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The Fighter & The Kid is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian and former professional UFC fighter Brendan Schaub.Each week, Brendan is joined in the studio with a guest co host. TFATK is uncut and unedited, and sometimes it's just ridiculous.  
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Bring Callen Back
I miss the old podcast... nothing beats it. I hope it works out.
Im still a fan but...
I’m still a fan but everyone is talking all at once at the same time and gets too loud and annoying ....
This has evolved into a horrible show. I think we know why.
Bryan podcast also.
I just don’t get how we can continue to use the same intro with Bryan in it and use a platform that he helped create the subscribers and reviews to help promote this new podcast. If you want to use this same platform under FATK then you need to address the Bryan situation before every episode. I have finally stopped listening intel we get an actual answer. The Steve-o episode doesn’t count for the explanation of Bryan.
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Brandon the pampered spoiled clown
Since Bryan has left, the show has become something odious. Brendan’s become so pampered, spoiled and out of touch that it’s tainted the show. Wrinks could add balance but evidently Brendan is beholden to his podcast producers/contract and ads.
Not good
I Love kats but I got to be honest.This podcast has really went to hell. I really miss callen but I stuck with it because I love Brendan and I also really like shapel . That said I’m unsubscribing because I never want to hear the term “six figure queen “ again . This thing is struggle city . Y’all should consider making this a once a week podcast you obviously struggle to fill one podcast with content. I gave 3 stars because I really used to love this podcast.
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Top 5
Great work fellas and free wrinks all day
Just not the same show. Sadly.
I like Brendan but you cannot have Abbott without Costello. Laverne never had a successful spin off without Shirley. You guys are more like Sigfred and Roy, let’s be honest. Couple of one two tiger wranglers and by tigers I mean dicks.
Free the kid
Still funny and the new guests are growing on me but we need Callen back
Cameron Haleen
We miss you Bryan
Can’t wait for Bryan to come back love the guys you’ve have in but i miss Bryan!!!!
tim tease
Should be called “Brendan talks about his money with Callen - The Podcast”
++++ Of course we all love and miss Bryan, but let’s give Brendan a chance. I will never change my review title but he’s getting better. Yes, he does get a little hard to listen to when he talks about his success and brags about himself, directly or indirectly, but when he has on the correct comedian guest, the podcast isn’t the worst and reminds me a little of the old times with Bryan... Non-comedians and Brendan are unbearable and sound like a high school newspaper writer interviewing the local Comptroller, just straight akward, rigid, and no longer the elite comedy podcast. With all that said, I will continue to listen for now, however interest is waning a little. Josh Wolf was the best co-host. I like these two new guys (Chappell and Malik) but they are to new to the game is sounds like and just not smooth like the veteran, Bryan Callen. Truly one does not recognize someone’s skill level until they are gone and compared to other. I sure do hope BC comes back soon since what he did was not that bad and he needs to be given a second chance and brought back into the light #BringBryanCallenBackIntoTheLight +++ Anyone else tired of the talentless Brendan Schaub ripn on Bryan 24/7... it’s beyond old and Schaub should realize Callen (and Rogan) are the sole reason he can sell tickets for stand up... I don’t hate Brendan but he needs some humility and a dose of modesty. ++ Dudddesss, enough with these uneducated Coronavirus conversations! We love you Bryan and Brendan but seriously, hearing you guys saying masks do nothing (2%, 2% you infant), is like me (an epidemiologist) telling you how to do comedy... granted, my friends always say I’m funny and should do stand up but I don’t think you’d want me telling you how to structure a joke. Please be careful because what you say, may cost a life (yes, you may think that’s dramatic but if you convince a fan to never wear a mask or take any precautions asked by medical professionals, you are possibly endangering a life or lives) Also, I must say I have always thought Brendan to be a materialistic classist brute snob based off his daily remarks, however hearing him constantly ask Dave Rubin why he doesn’t punch protestors as well as his multiple remarks this Dave Rubin episode about having an individuals wealth and money equate to the weight and importance of someone’s opinion on Coronavirus or any matter at that... Brendan, my dude, I want to be a fan, which is why I write this hopefully constructive comment when I have probably written 10 comments on any platform my entire life, but dude, please stop being such a macho douche, it’s tiring. Still a fan, but cmon guys... get back to comedy. +updates on 12/2/2019 - Brendan has gotten a lot better and this review is probably a half year old...Still gets snobby sometimes but he’s trying Changing my 5 star, high praise, review since Brendan has become obnoxious (Bryan still great even after that “infant” episode). Brendan, I love ya buddy but there are a lot of rich people out there that don’t talk about how much money they have every 5 minutes. I’m an infant. Keep up the good work guys! 10-18-2019 updates: WILL SASSO is too much. He is a funny comedian but is not funny on this podcast since he tries too hard and comes off as an act. Will, whatcha doin man, be you mah dude Me
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Used to be my favorite show !
Plain and simple Malik and Shapell are not funny. Miss Brian and even Josh. Get more guests! Brendan says he doesn’t care about comment so maybe he will notice when we unsubscribe. Do it with me if you agree. At least until they change out Malik and Shapell. No hate just honesty 🤷🏽‍♂️.
Understand the situation
I miss Bryan too but understand the societal effect on his brand (hopefully temporary). Honestly, I enjoy Shapel and Malik, Brenden just needs to stop roasting Malik’s relationships, and let him be comfortable so they could all flow. :) Grateful for the content, thank you TFATK
Gerb :)
Weak and wayyyy too much Fox News propaganda
Schaub ate the whole bottle of red pills
Sell out
Brenden is lucky he still has KATS
Sad to unsubscribe
Been a long time listener, but without Brian it’s just not enjoyable anymore. The best part used to be the banter between the cohosts and variation of topics. Now it’s just Brendan talking about being famous. Sadly it’s now just ham without the burger.
J Dangerous
Sad had to unsubscribe
I tried to hold on but had to let go like JACK DAWSON. Titanic
Justice for Winks
Free Callen
I tried To hang on
I really tried its unbearable. I’ll be back when Bryan comes back
many abzd
Bring back wrinks
Tried but not funny or entertaining anymore . Will be back if/when Wromks comes back.
Not the same without the kid
This show is awful without Bryan & should definitely be renamed.
Hard Pass
This used to be a great show. Without Callen the show has taken a serious step back. The balance is off.
Thiccc boy Dallas
Years of’s time to let go - at least until if/when Callen is back.
Downhill spiral
This show used to be great - I was a long time listener. Without callen this show has zero balance and is in the gutter, fun while it lasted.
american mr miagi
The end
I’m out! This pod cast it’s not the same without Callen. Schaub needs callen more than he thinks.
It’s just awful now
It was getting bad w/ Callen, but since he’s been canceled it’s pretty much impossible to listen to w/ out feeling like you’re actually loosing IQ points. Just stop the podcast, it’s time.
Andrew Palmgren
I want Bryan Callen back on the pod
Whoever manages the podcast is out of their mind for taking him off
An Elk on DMT
Bring back callen
Not the same show anymore , callens input balanced out brendan . Theres no balance
Bring back Brian
Brian Callen
as a long time listener idk how much longer i can hold on. I love the dynamic between Brendan and Bryan and its just not the same with “the kidz”. 💯
Free Callen this show is in shambles
Justice for Bryan
We want Bryan back. The show is nowhere near as good as it was. Shapel is good, but Malik and josh wolf stink
Has potential
This show was great with Brian and Brendan. After they sold out Brian I stopped listing for a few Months. I can back to see what’s up, Brendan and Chapelle are a good team and play well. But that dude Malik is absolutely awful, he seems so fake and like he’s trying so hard to be this character he’s not. Malik Has absolutely ruined this show.
Free wrinks
This podcast needs Bryan Callen.
End the show
Sad to watch. This show is nothing without Bryan
Malik and Shape are fabulous
Keep it up guys! This is so entertaining 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Let me know....
...when Bryan is back. Adios.
The Mighty Hoss
best freestyle no contest
joey bada$$ hands down has the best 5 fingers of death freestyle ever. his la leakers freestyle over that mask off beat went stupid too
Rappy and the tard
Ret@rd of a show B
Too Much Chin
When did Chin become a regular voice? Might as well put him on the couch w/ a mic. Otherwise maybe just produce the show.
#609 Mat Best... Fantastic show!
Great episode... Black Rifle all day!!! Great show guy’s... missing Callen. Much Love 🇺🇸👊🏻🇺🇸 Chuck Seas
Could of been 5 boys.
Could of been boys.
Stopped listening when they sold out on Callen-
Not the same
Sadly, very repetitive without Callen. Just not the same.
Good Show
Brendan always is a good host and the amount of options he as for guest is always gonna be good especially if he keeps getting people like SteveO
Brendan good podcast
Tfatk all day
Always a great podcast! All the WAP’s constantly complaining, just stop listening, direct your negative will and energy elsewhere. If you don’t like the product, stop consuming it. effin r words!
ray ray mc'bigears
Shapel and Malik
I’ve never liked the show more that with shapel and Malik. Hopefully this is permanent.
JC Horseshoeing
Confused as to why people find schaub funny
And I’m pretty sure he’s offering 20% off CBC products for kind words and a 5 star rating
lame show lame dudes
You guys are smart
Joey you are correct, let’s see: The woke ppl used to be strong men helping weak peepo up. Uk who they hated , crybabies. Now woke is weak people lifting up crybabies. Das vat hppn
A. Blowie
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