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It’s like bob and tom
Except no one is funny including the guest.
Bryan is back baby!
Thank gawd Callen is back. It’s not just two dudes agreeing with everything that Brendan says, like he’s the authority of EEEEVERY topic. Please let Callen read more ads tho. I’m begging you, cuz I can’t take another commercial read by Brendan (alright!)
memorial day episode
seems Callen is back for good... really diggin it
Heeeess bacccckkkk!
Finally Bryan is back let’s go!
Thank god Bryan is back.
Missed this show. Haven’t been able to listen for a while. Good to have you back wrinks!
Thank you Brian
Bye forever Malik
Too much Brendan Tard let me know when Bryan is back
Dumbest podcast on the planet
Come listen to Schlob attempt to form a 3rd grade thought while his minions agree in hopes of getting to open for his UFC fans and their girlfriends in Tulsa, OK this weekend!!
Jeff Smo
First 15 minutes
Of episode 686 are unbearable with the amount of cringe. Chappelle do some research get out there and talk back.
glad and sad
good thing Bryan’s back... on a side note, always funny when Brendan tries to talk about guns or anything involving the outdoors, has absolutely no clue what he’s talking about 😂. still love the guy, but he needs to sharpen his comedic skills, gets less funny every time I listen
Send Bryan out to the pastures
Bring back Rollie boy. There is a reason nobody listens to mixed mental arts.
big gucci trap god
Brian better be back full time!
If Brian‘s back full-time I will subscribe again and listen to the show.
I’m out
This use to be one of my favs behind Rogan If Bryan is back for good I’ll start back listening. I can’t listen to Brendan Malik and shapel it’s unbearable.
Axl G
Welcome back Bryan!!
Missed Bryan so much. He adds another dimension to the show that I’m hoping will be back for good. Always enjoy the banter and vibe.
Wrinks is back!
I’m so happy wrinks is back baby!!! Wrinks is back I’m back let’s goooo
Great podcast, please please please Bryan be back for good
+++++ YESSS, Bryan Is back!!! Please stay, the podcast needs it’s father back. +++++ 10/29/20...Ugh, please don’t tell me you changed the podcast opening song from the original with Bryan! Wow, what is this podcast coming too... please please please Bryan come back. These guys need you more than ever. ++++ Of course we all love and miss Bryan, but let’s give Brendan a chance. I will never change my review title but he’s getting better. Yes, he does get a little hard to listen to when he talks about his success and brags about himself, directly or indirectly, but when he has on the correct comedian guest, the podcast isn’t the worst and reminds me a little of the old times with Bryan... Non-comedians and Brendan are unbearable and sound like a high school newspaper writer interviewing the local Comptroller, just straight akward, rigid, and no longer the elite comedy podcast. With all that said, I will continue to listen for now, however interest is waning a little. Josh Wolf was the best co-host. I like these two new guys (Chappell and Malik) but they are to new to the game is sounds like and just not smooth like the veteran, Bryan Callen. Truly one does not recognize someone’s skill level until they are gone and compared to other. I sure do hope BC comes back soon since what he did was not that bad and he needs to be given a second chance and brought back into the light #BringBryanCallenBackIntoTheLight +++ Anyone else tired of the talentless Brendan Schaub ripn on Bryan 24/7... it’s beyond old and Schaub should realize Callen (and Rogan) are the sole reason he can sell tickets for stand up... I don’t hate Brendan but he needs some humility and a dose of modesty. ++ Dudddesss, enough with these uneducated Coronavirus conversations! We love you Bryan and Brendan but seriously, hearing you guys saying masks do nothing (2%, 2% you infant), is like me (an epidemiologist) telling you how to do comedy... granted, my friends always say I’m funny and should do stand up but I don’t think you’d want me telling you how to structure a joke. Please be careful because what you say, may cost a life (yes, you may think that’s dramatic but if you convince a fan to never wear a mask or take any precautions asked by medical professionals, you are possibly endangering a life or lives) Also, I must say I have always thought Brendan to be a materialistic classist brute snob based off his daily remarks, however hearing him constantly ask Dave Rubin why he doesn’t punch protestors as well as his multiple remarks this Dave Rubin episode about having an individuals wealth and money equate to the weight and importance of someone’s opinion on Coronavirus or any matter at that... Brendan, my dude, I want to be a fan, which is why I write this hopefully constructive comment when I have probably written 10 comments on any platform my entire life, but dude, please stop being such a macho douche, it’s tiring. Still a fan, but cmon guys... get back to comedy. +updates on 12/2/2019 - Brendan has gotten a lot better and this review is probably a half year old...Still gets snobby sometimes but he’s trying Changing my 5 star, high praise, review since Brendan has become obnoxious (Bryan still great even after that “infant” episode). Brendan, I love ya buddy but there are a lot of rich people out there that don’t talk about how much money they have every 5 minutes. I’m an infant. Keep up the good work guys! 10-18-2019 updates: WILL SASSO is too much. He is a funny comedian but is not funny on this podcast since he tries too hard and comes off as an act. Will, whatcha doin man, be you mah dude Me
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Love it guys but Bryan just completes the show
You guys are awesome doing your own thing but together, this show is just behind Rogan as my favorite podcast and I listen to 10-15 shows. So hopefully Bryan can be back on the show for good
california culo
Schaub is an absolute tool. Opposite of a comedian
I’m doing you a huge favor by telling you about Redbar. Listen to Mike discuss these fools and you’ll be throughly entertained. Your welcome.
Only listen when Bryan on
No longer a subscriber , and only listen when the wrinks is on …. Once Theo leaves the king and the sting, Schaubs career will finally be over …
schaub blocked me on IG
One man show
If you like loud obnoxious narcissists then boy is this the podcast for you
keep rockin
great show!
ray ray mc'bigears
So bad
Not good
Dudes I’m back on board ! I’m so glad for the changes in the show today , I am right back on still miss wrinks but at least he can pop in from time to time!
There’s always too many people talking at once to even follow along most of the time. It’s a hot mess of everyone trying to get their joke in, the guys are funny individually but can’t compare to the old format.
Bryan was the podcast
Schwab is trying but way to lame 😒
Comedy Nachos
Just not funny. Great business man but not funny. Thinks he is though, but he just comes off as an arrogant person. Bryan made this show and now the kids are carrying it.
Branden is trash
Needs Bryan. The show needs Bryan. I only download old episodes of the pod cause of how funny it was. Brendan is not funny nor can he carry a comedy podcast. It’s just 90s references and negative comments on issues that he thinks are funny but can not carry the show. When Bryan is back for sure I will subscribe
The show is better with the kidz
Great chemistry. Fun show. Brendan Shaub is a beast.
Andres in NYC
Where is wrinks. And how do you not bring up Ben and paul
Brendan Schaub isn’t a comedian
Schaub is trash at comedy
Brendan needs Bryan and
Brendan needs to learn how to stop interrupting everyone. It is unbearable to listen to Brendan without Bryan. Shapel and Malik seem like cool guys. Shapel laughs constantly all show long at things that are not funny - why? Malik seems like an nice guy but should not be talking for a living. I’ve moved on- I can’t support the show in hopes Bryan will return. It’s simply unbearable!!
Not Appealing without a GREAT GUEST
The time has come. Bring back Callen or at least get rid of Malik. The biggest conversation killer is him mispronouncing every other word and have the most shallow, illogical comments on every topic. Absolutely takes away and contributes 0. Brendan needs a reality check. He thinks he’s the smartest man on earth and his Dad “teached business” humble yourself. You’re an LA 4 bc your IQ. You act just like Rogan (Surprise.. minus the humility & actual knowledge).. Cut the dead weight. 2 stars without Callen. Your “co hosts” are becoming less valuable too. Next. Over this.
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Once this podcast was funny. Over the years Brenden has become insufferable.
Cat and Malik are useless and unfunny
See title
Just dumb fun
Reading all the hate on here made me want to send some positive vibes. For the folks wondering where Callen is, they lost sponsors with him. Brendan and Callen decided it was best to split untill it all blows over. It aint rocket science. They are still friends and he will be back one day. For the time, it is what it is. Silly stupid entertainment.
Podcast host accused of sexual assault.
Human t r a s h. Unsubscribed
Anne Rule rules
I’m quitting this podcast
I don’t like the constant bashing of Malek, and please stop letting Kat talk. The way she up speaks and never gets made fun of drives me nuts.
Why isn’t Bryan Callen on TFATK?! He’s doing another podcast why not this one? And why is it still called the fighter in the kid?! The show is most definitely not the same. It sounds just like any other podcast to me without “The Kid” on the show. I hardly listen anymore. So curious what the download number are. I hope Callen returns soon!
Hang it up
It’s over, someone put out this dumpster fire
(See title)
The show absolutely stinks without Callen. Unlistenable! Brendan is a total hack and those other chumps are flat out embarrassing. Really tough listen these days. Time for a reformat and name change...... can’t be “the fighter and the kid” without the kid. Booooooooooooooo
enron employee
Tfatk not the same
This show podcast was always empty when callen was there. And now I got 22 episodes available. SMH!!!
From great to ehhhh
There are people who kill conversations, and then there is Malik. Sorry, he seems like a decent guy but his only contribution to the show is occasionally tossing in the phrase “6 figure queen” and “that’s hard”. I know Brendan is a loyal dude, but he gots to go! I’ve been listening for years, and definitely miss Bryan but the guest host episode are great! Kee doing your thing B, big fan
Schaub is garbage alone.
There’s a picture of Brenda showing on 4chan. Buuuuubbbba, didn’t you learn from your daddy? Also, they didn’t go to the cecil hotel.
The black slc mamba
Very Funny!!
Tough listen
Not as good without Callen. A little too one sided now without Brian’s input and knowledge.
This train wreck of a show has lost what is was, a good show. Absolute garbage these days.
This podcast is nothing without Callen hard to listen
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