The Drive-in Speakerbox
The Drive-in Speakerbox
A weekly live show established in 2004 centered around the world of film and media! Your hosts Bo & Jake catch up a week in film reviews, movie news, box office reports and more each week! Tune in live and comment on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch streams each week at 8PM CST!
Episode 1000: One Love, A web of letdowns and more
This episode aired on 2/19/24. We talk about Xmen 97, Cohen Brothers, Iron Claw and more nostalgia...Bo managed to catch the new Bob Marley biopic One Love, and we get caught up on the rest of the weeks news in film!
Feb 19
1 hr 5 min
Episode 999: Lisa Frankenstein, Valentines and more movie stuff
This episode aired on 2/12/24. Valentine's day is right around the corner, the "Big Game" just wrapped up with tons of new trailers dropping and we dive into Lisa Frankenstein and other fun movie talk.
Feb 12
52 min
Episode 998: Argyle and more AI weirdness
Welcome to the Drive-In Speakerbox Podcast. In this episode, we unearth the realities of AI in the film industry and its influence on cinema. We walk you through our recent movie-viewing experiences and discuss how elements like A-list lines and Impossible Nuggets are transforming the movie-going experience.We also pay tribute to the late Carl Weathers, a legend deeply mourned by the film community, and encourage audiences to cherish his legacy by revisiting his timeless movies. On a lighter note, we discuss our anticipations and concerns regarding upcoming film releases, and critically analyze the modern cinematic trend of overemphasis on action.As the discussion progresses, we delve into the 'Marvelization' trend in Hollywood and discuss upcoming projects, including a star-studded movie featuring Chris Hemsworth and Sam Rockwell. We also provide a sneak peek into future releases like the intriguing 'Out of Darkness.' The episode concludes with a candid chat on immortality in films and our hopes for the upcoming Highlander reboot.In a surprising detour, we venture into the arena of gaming, dissecting the Final Fantasy CGI movie and game series. Wrapping up with a movie review of "Argyle," this episode is a must-listen for movie geeks and casual listeners alike.Further, we explore recent cinema releases, their box office performance, and potential revivals of classic hits like 'The Buttercream Gang'. An insightful box office report for the first week of February 2024, the global success of American Fiction and Anyone But You, and the unexpected triumph of The Chosen series make this episode a thrilling cinematic journey. So, tune in to get a movie tour right at your fingertips!
Feb 12
57 min
Episode 997:Let's talk Fighter and say goodbye to January!
Join us for the Drive-In Speaker Box Podcast episode aired on January 29th as we dive deep into the world of current movie releases, iconic classics, and upcoming trailer reviews. From critically analysing Fighter, a highly anticipated Bollywood masterpiece to discussions about the remake of American classic- Roadhouse, our hosts deliver insightful movie reviews and predictions.As we near our 1000th episode, reflect back on our exciting journey through an array of Hollywood releases, Bollywood wonders, comic adaptations, and much more. Get candid views on comic-to-film transitions, the touch of digital jukeboxes in local bars, and the significance of awards in film-making.Join our humorous and rigorous debate around cinema evolution, be it the genre-shifts or audience-targeting decisions. Revisit Ghostbusters' legacy - a correlate of changing audience preferences, genre manipulation, and marketing strategies. Understand the fine balance of comedy and action in today's cinema and relish our comprehensive review of Fighter, and a quick glance into Matthew Vaughn's 'Argyle'.As we traverse through the mesmerizing journey that Fighter provides, gain an understanding of Bollywood's unique storyline orchestration that reels viewers into a potpourri of patriotism, romance, comedy and high-octane action sequences. Also, get a roundup of recent box-office successes including Mean Girls the Musical and Godzilla Minus One.Whether you're a cinema enthusiast or a leisure listener, our podcast delivers engaging content that's bound to keep you hooked. Tune in for our captivating discussions and share your thoughts on the discussed movies!
Jan 29
52 min
Episode 996: Let's talk Poor Things.
This episode aired on 1/22/24. Despite even more winter weather, Bo braved the elements to check out Poor Things and gives you his break down on this whacky tale.
Jan 22
1 hr 6 min
Episode 995: Beekeepers and winter weather
This episode aired on 1/15/24.We braved the icy roads to chat with you about the week in movies as well as review the Beekeeper!
Jan 15
48 min
Episode 994: No new movies but plenty to talk about
This episode aired on 1/8/23. We get caught up on what's coming out this weekend and the new year. Bo finally caught up on some things both movies and TV, and jake shares with us some of his favorite movie snacks.
Jan 8
57 min
Episode 993: 2024 is here! So what’s in store for us this year?
This episode aired on 1/1/24. It's the first day of 2024. Bo and Jake catch up on the news and make some predictions about 2024.
Jan 1
57 min
Episode 992: Wonka and Aquaman, what a holiday combo....
This episode aired on 12/26/23. Bo and Jake caught Wonka and Bo saw the new Aquaman, and we catch up after being gone for a couple of weeks.
Jan 1
47 min
Episode 991: The Boy and The Heron, Onyx the Fortuitous and more.
This episode aired on 12/12/23. Bo caught The Boy and the Heron as well as Onyx The Fortuitous. We catch up on the week in this special Tuesday episode.
Dec 12, 2023
52 min
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