The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy
The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy
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Love this podcast
I truly look forward to this show ever week. Matt you are so freaking cool and just not biased at all, such a nice nice change for a podcast . My only complaint is the podcast isn’t longer.
Matt and Jon do a great job breaking down all the nuances in pro graps and Matt’s career. Really good listen and easy to digest. 10/10. CINCO.
Hi so John, I love the JBL impersonations from both of you and I rode the Kingda Kai like 40 times my best friend and I go on it every time. I’m from mass and live in Berkshire County
Love you guys!!
I was introduced to you by my father and I’ve had the join of introducing my granddaughters to you!! We met you briefly at WrestleCade in November and that was the highlight of my life. Keep doing what you’re. You are such an inspiration!!
Love this podcast!!
Matt and Jon are the dynamic duo! I enjoy this podcast so very much. Super fun and informative but always interesting.
Julie in South Carolina
Y2Jon & Matt Hardy
I’ve missed the last few weeks and I truly apologize for that! This week was on the legend Chris Jericho.! A man that certainly has been a large part of four different decades and a man that was near him in Matt Hardy. This was a good episode because based on interviews with both of these guys they seem.. similar? not hard to get along with. Matt Hardy or Chris Jericho would be the type of people to pick up a dollar you dropped and hand it to you if you dropped it. Wrestling is a sport that has a tendency to get negative, and this episode illustrates (the story of Jericho’s career really) on how to fight back. Great show.
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Truly an insight into a legends mind
Jon and Matt are by the far the most entertaining duo in the wrestling podcast game, this show has helped me stay sober from years of pills and alcohol abuse The episodes about drug addiction and mental health gave me strength to admit to myself my reality and comfortable to tell my story. Team xtreme for life.
He deserves no flowers
Matt Hardy is toxic, uses naughty words, and likes to flip around with shirtless men that purport to be young. He needs to find a productive hobby— maybe make love to his hot wife.
The day I met the LEGEND
Happy Father’s Day Matt! I had the privilege of meeting the LEGEND at an Impact Wrestling taping in Fayetteville, NC for a TV taping during your time in Impact. I tried to whisper to my son that the man sitting directly in front of him was Matt and Jeff Hardy’s dad. It was a brief conversation with your dad but it was an honor to meet the father of the greatest tag team to ever lace up a pair of boots!
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Awesome podcast to hear the stories of one of my all time favorite tag teams and to hear their story from growing up in North Carolina to becoming one of the greatest tag teams of all time and has a lot of laughs and it makes you laugh some of the stories make you want to cry but it gets me through the day at work
Extreme life of Matt hardy podcast
Matt the extreme life of Matt Hardy podcast is 2 the extremely awesome and episodes 1 and 11 with Jeff Hardy is also 2 the extremely awesome and when is Jeff coming back to the extreme life of Matt Hardy podcast? And also I hope that you and Jeff and Hook and the help from Reby and senior Benjamin delete the firm at the Hardy compound next Friday on AEW Rampage
Cecelia D 1985
Phenomenal content!
I cannot believe I slept on this podcast up until a month ago. The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy is one of the most entertaining and real listens!
aCraig VD
5 cinco 5 cinco 5 star review
Absolutely love this show! My favorite podcast out there! I look forward to the new episode every week!
Not a bad show but it would be better if my questions were asked. I’m a subscriber to AFS and nada. Ugh.
As soon as obsolete plays you know you're in for a good one. Thanks for making every week a little more extreme!
My Go-To Podcast
This has been my go-to podcast for about 7-8 months now. I listen as soon as a new episode comes out. Makes me look forward to my morning ride to work
The broken universe series was some of the best podcast episodes I have ever listened to. Matt Hardy is a genius plain and simple!
Great Easy Listen
Matt and Jon is up there as one of my favorite non family Matt Hardy Tag Team runs of his career, hands down a 5 cinco 5 cinco 5 star review for every episode.
Matt hardy podcast
Absolutely LOVE!!!! simply WONDERFUL!!!💙💙if I could give this more then 5 stars I def would!!!
Absolutely WONDERFUL
This show is very entertaining. But one of my favorite things is both Jon and Matt have very calming tones. Driving home on a daily 2 hour commute in gridlock traffic goes much smoother when I listen to them just talk. Thank you for a great weekly show. Also give me The Ocho vs The Cinco for the ROH title please!
5! Cinco! 5! Cinco! 5! Star podcast!
That I Love You all does include Jon Alba as well lol This is one of my favorite podcasts and I literally wait each week for you all to release it. Love all the behind the scenes info you guys go through. Just know a lot of people love everyone involved with the podcast and the Hardy fam as entire whole! Keep it up cuz I’ll be listening. ❤️
The addiction episode
This episode was really deep, honestly I’m glad Matt overcame his demons and addictions. This is a definite must listen if you’re a fan. Jon was amazing this week balancing hosting & being honest with Matt about his feelings and how he felt as a fan at that point in time.
10/10 would recommend
This pod was suggested to me a couple weeks ago as I was looking for suggestions on something to listen to during the work day. I have listened to 2-3 a day, trying to catch up on everything and I love every minute about it. Matt and Jon have great chemistry and you can tell they love being able to do this series. I already look forward to each Friday to see what we will be listening to next. Matt also seems like one of the realest, genuine people out there and you get to know him a bit more through these chat's. Maybe we can get King Maxell on sometime too :)
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This podcast is WONDERFUL
This show hosted by Jon Alba and the spoken one Matt Hardy is WONDERFUL! They cover everything wrestling, but also touch on subjects that are inspirational and serve to help the listener. This podcast has been a mainstay in my listening habits since it began. Every week I have to get my fix. Matt Hardy is an idol for me and is someone who until this last weekend I was never able to meet. I met him at AML wrestling with a “Matt Fact, Matt Fiction” shirt on. He was very humble and was great to talk to. I’m blessed to have met him and now need to get Jon Alba in the Carolinas so I can meet him too!
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Good to hear the behind the scenes story’s about punk that hasn’t been talked about to death on the other wrestling podcast
Honestly even if I didn’t love Matt, I love writing so much I would now
This is an excellent clinic on storytelling. It’s already inspired a lot of my new comedy universe & the most fun ways to remind my community why my V1 is the best
Santa is NOT a work
Excellent show again this week as always. Love to see Matt investing in the future of the business by giving the rub to younger talent. But John is MISTAKEN, Santa is NOT a work he is a WORKED SHOOT !!!!!
Absolutely Delightful
Was late to the game on this one. Mr. Alba does a great job asking relevant questions and is very respectful while staying strong in his point Money Matt Broken Matt My man Matt This guy may be the smartest man in wresting I love hearing him discuss his journey and how he needs to keep reinventing. Thank you for your honesty and kindness
Mikey Grr
Best New Show of 2022 Sept Update
I was so excited to learn of a Matt Hardy wrestling podcast. Well let me tell you, episode 1 exceeded all expectations. Matt and host Jon Alba have a great chemistry. Matt Hardy has touched all aspects of the wrestling so I know this will be my new go to. I am really looking forward to an exciting, riveting ride. All aboard!!!! Now that I have listened to over 30 shows, I can honestly say this is the most informative and entertaining podcast that covers both current and historic content. Matt and Jon do a wonderful job of explaining the business from a fresh, new perspective. If you have the chance to meet Matt or Jon, they will take the time to get to know you and make you feel that you are part of the family. I look forward to every Friday to hear a new episode.
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coach rosey jr
Definitely not obsolete!
Being a fan of the Hardys since 2000, this podcast is perfect! It has a great blend of nostalgia, humor, and behind the scenes. I love Jon and Matt’s chemistry. You can tell everyone involved has a true passion for wrestling and all around entertainment. A must listen for any fan!
Amazing Show
I can be honest as a younger fan I was drawn more to Jeff Hardy. But when Matt became Version 1 I became an MFer for life. The candor and honesty that Matt tells in his stories is so genuine and makes for a different and unique view. His stories have been great and of course you can’t forget his JBL impression. Also the way Jon Alba helps lead Matt thru each episode getting the best and full story on everything. You can really sense the chemistry between the 2 of them. Keep up the amazing work.
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5 Star Podcast
Been a fan of both Matt and Jeff since the triangle ladder match at WrestleMania 2000 but I also enjoyed watching THS (The Hardy Show) Shannon Moore, Cham-Pain, and Kimo along with the different skits You and Jeff done back then was truly entertaining. Thank you guys for the story’s and the wide array of discussions each week here on The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy.
Hardy Mark for LIFE!!!!!
This podcast gets me through my week. This is easily my favorite podcast on the planet. I can’t WAIT!!!!! For TLC 1. It’s going to be amazing!! I would literally give my life to be able to simply ask Matt and Jeff a few questions. The Hardy’s have been my favorite WRESTLERS, since 1998. I seen Matt live for the first time at Mania 34, I’ve never seen Jeff live. It’s my #1 bucket list item. Keep the shirts, keep the gimmicks. Just put me in a situation to meet the Hardy’s, it would be DELIGHTFUL!!!! Thanks guys, Love y’all forever! Keep tearing it down in AEW!
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Chase Tallent
Mattitude follower
Hi Matt big fan of both you and Jeff I’ve seen you guys in every company you’ve entertained me in so thank you one question you’ve probably gotten a million times how did you come up with the hardyz twist of fate version of the infamous cutter
The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy Podcast is fantastic! Matt has a wealth of knowledge about the business and always has great insight behind the stories that defined a generation of fans. The banter between Matt and the quintessential host Jon Alba make the show feel like two friends having a conversation on their front porch. The topics are always entertaining, and have great guests on occasion to bring a fresh perspective to that weeks particular episode. Cannot recommend this podcast enough! It’s appointment listening every week!
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Great podcast
I’ve been a Hardy fan since the days of the plaid tights. Its great to hear all these stories and facts that weren’t available other than from the mouth of the man himself Matt Hardy. Jon is a great host and he and Matt make a good team as they go through the memories. Jon lends an interesting take as he remembers thing as a fan. Great podcast and keep up the great work.
Rod Elson
As a woman who loved wrestling all her life I truly LOVE you and Jon dynamic, but my GOD I love a good Reby special guest. I would love more stories of them homeschooling, childhood, pregnancy stories of each kid. Let’s cal it Reby Facts (cause she is Rea wit it!) Reby, Reby, Reby
Informative, fun and inspiring.
Matt and his host cover a wide variety of in ring and outside of the ring content. They cover it with open doors, honesty, and caring.
A Weekly Gem
Always something interesting to learn or something funny to hear. I look forward to hearing it every week. Rather it be a conversation about a specific wrestler or a conversation about addiction, Matt handles it with self-transparency and keen intelligence. Great stuff!
Must Listen Every Week
This podcast should be considered must listen for you every week. Whether Matt is going over previous matches/period of times in his career or even just life in general, you will take something away from this that you didn’t know before. Jon Alba does a great job facilitating and is very relatable as well. You can count on this being great every week.
Perfect show for Hardy fans
Matt Hardy has been my favorite wrestler since 1999. It was always DELIGHTFUL to hear him in other podcasts and now I get to listen to his own show on a week to week basis and it has become my favorite wrestling podcast. His passion and takes on wrestling are interesting and come from a mind that has a true love for wrestling. As I said in person during a photoshoot with the Hardy boys thank you for getting me into wrestling.
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Phillip-Film Buff
Great Podcast
I love listening to Matt’s take on match and hearing the behind the scenes stories. Really enjoy watching the matches along with Matt and Jon.
I admit that I was not a big Matt fan as a single, mostly due to not seeing most of his run because I quit watching in 2000 until 2017. This show has made me a fan of Matt the man, husband and father as well as performer. His insight continues to educate me and Jon Alba has a fan and friend in me. I appreciate the transparency that they speak with and honest story telling. #Mattfact Thanks guys, Travis Robertson
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teerob 1977
Radical podcast dude!
Dude when I’m not cranking Van Halen or Def Leppard, I’m cranking this radical podcast!
Jeff "Wild Man" Beers
Secret Sauce
This show shall not be DELETED!
J Booga
Matt Fact
Matt Fact: Matt invented the 5 star rating system
Everything Jon Alba touches turns to gold and then you are Matt hardy? That makes this podcast wonderful. The stories that are talked about is a great and unique look into one of these he best eras or professional wrestling
Do yourself a favor and listen!
This is a top-tier podcast. I honestly think the average listener could benefit from this podcast whether they’re a wrestling fan or not. Matt and Jon talk life, struggles, family, and a multitude of other topics. Both guys are sharp, and each episode keeps your attention. Matt offers great insight into all of your favorite moments from his career while Jon seemingly knows how/what/when to ask each question to draw out more information- the chemistry is great. Each Friday can’t come soon enough!
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Todd Crow
Awesome insight
Super level headed dudes reflecting on the journey
anonymous podcast listener
Amazing episode that shed light into the past an present battles Matt and Jon both face. Matt has been my favorite wrestler since I was a kid and to get a look into his life and mind was incredibly interesting. Love hearing back stories and little details i never knew as well. Growing up without much internet presence, I never knew much about the injuries or real life struggles that were faced. Was a pleasure to meet Matt an Jeff in Albany NY this year, thank you guys for everything!
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