The Eastern Border
The Eastern Border
Kristaps Andrejsons
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Not a true journalist.
He claims to be a journalist but he personalizes way too much of what he reports. He once ranted about being banned from Twitter after he admitted to threatening someone on the Twitter platform. And now he verbally threatens members of the EU. Also, he adds too much information about his personal life into the mix. A report can opinionated. But it should never be a rant. Another annoying thing I have found about his podcast are his interviews. He is never able to let the interviewee answer a question fully (if at all) without him interjecting his own story or opinion first.
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Cuffy Meigs
Super Informative
Love this show!
Cockiest1 2001
Why is your country called Letonia in Spanish? I didn’t know Latvia until I found out we call it Letonia. Greetings from a Catalonian follower who lives in Florida. Also, you said Catalonia hates you? Wrong! We admire those republics who gained independence from their dictatorial empire governments. We just don’t have the sufficient will to follow through. Much love, Magda
Unmasking Russia one episode at a time
Kristaps is at his very best when he untangles the narratives and makes you understand what Russia is really doing.
So yea, you know
If I had a dollar for every time I heard “well um yea… so ya know… the thing” or “so yea” I could pay rent on a Manhattan apartment. Please stop using useless fillers to end statements or to avoid further elaboration on a subject.
Tends to straw man issues in US; good info on former Soviet Union and Russo-Ukrainian War
His information is very interesting on the former Soviet Union and the Russo-Ukrainian War as he provides a unique perspective for those of us in the US. However, his guests tend to straw man issues occurring in the US such as the anti-interventionist movement or backlash against sexual indoctrination of children. They make accusations either without bringing the proof to support them or by picking out those on the fringe as representative of the whole movement. He should really have on someone more knowledgeable such as Michael Malice, Dave Smith, or Scott Horton. He could have a good conversation with them instead of hosting people with unsupported rants who simply deride and name call those who disagree with them.
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Perfunctory Name
Thank you for all your hard work keeping us informed.
I want to like the podcast more.
I’ve been listening to the Eastern Border for several months - ever since the host was featured on another podcast I enjoy. He provides excellent translations of internal Russian discussions that I find useful for understanding the current situation, and his analysis of current on-the-ground events is insightful. Unfortunately, he rambles quite a bit about his own life and circumstances in ways that render some of the episodes unlistenable. Sometime this takes the form of long diatribes, and other times shorter asides in the middle of information that’s interesting. If he could hold off on all the rants and personal stuff and stick to objective reporting and translation, this would be an excellent podcast. Unfortunately, in its current state I must give it three stars.
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Another leftist podcast
Like most leftist advancing the elites leftist agenda is always the top priority. Talking about Ukraine is less important than promoting the leftist agenda. Leftist are so certain they are smarter than everybody else that they feel it necessary to impose their viewpoints on the rest of us.
This Ken
Excellent Perspective on Former Soviet Union
I started listening after Kristaps went on the Telegraph podcast, and I am hooked! He gives a really unique perspective on the former Soviet Union society, and how it impacts their judgment. A must listen to when trying to understand modern Russia.
Texas Podcast Listener
Eastern Border: Happiness is mandatory
The Eastern Border is an essential podcast for understanding the internal politics of the Baltic states and Eastern Europe
Thank you
Thank you for your hard work.
CSKA Hockey Fan
He stories are great
The author has the talent and insight to inform a wide audience about events in Eastern Europe. He is better than some of the podcasters he collaborates with, and I’d like to see him set higher aspirations and work for an experienced editor with a larger media organization.
Modoc Pronghorn
Love this podcast
I love this podcast. I get a much broader view of Ukraine and life in the former Soviet Union. As an American, this additional knowledge is so valuable!
Extremely knowledgeable
I love this podcast. It’s a bit goofy, but Kris is extremely knowledgeable and I learn a lot. However, the couple guys he occasionally has on are simply not at his level and as an American, I find them embarrassing.
Tokyo side trips
Nice but very narrow perspectives
I appreciate the firsthand accounts of what is going on in Ukraine and the personal perspectives on Soviet history. However, the author does not seem to understand the worldview of non-Eastern Europeans, which is much of his audience. He does not seem to understand what many Western (especially American) people feel about even more foreign involvement after we have suffered foreign debacle after debacle, kinda like Russia is right now. Exhibit A and B: Afghanistan and Iraq.
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Excellent, unique coverage of Ukraine and EE
Kristaps does a fantastic job bringing clear, detailed accounts about EE and the war in Ukraine. My only suggestion is not to suggest listeners to donate to the Red Cross, which has been terrible in Ukraine. Many other alternatives (some of which are also mentioned here). Thanks!!! Pls support Kristaps.
It’s not Americas war to win
Its Ukraines fight go win or lose and we(America citizens) shouldn’t be paying for it either with our tax dollars and this point there is no return on investment for the American people
Insightful, harrowing, and sometimes funny.
I discovered this around September when Mr Andrejsons was a guest on another great podcast Explaining Ukraine. Since then I’ve been hooked. Although he’s not a native English speaker, he’s fluent enough. Comparing his early efforts with the more recent ones, I’d say drop him in the US for a few months. He’ll turn native soon enough. Anyway this should be easy to listen. Being a journalist, he does his homework. When he doesn’t know, he’ll say so, but also ask around, dive into written materials and translate that into English for us. A minor problem I see is that he tries too hard to pack in as much information as possible into most of his podcasts that they’re actually pretty heavy in substance. There’re more than a few that I’ve been listening over and over to really hammer it in. I went to college in the 80’s, and had a Russian history class then where the professor explained how things could be ‘turning out’ over there on the other side of the curtain. Little did he, nor any of us students, know what would transpire only a few years later. Before getting hooked on this, I knew things had been real bad in the Soviet Union. But I’ve learned with this that what I thought I knew was but a tiny fraction of the grave injustices, and terrible experiences that the people on the other side of the curtain had to endure all those years. Anyway, this material which Mr and Mrs Andrejson present here is stuff I wish I’d learned way back then. In that sense, I think this is excellent material for college classes. Yes, he does swear on occasion, but he does so at the right time where most of us would also. So may I suggest not to take that ‘Parental Advisory’ icon too seriously. Alice and Kris are very respectful of whoever’s mentioned. So unless you’re still attending Sunday School, or haven’t started junior high, why not give these folks a try. I wish I’d found this podcast years ago.
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Window into another life
Thanks for providing the window into another culture, another system, different experiences. I was really hoping there would be a podcast where I could hear what life was like for the people in the USSR and this podcast was exactly what I was looking for.
B Skid
Pro Western Propaganda
Not a reliable source of the facts on the ground. Merely entertainment value and wishful thinking for the NATO coalition.
The eastern border
I love this podcast, kristaps is very informative about all things dealing with the Soviet era Russia and is knowledgeable about nuance of the Russian federation . He goes to great lengths to get the story about what’s really going on in the Ukraine. Thank you for what you are doing and keep up the good work
Glad to see him get the credit he deserves!
I used to worry the show didn’t have enough support in the early years and was my only monthly patreon donation for years. Excellent to hear him on The Political Orphanage and other shows I already listened to, keep up the good work Kristaps!
Detroit Jack
I discovered this show after the 24 Feb full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Since then, I have listened to all of Kristaps previous episodes and will continue to listen for as long as the show continues. A massive gap in my understanding of the Baltic States and the history of the USSR has been filled. Do yourself a favor.
If a podcast can be an experience this is it
How can one possibly describe listening, no, accompanying a host into a life on the edge. A life on the edge of being a witness to a society becoming post soviet and embracing western values to the extent that it improves and heals the past. A life on the edge of respecting and holding dear national and family tradition while looking forward. And a life living on the edge of war both from those watching and of those trapped by it. Thank you for inviting us in all its earthy realness to accompany you in this telling.
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Incredibly informative, unfiltered and sincere.
Unbelievably sincere and real. I have grown to love this show and care deeply for the host as a friend whose voice keeps me company in the dark abyss of the void reminding me that, “Happiness is mandatory.” Do svidaniya, tovarishchi.
Ads suddenly disrupting commentary lowered my rating
June 22, 2022: I don’t recall the ad disruptions in past episodes, though I do recall them at the start. Ads are a personal pet peeve so I’m sorry but unfollowing. I’ve only listened to one episode, the most recent as of April 21. It was very interesting how his perspective mirrored those I’ve listened to by Ukrainians and Westerners. However, what I responded to the most and particularly loved was the last part of the episode, in which the host shared his own feelings about the situations in Ukraine and Russia right now, then shared his feelings about sharing those feelings. Hey Host, please don’t listen to anyone telling you that is not valuable to the listener. I hope you find a way to keep a balance going between the objective and subjective. Both are moving. Hang in there and God bless you.
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My favorite non-commercial podcast!
Great information, perspectives, and personal humor! Keep up the great work!
Keep it up
Not the CIA
Maurizio Sanders
CIA propaganda
Kristaps basically reads off whatever Radio Free Liberty says in all scenarios and glazes over anything that the Russian propaganda he is so mad about happens to be correct. He is a borderline fascist in his thinking. I listen to this so I can understand what CIA assets think about the world. I hope they are paying Kristaps because he works hard for them.
Joseph LB
The Eastern Border endorsement
Kristops podcast has always been a very informative source for understanding the old and new Soviet systems and their impact on the old Warsaw Pact, especially the Baltic states. Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, Kristops again offers insights that you will not find in the mainstream western news. Allan Breazeale
Must Listen!
You gotta love Kristaps. Quirky and down to earth. He gives a unique perspective on all things in the area. The coverage of the war in Ukraine is top notch and very interesting. Such a great show.
Слава Україні! 🇺🇦✊️
Rand Paul
Libertarians do not believe in interfering in foreign affairs. More into free trade and capitalism. Keeping troops on US soil. Basically a fiscally conservative socially liberal stance. Also filling the US constitution, which our politicians like to ignore. It’s about checks and balances and bringing an opposing viewpoint.
Kurt in Detroit
Exceptional Quality Content
If you’re a Foreign Policy junkie, or like serious in depth perspectives then this podcast is definitely worth your time to investigate. The episode with Dan Carlin is one of the best ever! Thanks for your personal sacrifice in continuing to broadcast. Kristaps, You are a true life hero!
Scotty Baby 929
Good source of info…
He definitely knows his facts, quotes and figures. My objection is the interpretation of those things… At one point he ran down a litany of traits of a Trump support ending with “they want to make America great” then described liberals in opposite terms finishing with “they hate America.” C’mon man, if that’s the conclusion you draw from someone being liberal, I shudder to think about the quality of his other assessments.
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I just listened to the brief April 21st cast- I am in the US and am grateful for your authenticity which is lacking in most “professional journalism”. If people do not value your contribution, they lack the capacity to understand your message - No one is forcing your show down their ear holes.
Great podcast from someone on the ground
I met the host in a sound education seminar a few years ago and he was saying things that no one was picking up on the news. At the time, I didn’t have much to go by but everything that he told me at the time has unfolded the way it has. Now this is my #1 source of news for the Ukraine war. There’s no one else I trust.
Insightful podcast delivered with intelligence & empathy.
An amazing podcast because it is made by an amazing man. Please stay safe and know that your show is helping so many understand what is happening today. Slava Ukraini! 💙 💛
Belle of the Brawl
Much love from the USA
I’ve been listening to this podcast since 2015. He provides a great perspective of life in the USSR and life in the Russian world. Also, love the dry humor. Keep it up!
You’re loved
I love you
Putting the *real in really good!
Thank you for creating this space and having the hard and necessary conversations. Keep up keepin on!
Kai Bobbi
Would be 5 if language was cleaned up
I appreciate your perspective and insight. You are definitely doing a great work! The Only constructive suggestion for you is to clean up those occasional “F Bombs” and a few other words which are offensive. Thanks again for all your hard work!
B- White
Thank you!
Kristaps, thank you for the daily updates from the war in Ukraine.
It's a great podcast, they just need to fix the low volume.
Great Stalin series
Those of you who appreciate the Forgotten Wars Podcasts 40+ episode focus on the Boer Wars will appreciate the 20-episode series The Eastern Border Podcast does on Joseph Stalin. Also, obviously checkout his Ukraine stuff.
Mr. Buster!
Great show
Like your show hate the ads. How much does acast pay you and do you think voluntary donations can make up the difference in your budget? They are pushing a lot of anti white racist propaganda . One of the shows they advertise is 2 secular people discussing Harry Potter as if it were the Bible and is very off putting for me as a Christian.
Real Soviet History
A wonderful podcast. The depth of knowledge of the host is wonderful and he connects history with the real life stories of some of those who lived it. Also the host has a wonderful voice and candid demeanor that helps keep you engaged.
Well organized with touch of humor.
I enjoy learning about a distant part of the world. The episodes are varied and informative.
The author makes very shallow arguments, using fake news as a basis for his thinking. This is not just some propaganda, but a bad propaganda.
The host of this limited-hangout frequently relies on propaganda for sources
According to this electronics repairman, the ClA/FBl/l$rael are benevolent, and omnipotent-Russia is behind every tragic event and conspiracy of the last century... He is either duplicitous or a massively ignorant Pavlovian infant oblivious to his propaganda addiction.
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