The Duran Podcast
The Duran Podcast
The Duran
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Very biased
Let me summarize for you. Russia, China, Iran - good. US, Israel, Germany - bad.
Pro-ruZzian Psyop
Listen with a critical ear.
Vesta Mae
A thoughtful approach to world events !
Add “The Duran Report” to your review of world events !
Trumps reelection
Jack Smith at all has guaranteed trumps reelection to the presidency. I hope they’re happy.
Cheryl homes
Thoughtful analysis and insights
It’s obvious that these guys do their homework and look at all sides of international affairs. If you want a different perspective of what is going on in the world, this podcast is worth your time.
Dima T
Good but biased
I listen to the podcast everyday but it’s as biased as the news sources it makes fun of, just from an anti-west standpoint. They also continuously argue against a pro-west straw man, for instance saying prigozhins “coup” isn’t a coup like western media is saying: however no one is saying that but them, because a rebellion isn’t a coup. All in all I was hoping for a geopolitics podcast without bias, but I guess I just have to settle with two very biased podcasts.
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Balanced and well researched.
The Duran has become a regular “fix” for me!
Extremely idealogical
I used to be a fan until I realized the truth is less of a priority than their ideology. They went on and on and on about how Russia was going to win the war and how bad the west is. Haven't listened to it a little while but I'll bet the episode you listen to will be anti west and probably pro-Russian. They can't admit or maybe even realize when they're flat out wrong.
Best reports out there
Real news. Top notch commentaries
My GOTO for geopolitical insight
Informative and entertaining. I was frustrated by my news sources. These guys just lay it out. If you are particularly interested in Ukraine war and euro politics and shenanigans, I recommend it highly. Alexander usually does a rundown on the Russo/ Ukraine war on the ground, then they cover geopolitical issues of the day. I don’t always agree, but they are gentleman who can handle a debate. Great podcast and usually short.
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I wanna see any film banned by a country
Boris can sell a film,I want to see his latest work on a subject I have limited knowledge. His zest for his work is inspiring.
Best analysis
Both Alexanders give best analysis of current events. MSM with all their resources cannot even come close The Duran
Amazing insight that isn’t just blue check talking points
100% worth it if you want to hear a prospective that is independent and informed.
The best podcast on geopolitics.
The Duran is the best podcast on geopolitics. I miss Alexander Mercouris talkshows. Why you don’t publish it here?
This podcast will make you smarter
The Duran is my favorite podcast. Listening to it will make you so far ahead of the curve.
I have been to China twice. I have friends who have lived in China. I was not allowed to take photographs in a shopping mall. I do not believe Patrick Lancaster would be allowed in the labs in Wuhan. Basically, my personal experiences are inconsistent with the information presented in this podcast.
You do the research, so I don’t have to
I sincerely appreciate your work. You cut through the geopolitical disinformation clutter, so that I can better understand how all sides in the current world crisis are applying their elements of power. The corporate media is a bunch of cheerleaders, whereas you provide solid analysis. Thank You
The Perfect Ones
These guys get the audience as close to reality of things geopolitically as they possibly can. When they don’t know, they don’t fabricate a lie to sound authoritative, they tell you what they honestly think hypothetically and/or potentially. Very refreshing to hear honest takes in a world where people lie for their political agenda. The Durand agenda is the Truth!
Great source of info
These guys are top notch. While their analysis is typically spot on, if it is not, you can expect full accountability and corrections. Way better than any MSM
Annoying music at end
Good podcast but would be better if the annoying music at end was removed.
Great insights!
I really enjoy and appreciate their insight on geopolitics. It’s difficult to find good sources for European political and economic issues. They discuss subjects and ask questions the mainstream media seems to be avoiding.
Podcast as Life Preserver
Can’t write enough about these two intelligent souls. They offer excellent geopolitical analysis and great guests especially during these unsettling times as censorship and manufactured consent in so called liberal democracies have reached new heights of absurdity combined with fear. Additionally, they are very appreciative of their adoring fans and incorporate comments and questions freely into their live streams. Cool guys!
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Feral Rhetor
Am always impressed by Alexander’s ability to listen to other people and understand what they are saying. A rare quality these days.
Great source of information and opinion
Podcast is great. Unfortunately Alexander is either always waiting to talk or interrupting. Needs a little bit of balance and to let Alex get his questions out and give his take. That being said, I appreciate both of their knowledge and insight. Minor gripe, but it’s every show.
Staggered 01
An Island of Reality in a sea of Made up Things
….and more importantly, omissions. They are just 2 men, among a growing few, that offer a small but cogent counterbalance to Argemegdon ( sp? ). This ain’t hyperbole when I say this.
I just found this show. Some deep thinking here, something almost impossible to find anywhere including Fox.
Maximum Gravity
True analysis w/out globalist pablum.
The best
The best geopolitical podcast available.
Tom Campion
Consistently excellent!
Excellent and entertaining, with the bonus of new prospectives. Highly recommended.
A joke
If you give money for this crap, you must be a democrat! What a joke.
Mis Misty
A Very refreshing different perspective
I listen to the Duran for a number of reasons. One because it is the only podcast which covers international events and is not solely US-centric (however their coverage of US political issues is first rate). The 2nd is because it offers, in a very intelligent way, a perspective which is not the herd mentality of the conventional US media. And finally I find those on the show witty and entertaining. It’s one of the best podcasts available on ITunes for those interested in current events and for independent thinkers.
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TX Bill Fan
Duran is “the tops”
The Duran is THE BEST news commentator program out there. Current events discussed in a sane, friendly, conversational manner. In DEPTH! The Duran is my first stop for news. Love the international perspective and the introduction of topics that are never discussed on MSM. Their knowledge of history is also the welcome “spice” added to all of their commentary. BRAVO!!
burnt dinner
Woo hoo! Truth!
Finally some Truth and common sense.
Escape the Neocon Think Tank propaganda. Keep informed about international affairs.
This is an alternative to the ubiquitous neocon think-tank propaganda that pervades western media. Plus the Duran guys are so jovial. They sift through all the NYT and Guardian garbage so you don’t have to, tell you what’s bogus. I’ve learned so much from them; they have a common sense take on things. They’re not right or left, just good-natured geopolitics nerds. The best thing is, they’re not brainwashed SJW millennials who whine about Trump because he wants to enforce the border. Listen to this podcast to keep informed about world happenings; the junk on cable TV is worthless and NYT has become irrational.
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Expert analysis of world geopolitical and local political events
The Duran
They bring news to you honest the way news should be brought to us by the MSM.
Great geopolitical analysis
Varied perspective on world affairs
Ya mouse
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