The Egg Whisperer Show
The Egg Whisperer Show
Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh
Although Dr. Aimee is based in California’s Bay Area, she has heard story after story from women and couples from all over the world about their struggles in trying to conceive. In her attempt to prevent more of these heartbreaking stories, she has gone on a mission to promote “fertility awareness”. Her hope is to empower women, making them more aware of their personal fertility levels and allowing them to be better educated about their options. Never again does she want to hear “If I had known 10 years ago that my egg reserves were running low, I would have done things differently”.
At Home IVF, PRP Ovarian Rejuvenation, Ozone Sauna Therapy with Dr. Zaher Merhi
Dr. Merhi at Rejuvenating Fertility Center has three cutting edge technologies for fertility patients that he’s going to talk to us about today: at home IVF, PRP (platelet rich plasma) ovarian rejuvenation, and ozone sauna therapy.
Nov 25
26 min
Five Things to Know if Your Sperm Count is Low (The BALLS Method for Men)
For a long time, sperm health has not been given the attention it deserves. The BALLS Method is a super easy mnemonic that makes it easy to remember the five things you need to know if your sperm count is low.
Nov 24
12 min
The Impact of Racism in America: Dr. Renée Hilliard Shares Her Experience as a Black Female Doctor
Dr. Renée Hilliard joins Dr. Aimee to talk about her experiences as a Black female doctor in the United States. She shares her personal stories in dealing with racism as an OBGYN and sex and intimacy coach.
Nov 22
30 min
Ask The Egg Whisperer with Dr. Aimee: What are the best supplements for a 40 year old preparing for IVF?
Ask the Egg Whisperer is all about getting your fertility questions answered! In this episode, one of the questions asked is, "I am 40 years old and I would like to know which are the best supplements to improve egg quality to prepare you for IVF?" Tune in to hear Dr. Aimee's answers.
Nov 21
36 min
Ask The Egg Whisperer with Dr. Aimee (Can a man's fertility change over time?)
Dr. Aimee answers your questions. In this episode, we hear from a listener who asks "My husband has 2 healthy sons from his previous marriage so the doctor didn’t think it was worth him having a Karyotype test. Should my husband do the karyotype just so we can put our mind at rest?" Tune in for the answer to this question and many more!
Nov 19
1 hr 26 min
How Race Impacts Black Women in Medicine, Their Fertility and What We Can Do About It with guest Dr. Temeka Zore
Dr. Zore joins to talk about how recent events have affected her as a Black woman and doctor, the impact race had on her childhood and medical school career, the lack of diversity in fertility medicine, and how infertility specifically impacts Black women.
Nov 18
14 min
The 8 Most Important Things About Your Embryos That You Should Know
In this episode, I'm sharing all about your precious Embryo DIAMONDS. The new mnemonic is one that I created to help you understand all of the things you need to ask your doctor about your embryos.
Nov 17
9 min
Ask The Egg Whisperers w/ guest Dr. Nidhee Sachdev (Should I try IUI after having a fallopian tube removed, or go to IVF?)
I'm delighted to be joined by Dr. Nidhee Sachdev for this episode of Ask The Egg Whisperers. In this episode, we hear from a listener who had an ectopic pregnancy last year, and it resulted in her having her right fallopian tube removed. "Wondering if IUI is worth trying before moving to IVF or should I go straight to IVF? What do you think?"
Nov 15
45 min
Ask The Egg Whisperers w/ guest Dr Meera Shah (What are the chances of pregnancy after miscarriage?)
Dr. Meera Shah joins Dr. Aimee in this episode of Ask The Egg Whisperers. One listener asks: "My first transfer was a success and I'm pregnant right now. I'm feeling cautious because I've had a miscarriage previously, which was due to a genetic issue with that embryo. My question is: what's my chance of carrying this pregnancy to term?"
Nov 14
51 min
Josephine Atluri on The Egg Whisperer Fertility Expert Q and A Series (Managing Fertility Stress)
I’m excited to have a follow up conversation with on the podcast today. We are talking all about how to empower your fertility journey. She is a meditation coach, and specializes in working with people going through fertility treatment. She also has 6 kids of her own and did IVF, surrogacy, and adoption to grow her family.
Nov 12
13 min
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