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Not Ezra Klein anymore
One reason I appreciated Ezra’s show was that he was always in sync with what I was thinking, meaning he asked the questions and follow-ups I wanted, probing the avenues that made long conversations rewarding. His guest curation, while incredible, was never the point. Interviews are a dime a dozen and even discussions rarely cover genuinely new ground. The devil is in the details. It is no longer that perfect match for me and fades into a well-represented category in my nearly 300 podcast subscription list.
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Best to vet the various guests
Neither Ezra Klein or Sean R consistently use the word fillers “sort of”, “kind of” and “you know” and this recent program was so full of that speech that it became annoying. I will give it one more try and hope it will improve.
I miss Ezra :’(
Though I appreciate the new voices, I miss Ezra’s measured questions and his willingness to mull over an idea, ask his guests to challenge his viewpoint, and think through thorny issues together. I also loved how the interviews, though they started from very specific points (whether political science, a book, etc) often ended up being so much broader— like two people trying to figure out how the world worked, through conversation. I can’t imagine anyone replacing that unique quality.
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So Far Left It’s Tough To Listen To
First, Thank God Ezra is gone. As the Podcast version of Rachel Maddow, you will get The Truth, but just the half that Ezra (and now other Hosts?) want to hear and let you hear. Second, Ezra has a voice for print. His mushy voice is infuriating, no matter what content he is promoting. In the Yiddish Dictionary there is a photo of Ezra under the word Nebbish. He wrestled in High School to prove he wasn’t, but his vocal style, (along with the inability to pronounce T’s) is infuriating to anyone who likes simple diction as an entrée into any conversation involving the spoken word. Demosthenes he’s not. Still, he has guests that are worth listening to and in many cases the Left’s version of the Expert in their field, but it is best if you want a complete picture of any subject Ezra is delving into (He will tell you repeatedly, “This is something I’ve been thinking a Lot about lately) that you find the analog on the Right. Otherwise, what’s the point of “informing” yourself? I hope that the quality remains but the objectivity comes forth to lead rather than what has been a very Far Left version of life and politics in the U.S.
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EKS was one of my go-to pods from day one
Chicago stans Ezra Klein! Please do The Ezra Klein Show justice in this feed. This “Conversations” moment is not meeting expectations.
Find a single voice for the show
I know you haven’t found a replacement for Ezra. Hard to replace. But I hope this is what you’re attempting to do. All the best David
New format
The interview wit Olivia Nuzzi was fantastic. Great job Sam!
Off to a Good Start
I set my expectations low after Ezra’s departure, but the first episode of Vox Conversations was quite good. Sam Sanders approached his guest with a lighter touch than the outgoing host (which is actually a refreshing change of pace,) but there was still enough substance to scratch that Ezra Klein itch.
Christmas in October
The end of Ezra’s Era as Host
I have been a fan of Vox for the last 6 years. I remember when Ezra’s show was new around the 2015. I was so excited to hear the voice of a journalist whom I had been reading online for a while. He did not disappoint. My favorite thing about the show was how he brought on upcoming and established intellectuals to have the conversations that we need to hear. The cherry on top of it all were the book recommendations from the guests. Considering Ezra’s new career move - I am happy for him, and I’m sad because my podcast feed is never going to be the same without him. I respect what Vox is trying to do, but it’s not the same. They should really end the show indefinitely until Ezra’s return.
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Not Ezra’s show anymore...
Just An FYI since this feed is inheriting his rating and reviews. First episode is super different in tone and focus. It’s different and should be assessed separately from former Ezra Klein Show.
Alex Rothwell
Super interesting interview today
Olivia Nuzzi
Always liked Ezra but if allowing guests to drop the F-bomb is your new norm, I’ll check out. Good luck.
Love the new format!
Any podcast that starts ofc with Sam Sanders as host... you had me at Hello!! Keep up the good work! Is this going to be a collab of hosts from all publishers ? Well then.. if yes? Michael Barbaro please
Leftist drivel
Lots of jibber jabber, not much substance. Calling crime “wrong doing” and similar language game nonsense does not fix anything, the usual from the left.
Best interview podcast
Love this podcast! Usually not a huge fan of interview podcasts but Ezra is an amazing interviewer and has a great way of thinking and talking through tough, interesting, relevant topics
Unsubscribing because Ezra is an apologist for the white nationalists who attacked democracy yesterday. Read his tweet; had to unsubscribe.
Mariah MDT
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Ezra Klein asks great questions and is always open to new ideas. I’ve learned a lot by listening to this podcast.
Edwin JP
I read and listened to Trick Mirror and am starting it again soon. Jia is remarkable! Life is so layered and complex and we really need to come together
Absolutely the most well thought out and consistently good podcast
This podcast consistently changes the way I look at the world. I have never been able to recommend it enough. It has made me a more thoughtful and introspective person and I understand so much more about the world around me because of this show. Every time I listen to an interview not performed by Ezra Klein, I have to remind myself not to be disappointed when it can’t live up.
Becca &Tracy
LOVE this podcast.
I recently started listening to podcasts, and this is one of my favorites! After every episode, I gain a new perspective and insight. It’s also very informative. I even re-listen to some of the episodes so I can take notes. I highly recommend this podcast.
So long!
It’s hard to see this series end, although I know great things will come along both in Ezra’s work with the Times and at Vox. The last episode was great and I got chills when Ezra mentioned Working, also one of my all time favorites. What a great pleasure it has been, listening to and often re-listening to this series.
I love your hosting, Ezra. It’s sad to lose you but I trust we’ll be provided with another awesome person. Thanks for all you’ve given us, and good luck at NYT. 🪐
Thank You, EZRA - DEC winter solstice
Much appreciation for all you’ve shared, so much learning for me! Hey, we both probably crossed paths: I lived in Santa Cruz, worked in the Art Department at UCSC for 13 years! I’m an Art Model, Photographer, Mom, couch intellectual, and multi-lingual listener. Good Luck at The NY Times. Good Luck with parenting. Good Luck in 2021 and to better days ahead! Warmly, In Gratitude, M Sophia Santiago San Sebastián, SPAIN
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al's shadow
One of my favorite news sources
I love the way that Ezra takes the time to go deeper into these timely stories. You hold great space for your guests. Keep up the good work!
Great stuff!
Insightful discussion with great guests on the most topical issues of the day..
modest mediator and Buddhist
Fantastic book recommendations and conversation
The most important book I’ve read this year episode was awesome! Love Ezra’s questions and analysis. The people he brings on know their stuff! I read The Ministry for the Future and it was a fantastic read. Definitely made me more hopeful and we can work to get to that end result. It’ll take time.
Suffers from negligent sound quality
Consistently valuable and interesting. Unfortunately sound quality, especially for guests, is consistently poor enough to make listening difficult. Case in point- "Joe Biden and "the new progressivism." The guest's mic was muffled. This is not a difficult problem to successfully address, as so many other podcasts do.
The most important book I’ve read this year
The Ezra Klein Show is my favorite, earning a 5 for the whole series of interviews, but this one was especially good.
How come Asians are more educated than whites??? How come more whites are killed by blacks every year than vice versa. Of course racism exists in this US, but this podcast is a complete joke. This is why the intellectual dark web has a growing audience. People like Ezra Klein just leave out the facts that don’t fit their narrative. He’s a bolshevik.
Great episode with Kim Stanley Robinson!
It’s the only episode I’ve listened to yet, but it was simply superb. Helps to have read the book you were discussing, Ministry for the Future, but I had and loved it, so it was great to get some elaboration on the ideas. I love listening to KSR think almost as much as I love reading him. The host asked some excellent questions that elicited clarifying commentary from Robinson, particularly on the issues of asymmetrical political violence and how a better economy could work. I will definitely be checking out more episodes.
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Planet and Sky
Thought provoking podcast
I have to remember not to listen to this podcast late at night because I always end up thinking about it for hours afterwards. Always challenging and thought-provoking.
Ezra has become purely a complainer
The great days of Vox are past (and recent news of Ezra’s departure is not surprising). This podcast was fantastic before it became fanatical. No matter your political view, the world is not as bad as Ezra would like to make it out to be. His preferred policies on the left don’t look likely so he has turned into a preacher rather than a journalist searching for solutions with what options do exist. It is a far cry from the days of Why We Are Polarized, a great book.
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Ads at the end
The podcast is fine but it lost three stars because of the ads at the end of episodes. You guys do this because you know your listeners have set their phones down and can’t immediately skip them. This is abusive bloat. Is it unfair to downgrade a podcast because of ads? Well, it’s the only way to make yourself heard to the people who make them, so no. Don’t abuse your listeners. The sounds that come out of my speakers are your product. When you make annoying sounds, you’re degrading the quality of your product.
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Best of the Best!
In every episode, Ezra speaks to incredibly brilliant people and gets their take on the most profound and timely questions of the moment. I HIGHLY recommend listening in I this. Each episode only takes 1 hour of your time and you will be infinitely wiser for having listened.
Perry's Apps
Sharp and slightly annoying
This guy is so incredibly sharp, intelligent, brainy, smart, all the synonyms you can think of. It’s mesmerizing to hear him string words together to bring forth novel insights. Unfort, also a bit of egomaniac. His interviews are basically him trying to convince guests that he is smarter and more knowledgeable than them about any given my topic. Makes some interviews unbearable. Hope with age there is maturity. Looking forward to future, calmer Ezra, though hard to see how that would come about now that he’s at NYT.
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Great educational podcast
Oh my word, I am learning so much!! I love the questions and even the questions I would’ve never asked, they help me understand so much deeper. I have listened to the episode about what democrats got wrong about the Hispanic voters about 3 times today alone!! Perhaps I am a slow learner, but so what! I’m sharing this with lots of people!! Keep up the good work. And THANK YOU!
king of word salad
So meaty
Food for thought, always leaves me hungering for more. I feel like you’re the wise little brother I never had. Thank you, Ezra! (I realize it’s awkward reviewing an intelligent cast from an emotional perspective, but....)!
Episode 382
Very disappointed in latest episode. I’m a liberal but this episode illustrates how liberals are like fish who don’t notice water. No new insights were offered. Ezra let the guest just lecture with no challenging questions. Much like Matt Yglesias, I am tapping out. Good luck!
Inescapable Impotence
I was truly enjoying the Madeline Miller podcast, but again the sinkhole of aggrieved feminism raised her haggard head. What weakness of spirit and intellect makes today’s paradigms and grievances infect every single thing, even a classicist discusses and analyzes. Notwithstanding that the conversation was internally contradictive (grousing about the absence of strong women in the narrative immediately to an example of a strong woman in the narrative); the nature of archetypal analysis is to discover WHAT IT SAYS. Not to impose upon it what we wish was true. Grow up!
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The best
If there is a better interviewer out there, I have never found them (and I’ve listened to a lot of interviewers). In conversation, Ezra can be tough, fair, generous, open-minded, and insightful. He has on guests he agrees with and also those whom he doesn’t. Lesser podcasters might craft an echo chamber... or conversely turn everything into an argument. Ezra just asks good questions. He always knows when to move on from a topic, a skill is easier said than done.
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I’m a social conservative, and Ezra possibly the only liberal commentator I’ve found who doesn’t make me feel disrespected. I remain conservative— and yet, I have become a more informed and tolerant person as a direct result of listening to this show.
Top Notch
Top notch political journalism that doesn’t tend towards sensationalism the way others do. Also just great discussions of ideas and frameworks without getting stuck in child level “I’m right they’re wrong” type arguments. The EK shows is in my top 3 all time greatest podcast/interview show, and I look forward to Ezras insightful and informed opinions based on evidence and not sensationalism every week. If anything, I wish episodes were longer
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First-time listener to your podcast, and will be back for more!
Just listened to your interview with Anne Applebaum (The problem isn’t Trump. It’s the Republican Party). I believe in that one show you have nailed what’s been going on in our country better than anything I’ve listened to previously about why Republicans are the way they are, and even pointed us to the solution. I’ve been a fan of yours when you’ve appeared on other venues, such as MSNBC in the past, so I was eager to try your podcast, having found that podcasts are the best way to stay informed, not sink into depression about the state of America, and still get some mindless chores done that don’t go away just because our country is in a crisis! I’m sharing the link to all my friends. As I’m already a subscriber to The Atlantic, my next thing to do is to go read not only Ms. Applebaum’s article but get a copy of her book and then the other references you’ve listed. I sincerely thank you and her for what you are doing.
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This podcast has brought new meaning to my life. I especially love how core topics come up again and again across interviews (focus, attention and the life of the mind; polarization and political narratives; parenting and being human; inequality and affordable housing; the list goes on).
Nicholas Bernstein
Klein doesn’t ask conservatives probing questions
Klein doesn’t ask conservatives probing questions. He doesn’t hold “never Trumpers" accountable for the Republican Party’s destructive policies since at least Nixon, which have killed millions around the world and in the US. To hear a better interview of "never Trumper" Stuart Stevens, listen to Majority Report’s (hosted by Sam Seder) interview of Stuart Stevens, which is available on Apple podcasts. Klein continues to be lacking in probity during the interview with Applebaum. She falsely claims that Republicans want to interfere overseas because of their love of democracy. This is incorrect. Republican, fear-based policies, abroad and at home, have been about consolidating power and getting profits for companies, including Defense Department contractors. I have enjoyed some of Klein’s guests, including Isabel Wilkerson.
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Great Show but Too Much Politics lately
Ezra is my go to running podcast - it’s long, clever, and insightful. My favorite shows are with professors and candidates who I do not know. The discussions open up new concepts and corners of their theories. Recently many shows are political and the topics edging in typical. I’d like for the show to go back to exploring uncommon ideas. :-)
I love you Ezra!
Huge huge fan of this pod. Love the long winded and multi faceted conversations and the wide variety Klein covers.
Riley Kovalcheck
A Great Listen
The latest coinversion between EK and Chris Hayes was a real treat. Two very intellgent, thoughtful people discussing where are in psyche of the election. Not to be missed if you like either one.
This guy is a crock
Ezra Klein is a crock and doesn’t have the strength to hold his own in the realm that he seems to think he works in. I’d love to see him sit down with Mark Levin and try to express his opinions that are based on lies and no real evidence. He’s a punk for sure.
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