests. The discussions, particularly those on golf course architecture, fill a much needed void. Keep up the great work, Andy!
Easy Conversation
Has guests on I would never think of listening to but I’m usually glad I did for interesting insight/perspective.
J Kollm
New set up
Do you think you could build a golf course now that is 7,000 plus yards, but favors the shorter hitter? Stymie the bomb and gauge, long irons are the premium.
Always interesting
Good questions and great answers. Tom Doak's worldwide experience has matured into a great understanding of the how golf archeticture and business sense need to work together to produce a enduring experience.
BAllyn from NC
Must listen for every golfer
Andy and his guests insights on not only golf course architecture but on the game in general are a must listen for every golf fan. It should be in everyone’s rotation.
Good, not great
Andy is clearly very knowledgeable on the topics discussed. What keeps me coming back are the quality guests he gets on the show, but at times I think Andy’s interview skills do them a bit of a disservice. The interviews tend to feel like we’re eavesdropping on a conversation that the listener isn’t supposed to be a part of, and would benefit from being tailored more to the audience. Significant improvements have been made in the editing and sound quality which used to be bad enough for me to not listen, so thank you!!! Get this man a couple better sponsors as well!! I’d like to see him do well. Sidebar- overrated/underrated is a poor segment. That’s the review.
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Frost 2020
Good for casual golfers. Great for the passionate ones.
Really enjoy this pod, particularly Andy’s interviews with course architects. There is a clear bias in terms of how the game should be played, but regardless of whether you agree with Andy and his guests or not, there’s a lot to learn and think about in these episodes.
Dayfie Nick
Best Golf Podcast
Love the work Andy is doing. This is the most interesting golf podcast around. Andy and his guests are always super knowledgeable about their subject matter and creating an amazing renaissance of golf history.
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