The Drabblecast Audio Fiction Podcast
The Drabblecast Audio Fiction Podcast
Norm Sherman
The Drabblecast is a weekly audio fiction magazine that offers strange stories for strange listeners.
Drabblecast 436- The Wallpaper Out of Space
Our next original Drabblecast-commissioned story for HP Lovecraft month installment, “The Wallpaper Out of Space!” by Adam-Troy Castro read by Jacob Boris. All right, so it’s Cheryl’s kid, okay? I didn’t know she had a kid until we were two months in and already deeply involved, and then she tells me she has a sixteen […]
Nov 20
24 min
Drabblecast 435 – Maternal Instinct
Lovecraft and love life mix on this week’s Drabblecast! As our first offering HP Lovecraft month, we present “Maternal Instinct,” by Chris Lester. They say you can find absolutely anything on the Internet. The authenticity and good condition of said “anything,” however, is by no means guaranteed. This caveat applies to rare movies, import CDs, […]
Nov 13
1 hr 1 min
Drabblecast 434 – The Shadow Over Innsmouth Pt. 2
Part two of a Drabblecast production of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The reality of what I had been through was highly uncertain in my mind, but I felt that something hideous lay in the background. I must get away from evil-shadowed Innsmouth—and accordingly I began to test my cramped, wearied powers of […]
Oct 31
36 min
Drabblecast 433 – The Shadow Over Innsmouth Pt. 1
The Drabblecast Annual Halloween Special kicks off this year simultaneously with HP Lovecraft month on the show, a full month of original Drabblecast-commissioned stories playing around with elements of Lovecraft’s style and mythos. We kick things off this year with a fullcast adaptation of one of Lovecraft’s most popular stories– The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Do […]
Oct 18
51 min
Drabblecast 432 – Housebound
Weirdness is in the air at Drabblecast as we bring you an original story about spousal life and home ownership by author Ao-Hui Lin. “Hey babe, where did the closet go?” The Hubby, Victor, gives me a blank look, like the word “closet” is Swahili for “bratwurst”. He neither understands the question nor the purpose […]
Oct 4
26 min
Drabblecast 431 – A Promise
This week’s Drabblecast features a poignant story about patience, perspective, parenthood and the paranormal. We bring you “A Promise,” by Jennifer Hudak. Enjoy! I reach out nonexistent fingers to catch your arm, the hem of your shirt. You, there. Sitting on the edge of the bed, head bowed, dripping with sorrow. Your hair is thinning, […]
Sep 2
25 min
Drabbleclassics- Maybe the Stars
Drabblecast fan Jen Fischer hosts another Drabbleclassics episode this week, bringing you a touching H.P. Lovecraft mythos story called “Maybe the Stars,” by Samantha Henderson.
Aug 26
36 min
Drabblecast 430 – Notes from the Assistant’s Intern
This week on the Drabblecast: dirty jobs.  We bring you a quirky original tale by Bryan Miller about mad scientists and henchmen gone awry.  Enjoy! The bulletin board posting specifically stated that the internship required “special skills,” “unorthodox hours,” and an “old-fashioned go-getter,” so I can’t really complain as I’m digging up coffins in search […]
Aug 17
36 min
Drabblecast Director’s Cut – On a Clear Day You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy
“Get Your Home Improvement On, Sucka…” Norm and author Desmond Warzel sit down and talk about fiction, ghosts, aliens, and of course his hit stor which frst appeared on the Drabblecast back in August of 2014, “On a Clear Day You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy.” You’re listening to the Mike Colavito Show […]
Jul 25
53 min
Drabblecast 429 – Letter from Lynchburg
Alternate history on this week’s show– an original story by Edward J. Knight about the American Civil War that we perhaps only narrowly missed! 7 August 1865 My darling Emily, I do not know if this letter will reach you, but if it does, I hope it finds you well. General Lee has sent word […]
Jul 16
34 min
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