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Fighting Fire with Fire
One of the bravest conversation on climate change I’ve heard. And one that we don’t engage in enough. In the face of the destruction of the literal foundations of life on earth, what is a moral response? What should we consider that would normally be unthinkable?
Thank you for this latest esp on race (Stevenson). Thanks for the frank and honest conversations. I could listen to truth alllll day!!!
Bah humbug 28
The death of cool
I’ve never written a podcast review before but this episode really blew me away. It really just seems like two insecure millennial women got together to otherize, investigate, and lowkey police young women. It was honestly an embarrassing take. Disappointing to see older women take almost an hour to ridicule the behaviors of young women. The whole thing made be abundantly angry and nauseous.
Sept 2
This episode was really good. Haven’t been impressed with the others I’ve heard, but Jamal Greene was fantastic
sept 2 pod
great pod. very informative discussion. great guest. thank you
Media bias favors people with heads
and other news gems
Vile Goji
Clint Smith III episode
Insightful (his)story that needs to be told again and again until we all get it. Confederate Reunion Grounds and Quakertown in TX are both parts of this story.
BIGlittle box in the making
I love bill Maher
Love Bill Maher, so I tuned into the episode. Host could use a little more pep in his voice
Bill Maher’s microphone can’t be loud enough
I’m a fan of Maher. I watch his show every week. I love how he brings guests that have opinions I disagree with and tries to have a sane conversation with them. Doesn’t always happen, but he keeps trying. I also love that he’s a liberal that is just as critical of the left as he is of conservatives. While I don’t think he’s the greatest comic, I think he is great and more people need to hear him. Thank you for this interview!!
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Mandatory Nicknames are stupid
Sean Illing is an A++ Host
Wow these hosts are all over the place but Sean’s conversations are consistently thought provoking and interesting. Can he host all of the episodes?
The BoBos have a podcast!
The bourgeois bohemians are at it again, so curl up on your thrift store couch with your rescue cat and some Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream while listening to leisure studies grads wax poetic about how’d they’d do a better job running a communist regime
So Happy I Found This!
I’ve been struggling with forgiveness for years. Just listened to conversation between Sean Illing and Elizabeth Bruenig. What depth and wisdom. I’m saving it to listen over and over.
Listening to Sean’s VOX podcast!!!
I have really enjoyed listening to Sean’s podcast, it has been extremely informative and entertaining!!! The topics he discusses really takes a deep look in today’s societal issues. It’s a rarity that I can enjoy listening to anyone individual for over 30 minutes, but Sean and his voice is so smooth an informative!! I have really enjoyed and will continue to listen , Thank you VOX for finding this diamond in the ruff !!! - Rick
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really into it
Lol “the brightest minds”
Zero sum
White Americas generally agree that racism exists in this country, however the idea of reparations makes people see a zero sum game.
Getting the Thaddeus Stevens story out — Dylan Matthews / Bruce Levine
An excellent show, a model interview with a ready guest on a subject as pertinent as ever, maybe even more. I learned a lot, a real beginning.
Linkin Steff
i love the concept and the topic of conversation, but holy cow. i could not get past 2 minutes. the voice of this podcast is super harsh on the ears. this person seems to be forcing a valley girl accent with intense vocal fry at the end of EVERY sentence. I understand if it were a character or comedy podcast but this is not.
Emily probably shouldn’t do any more Vox voice...
I like this show! But Emily’s voice is just not good for hosting. Great points made. I mean no offense. I bet she’s an excellent reporter. But DEFINITELY not meant for podcasts. I feel bad saying but it’s like she sounds high or drunk? I don’t exactly know what it is.. sentences drowning out and voice getting high-pitched at the end? Maybe just her way of speaking. I’m not sure. Great content. But I don’t think Emily should be on the voice end of Vox. Sorry to say. Great show though! Sorry
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Vocal Fryyyyyyy
The constant vocal fry from Emily is like fingernails on a chalkboard. I cannot get through an episode. Either a voice coach or a different host. I've never heard anyone speak with that much constant vocal fry.
Nickie 6
The Gift of Getting Old - Wow!
What a wonderful episode! Thanks to both Sean Illing and Max Linsky for what I found to be a great interview. I’m not sure I would have found Max’s ‘70 over 70’ if not for Sean. As someone pushing that age myself, I was so excited, encouraged by what you both had to share and the understanding that our elders have gained such insight on life, aging and death.
Callow Young People Talk About Famous Oldsters!
Really something to listen to you two young men speak so sweetly about older people: So patronizing. So condescending. Look. You want to name this, “What I Learned From Old Famous People,” fine. You obviously think they’re great— which is fine too. But older people in general? Your whole conversation was nothing but saccharine crap. Why, exactly, didn’t you interview anyone who wasn’t exceptional? Maybe because you didn’t think they were worth it. You seem to think you’re being magnanimous, but you’re really just self-congratulatory. Shame on you. PS Max— Your insights into your relationship with your father were wonderful— filled with courage and love. The way you two are doing right by each other is beautiful and inspiring.
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A serious conversation with someone who forgot to take their ADD meds
The information was interesting, but I could only get through 15 minutes of the rambling run-on sentences coming out of the guests mouth. I wanted to listen to what she said, but I couldn’t follow her disjointed, divergent train of thought.
I enjoyed the wintering episode. The description of the concept of a “slowing down” space is timely and welcome.
The only reason I leave this pod in my library is to listen to the old Ezra episodes. Currently, I hate everything about it, right down to the music.
Added Content
Show notes, show notes, show notes!
Why do big media high production value podcast never have show notes? you have an RSS feed where you can put in hyperlinks, links to people’s books, people’s websites, guest’s articles. link link link! It’s so frustrating.
Set a single host
Just give the whole show to one person. Millhiser, Illing, or Dylan Matthews. Tough thing is that Ezra combined the best of all those guys
Interesting concept, poor execution. Most conversations lack depth.
Francis McNally
Facebook = Bad
The podcast is great with interesting subjects but the ads are for Facebook. One of the worst companies on the planet. Hard to support a pod that gets paid by Facebook.
Great Conversations, excellent episode
The podcast itself is well worth listening to, since the guests are always quite interesting and the chosen topics are compelling. This particular episode was fascinating in that the book was written by a trained Jesuit scholar. There is little question that psychedelics have played a major role in our humanity, so naturally we should not be shocked that they played a role in early Christian worship. Since we mostly seem to be past the notion of Colonialism maybe religion can focus more on its mystical roots. All the truth of region is found there anyway.
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Uncovering Psychedelics in Christianity
I’m aCatholic monk and priest. Thank you all. This was a wonderful Conversations podcast.
Brian Muraresku 🙌🏻
I love Sean Illing’s interview style and this episode harkens back to his phenomenal Future Perfect work. I’m so glad Brian popped onto my radar through this feed. I can’t wait to read his book. Thank you Vox!
cappy trish
Still mulling the new format
I def miss Ezra and have followed him over to his new podcast over at nyt but trying to stay with this one. Initially enjoyed that they tried to do twice a week but the last two weeks I’ve noticed the format is changing to just once a week. Further it seems too pegged to politics versus broader ideas or intellectualism. I’m sure there’s growing pains but I’ll give it more time to discern if it meets my fill or if I’ll finally hit unsubscribe
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Great guests
This podcast continues to be an outstanding destination for idle ears. Terrific guest Feb. 4.
Citizen 17
New format is better
The reboot of this podcast is great. Maybe they’re just doing their best interviews first, but wow, the first few conversations are excellent.
This was a very disturbing conversation though I felt it was something I needed to hear and pay attention to.
Sean Illing interview
Put things in perspective in a way no other podcast or medium has for the last four years.
What show is this?
What happened to the host? Wasn’t this podcast called something completely different? I have no issues with the new person, but I feel like I’ve been bait and switched as the original show was literally titled after the old host. This all of a sudden became something very different from what it was.
This is where you should post Sean Illing’s interviews! Do it!
Yikes... I thought Ezra was crazy. The new team has outdone themselves! Unsubscribe!
epg- bookish
Honest conversations
Thank you for continuing Ezra Klein's great informative honest conversations with this current podcast. Keep up the great work!
Uh, could you like stop like using like the word like in like practically like every sentence?
Sam and Olivia FTW
Gotta say, this one helped me with Ezra withdrawal. Nice job.
Not the same without Ezra
The tone and depth of conversation not as good And I know this may seem petty but I can’t stand the sound of the woman’s voice who is interviewing/hosting the podcast
Oh no
Please please stop saying like so much. It’s incredibly distracting. I miss Ezra.
Bye bye Vox
The great days of Vox are past so Ezra’s and Matt’s departures are not surprising. This podcast was fantastic before it became political. Ezra’s best conversations were purely inquisitive, deep, thought provoking (thinking back to the Harari, Gladwell, Gates days of this podcast). This is just another New York Times-level podcast now. All partisan angles, no deep thought.
Downward trend
Ezra had been moving the show to be more in line with progressive orthodoxy over the years but still managed to push his guests on some topics. The first post-Ezra episode was gruellingly boring and conforming. Not sticking around.
James (Canada/Texas)
Not Ezra Klein anymore
One reason I appreciated Ezra’s show was that he was always in sync with what I was thinking, meaning he asked the questions and follow-ups I wanted, probing the avenues that made long conversations rewarding. His guest curation, while incredible, was never the point. Interviews are a dime a dozen and even discussions rarely cover genuinely new ground. The devil is in the details. It is no longer that perfect match for me and fades into a well-represented category in my nearly 300 podcast subscription list.
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Best to vet the various guests
Neither Ezra Klein or Sean R consistently use the word fillers “sort of”, “kind of” and “you know” and this recent program was so full of that speech that it became annoying. I will give it one more try and hope it will improve.
I miss Ezra :’(
Though I appreciate the new voices, I miss Ezra’s measured questions and his willingness to mull over an idea, ask his guests to challenge his viewpoint, and think through thorny issues together. I also loved how the interviews, though they started from very specific points (whether political science, a book, etc) often ended up being so much broader— like two people trying to figure out how the world worked, through conversation. I can’t imagine anyone replacing that unique quality.
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