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Nicotine Brain
Shawlb says nicotine helps his brain? Note to self: never use nicotine…
Brenden only mentions he had a Prius once a month on this, how does he still have this job being so dumb
Irrelevant & Boring
Used to be an avid listener until Brendan just got annoying would always just make for of Bryan. The show used to be funny but, sadly it’s even worse than Schaub’s stand-up special or even his stand up game. All he does to get click bait and make himself relevant lately is to bring up Ariel spread lies about him.
Ariel helwani got shwabe shook
How does shwave go from saying he’s never missed a podcast in 8 years to going 8 days without a single podcast upload. Somethings up behind the scenes
Ego killed the show
Used to listen to every episode, getting hard to do the same these days. Brandon shlabs ego makes this show unbearable. He somehow seems to know everything and doesn’t allow anyone with a different opinion to speak w/o interruption. Makes for a frustrating listen. Bryan is alright used to be better before the rape accusation….and shapel… seems like a decent guy but his ONLY input is asking dumb questions. I don’t understand how an almost 40 year old man knows so little. Heard his standup is good but his hosting ability is horrendous. The show is loosing relevance weekly.
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Glad the OGs lineup is back!
So glad Callen is back! The OG lineup is the best, and the addition of Chappel is a great addition. Love the podcast!
B. Garcia
Know it all.
Brendans know it all attitude is getting really old. He’s wrong most of the time.
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So awful now!
Bryan had to come back to save the show. I think people are tired of Brendan he just criticizes everything and won’t take any criticism himself. It’s so cringe and I think if Brendan ever ran out of comedian friends it’d be over.
Bryan is the show
Brandon and chapel need to just shut up and let Bryan talk and run this thing. Brendan is just plain dumb and disregards anything callen says and chapel just follows and laughs like Brennan’s little pet sheep. Thank god Bryan is back. These 5 stars are strictly for him and chin
dump the 3rd wheel
keep it old school dude talks way too much
little man syndrome
5 stars if you get christian out of there. Dude is the worst
Great show but Shapel has to be the most clueless softie I’ve ever seen
C Engy
thanks for the laughs
love to hear Bryan back again
67 R3aper
Get rid of shapel
Its become awful to listen to. Brian back helps out a bit. Shapel brings nothing to the show and his laugh is annoying.
Not a huge fan of the content
But Brendan saved a kids life. 5 stars sir.
Brendan calling himself a high end comedian is like me calling myself a top tier astronaut because i smoke a bunch of weed every night and look at the stars. guy is the worst. he’s running out of coattails to ride.
In with the Wrink, Out with the Twink
Christian should go
I love Shapel and I’m stoked Bryan Callen is back!
Mark Harley can go lol. Love you guys glad it’s almost back to the old days been listening for many years!
New York City crime report
This podcast was my favorite until politics became the topic. I listen to podcasts to get get away from politics.
Good stuff guys.
Thank you.
Jimmer Mepps
Favorite podcast
The best
Cant Get Erect By Broken Glass
Chapelle learns about the world
Can we rename this pod Chapelle learns about the world? It’s like having a four year old sitting at the adult table asking to have the world explained to him.
Ms. Shaub has a dumpster!
With all do respect 😎
Thank you wrinks
Been watching for years but I wouldn’t be watching if Bryan wasn’t back, Chappell is chill, Brendan thinks he’s right a little much but overall my fav podcast.
It’s been real
Later fellas. Shapel, I highly recommend you distance yourself from these guys. The last reflection on Simone Biles was absolutely insane. It’s been real, but I’m done.
Simone biles
Btw Simone biles is backing out because they chose to not score her technique on the same scale as everyone else because her level is so much higher. She is the first woman to complete a. Technique that only a few males have done because it’s so dangerous and they have her a 6.6. Would you want to compete further when you’re so good they won’t give you your worth? Love the show but you had it wrong brother.
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Shapel adds NOTHING
Glad to have the old dragon back
I can’t believe it but I actually think this is my favorite podcast now. Don’t tell Bad Friends. Thank y’all for the frequent episodes. Great work! Credit to Brendan and the rest of the crew for keeping things running during tough times.
Brendan the interrupter
Still a loyal listener for now, glad Bryan is back full time. But Brendan, please stop talking over people and always thinking you’re right about everything. Sit back and let the guests and other hosts finish a sentence or thought!
Let Brian talk!
I have been listening for years . Happy for both guys and Chappell is a great addition . Just let Bryan talk and joke around . Kinda seems like Brendan just want to shut him down . I know you they’re friends and comedians get on each other but this just seems different than normal. Anyways thanks for hundreds of hours of entertainment
The rapist is back.
Brendan destroys this show.
I feel dumber listening to Brendan. Brendan’s CTE is a serious issue.
Not the same
Love Bryan being back but it’s just not the same. Schaub thinks he’s the smartest in the room about everything. He really needs to take himself not so serious or just take a break from podcast all together
Bryan is back baby!
Thank gawd Callen is back. It’s not just two dudes agreeing with everything that Brendan says, like he’s the authority of EEEEVERY topic. Please let Callen read more ads tho. I’m begging you, cuz I can’t take another commercial read by Brendan (alright!)
Zoo culture
Can we all agree that this podcast has become nothing more than an advertisement for Zoo Culture and Brendan’s body issues? It’s gone downhill so fast and it’s tough to even make it through a whole episode now. Bryan being back is great, but tbh…he’s a better host conspired to everyone he decides to pair up with. (Ex: Sam & Brendan) We don’t care about the gym & we don’t care about that dude Mark who looks like a version of the cowardly lion. Get back to jokes and fun. Go start a 7th podcast about the gym or let Bryan go do his own thing since he’s the only one trying to bring comedy to this hollow shell of a podcast.
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The kid
Kid is back. I subscribed again.
If you want to listen to meathead sexual abusers this is your podcast!
Rich N.88
Love the podcast and big fan
Makes for multiple great laughs and listens whenever a new podcast comes out. Love the crew and new studio!!
Feels like old times
Queue the boys are back in town. The world of podcasting is as it should be again. If you down rated the pod during the odd times, you aren’t a real fan. Love you guys, most listened to pod❤️
Love the show
Love the show. You guys help me get through a lot. I’m thankful for you both. No matter what you guys are great. Too much negative on these reviews when all you guys do is bring joy and happiness to each negative commenters life. God bless both of your families.
OG crew is #1
The only people that should be on this podcast are Brendan, Wrinks, Chin and Kay! The OG crew is #1
Wrinks !!!
Soo glad Brain is back nothing against shapel but he just is always on Brendan’s nuts
Up State NY 9/11/91
Fight companion
Like the fact you brought the fight companion back but it’s hard to listen when everyone is talking at the same time.
Where’s Brian
Brian we want you back consistently 🙏
Stop letting that girl speak
An IUD does not go in your arm, she’s an idiot Kat and Justin should absolutely stop talking, that’s not their jobs, take their mics away. Erik Griffin is a biased racist. He does not want to have a discussion, he only want to force feed his opinion. Completely unfunny, unlistenable, but typical liberal talking points. Fight companion was literal aids. Also I like Brendan but start dressing like a 40 year old man, not a teenager. DO BETTER!!!
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Used to love
Brendan is a jerk. He is so rude to everyone and always has to be right. I can't even stand it. I hang on cause I love Shapel and Callen and the rest of the crew, but I've really had enough. He is a snob who thinks he is better then everyone else. It makes it impossible to listen to.
Brandan Schab is literally the most insufferable person to hear on a mic.
Reeree Soda
This show used to be great.
It sucked when Callen left bc it messed up the flow. The new intro song lost the original shows authenticity. Shapel has no valuable input and constantly laughs at everything making it hard to hear The conversation. I love Cat and Chin in the background but recently they’ve been talking a lot, no other show has the editors chime in as much so you have 5 people talking over each other. The only upside is that the Kid is back! Also.... Brendan.... let other people finish their sentence before you start yours.
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Flock of Midgets
Love the show just how it is with the people on it “now”. I do wish it was a little bit longer of a show though!
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