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The Feminist Frame explores television, books, movies, and pop culture through a feminist lens.
The Baby-Sitters Club
In this episode, we discuss the new Netflix adaptation of an old favorite middle reader book series, The Baby-Sitters Club. The girls set up a baby-sitting enterprise and through it explore friendship, family, and the struggles of pre-teenage years.
Aug 13
27 min
In this episode, we discuss the 4th season of Insecure on HBO. Molly and Issa's relationship becomes strained as they dive further into new careers and relationships. Have they outgrown each other? We discuss.
Aug 6
46 min
Book Club: Know My Name & She Said
In a new book club episode, we discuss Know My Name by Chanel Miller and She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement by Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey. Both books deal with sexual assault, from the perspective of journalists working to break a story and from the view of a survivor of one of the most infamous cases of injustice in recent years. Content warning for sexual assault and rape. For help, please visit
Jul 1
1 hr 9 min
Normal People
In this episode, we discuss Sally Rooney's novel, Normal People, and the Hulu adaptation by the same name. Did Hulu manage to capture the subtle conversations and perspective differences just right? Join in for a spoiler-free discussion before we dive into spoilers midway through for both book and show.
Jun 23
1 hr 13 min
Never Have I Ever
In this episode, we discuss Netflix's new hit show Never Have I Ever. The teen comedy by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher stars Devi, a second generation Indian-American high school student, as she navigates family, friendship, and sex positivity. Spoilers begin at 23:28.
May 28
49 min
Book Club: Where the Crawdads Sing
In this episode, we dive into the New York Times Bestselling novel "Where the Crawdads Sing." The novel follows the mysterious protagonist Kya, who has been fending for herself in the marshlands since a young age. What happens when she is indicted for the murder of a local man? And does this book live up to the months-long hype since its release?
May 20
43 min
Little Fires Everywhere
In this episode, we discuss Hulu's new mini-series, Little Fires Everywhere. Adapted from Celeste Ng's bestselling novel, the show explores motherhood, race, and class in America.
Apr 30
1 hr 14 min
Book Club: The Witches are Coming
We discuss the new collection of essays from the hilarious and poignant Lindy West. She covers #Metoo, media criticism, and the subject of who is the witch and who is the hunter. Pick this one up and join along.
Apr 28
31 min
Tiger Queens
In this episode, we decide to discuss the same thing the rest of the internet is-- the explosive Netflix documentary, Tiger King. Hear our take on the doc that has already played in 64 million households across the country.
Apr 23
34 min
Book Club: Disappearing Earth
This stunning debut novel by Julia Phillips set in the desolate, far-east Russian peninsula of Kamchatka turns upside down the trope of the missing girl book. Told through the eyes of the region's women, the book slowly circles in on a mystery while revealing a place, a culture, and a clash in the meantime.
Apr 10
19 min
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