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Dr Funk
J-7 I love your show. You are the man. You are on point The DM Abeyta’s
The DM$
Sound issues
Doc.. Please fix the sound issues and I will be back. Hard to listen with you fading in and out.
Big Curt -ATL
Hell yes!
Just started listening to this podcast (idk why it took me so long) but Dr Funkenberry is the truth, and that’s that on THAT! He’s here for the real fans!
Vilda Ray
Dr Funkenberry podcast
Love it, this man is phenomenal, the most prolific source of insight and inspiration of THE FUNK!! We LOVE HIM!! Keep him right here! We need to stay FUNKEDUP from Dr Funkenberry!!
Thanks for being a bridge.
I had no clue that there was this much info about Prince, out in the world. I recently subscribed and crammed and listen to all of your eps. You’re doing a very good job with your insight and taking us behind the curtain...
All things Prince
Dr. Funkenberry always has Prince’s legacy and best interests in mind. He keeps it real even if it’s not the popular opinion. Great guests, ideas and insight. Chris, his producer, adds a lot to the show with his experiences too. #Prince4Ever
Job doc
UPDATED REVIEW -Great podcast with a few caveats
With my previous review below for reference, I'm updating my review. I unsubscribed recently because of the direction the podcast had taken. I used to like Dr. Funk's take on Prince news and happenings but have found his teases of gossip with no pay off and "you know what I'm talking about" vibe off putting and exhausting. Example: his recent "review" of Mayte Garcia's new book amounted to "I know some stuff so..." and that's all he had to say about that. Sigh. .... I look forward to Dr. Funk every week and listen as soon as it uploads. I really wish we'd get more positivity and less armchair quarterbacking and sarcasm. I found the Dr. on Twitter during Prince's 21 Nights at the Forum and have been a follower/fan ever since. Keep up the good work, keep it positive and b wild.
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Zoe mom
Love the podcast
I've been subscribed to this podcast for some time now. At first it was my attempt to find a podcast that would grab and keep my attention. Other podcast up to that point have failed to do so. Once I've starting digging more deep into learning about Prince, I've found that a lot of writers cite Dr Funkenberry as a source, which legitimized the podcast for me. I'm amazed by the guest he has on his show and the depth of knowledge that he has about Prince and truly impressed by the work they've done in keeping Prince music alive. I'm looking forward to hearing what's in store next.
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The authoritative source for Prince news
This is my go-to source for in-depth, insightful news about Prince and his music. Respectfully honors Prince's legacy and keeps fans informed about all Prince-related news. First class, superb!
Devoted listener
I just love listening to you and Chris. Can hear the love both of you have for Prince. Thanks for being so informative, honorable and sincere when you talk about Prince. I've been trying to spread the word about your podast with Mayte and Prince groups that I belong to on FB. Keep real and funky.
Zero sense
Wow... I'm binging on DRFB. I really really love the vibe of this. It's laid back and fun while still full of heart and soul. Hearing about Prince in this unique way just makes me so happy and fills my soul. I agree with a lot of the opinions here. It is pretty cool to feel like I belong with this community, who I don't even know. How does that happen? I think it's the LOVE and the respect and the trust. Priceless. Thank you
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Lilly Peoples
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nickname of love
Wow! Adrian Crutchfield 10 Stars!!
Had to listen on my car ride home couldn't wait to get home to listen to the Realness that Adrian delivered on part 2 of his interview. Thank you Dr Funkenberry!!:)
Love and Let Live
The Dr Funk podcast Funks and Rolls
I must admit....I was skeptical of podcasts in general before I started listening to Dr Funkenberry's. Now I'm hooked and look very much forward to new episodes every week. He has great guests, great insight, and great stories for Prince fans all around.
gett off
I love this podcast!
I truly enjoy listening to this show. I check almost daily to see if a new one has been added. It's clear how much Dr. Funkenberry loved and respected Prince. I have loved hearing the stories from the people that worked closest with him. I'm glad his memory is being treated with the love, honor, and respect that's due. Thank you to Doc and to Chris. Much love to you guys!💜💜💜
Long time follower
First things first, a big "THANK YOU" to you and your co host. you guys are doing a wonderul job helping my greiving process and also giving us all insight on the inner workings, thoughts, etc of Prince. Im really trying not to make this review sound Prince Geeky but Im sure its going to sound that way. I appologise in advance. Doc Ive been following you ever since you were doing livestream with the fans and such , let me say your skills progressed in a great way. I hope your health is well, i do remember at that time you were going through some stuff. It was not until a month ago , i was not aware you were doing Podcasts and let me say catching up on the episodes has been fun. I do wish this forum could had been conducted like this while he was alive but I remember everything was done with secrecy with Prince and I get nobody wants to share the secret ingredient to the stew of his music, but now in the sadness of his passing all the people you have interviewed sharing Prince's inner thoughts and workings is amazing. Please keep up the good work. I could ramble on for pages but Once again thank you, please dont ever stop doing this. Fans do appreciate you and the time your taking to keep those of us on the outside in the loop. its better than reading a book and im sure many will come on there view points who really never really knew Prince or thought they did. I cant thank you enough. Peace and Love Rich
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A purple fam must...
Dr. Funk's podcast is endearing, informational, reverent and honest. His love for Prince is made evident in every episode before and since his passing. This podcast is a must listen for any Prince fan.
Purple alive
Prince might have gone to the afterlife, but this podcast keeps him alive for all true fans!
Big fan of the Doctor
I enjoy this podcast every week because of the unique connection Dr. Funkenberry had with Prince. He keeps it real and honest, just as Prince would have liked.
The only source for Prince info
Dr. Funk thank you for all you do. You are awesome!
Turbo Lax
Diagnosis: Great Podcast
A great listen. Truth is spoken here. Information and opinion given freely. Conviction and honesty throughout. Thank you. Thank you! Peace
Dr SteveT
Love the podcasts
Dr. Funkenberry's podcasts are informational and they help us Prince Fams connect and move through this thing called life. Keep them coming!! P.S. Dr. Funkenberry needs to be at the Tribute on 10/13. We need you there!!☂️☂️
It's great....but..
I do love the podcast to a certain degree, mostly because I love Prince and though I'll never doubt the love and sincerity of the host, Dr. Funkenberry, I do have to be perhaps the one dissenting voice here. Man! By the end of the shows, I'm sometimes feeling depressed!! Not because of the loss of Prince, but the sadness in Funkenberry's voice and the ho hum style of interviewing and/or speaking.. I say this with the utmost respect but it's like dang!! I know we all have different ways of grieving. I cried when Prince left this earth. It was a painful loss but thru his immense gift and blessing for the life/journey that he lived? Wow.. there's no way I can sit around in sadness.. Instead I celebrate the life he lived and stay constantly inspired by the music he left behind. I have a cousin who is also a huge Prince fan and he did the opposite of myself. He stopped listening to the music completely. He couldn't take hearing Prince's voice. I was like, WHY!?!?! He only as of this week began slowly listening to Prince again. For me, I never stopped and have listened every day without fail since his passing or perhaps transcendence.. Anyway, going back to the show, I listened to the latest show featuring the engineer. I'm so very happy that he was a very talkative gentleman with a lot of stories but I think again with all due respect, Dr. Funkenberry missed out on so many opportunities to interject, to probe for not only deeper stories but also more insight into recording processes and the whole behind the scenes music making fun/vibe that we know Prince must've had and bestowed on others lucky enough to be apart of the musical journey. Nobody comes close to his prolific-ness, if I may say it that way and no one ever will. Also, the responses in this particular show from Funkenberry were always like "uh huh.. right.. yea..uh huh" or the usual sayings (ie. don't believe in coincidence, etc). Interviewing skills need work.. Forgive me for the criticisms and a little bit of venting but with so much insight into Prince, this show should be out of this world incredible and a constant celebration of the most gifted musical artist to ever grace this planet.. From beginning until now, his music/career is the equivalent of several lifetimes lived and it will last forever... I feel blessed to be old enough to have been a fan since day one when the first album dropped and showed up in my father's record store. God bless Prince. Peace & Be Wild.. :-)
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Fan for life
Great podcast for the true Prince fan with history, latest news & updates. He's my go to guy on Prince. He's keeping it real for the fans💜
Paisley Park engineer
I enjoy listening to your podcasts. The heartfelt affection for Prince is so apparent, and even though the topics are painful, you provide comfort at the same time. Thank you for helping us all to honor his memory.
Great podcast
Awesome podcast. All that is Prince plus a little extra other stuff. The Dr been following Prince from almost the start. He knows his stuff and has been around. Check out the Funk, your going to dig this!!
Cool podcast
There aren't to many Prince podcasts out there and it feels good to hear from people who worked and appreciated his work.
Sodapop one
Crucial Source 4 Prince Fams!
I never miss an episode of this podcast! Thank you!!!
I enjoy all the podcasts packed with information and insight. But the link/connection I feel while listening is a healing source. I do not always agree with everyone's opinions, however they are always full of respect, loyalty and caring heart. Thank you for being a part in bridging the gap and helping all of us heal by making us feel 'included'.
Angela Reardon
BEST episode to date!
THIS is what the show should be... WELL DONE! Keep us posted on all new PRINCE news and introduce us to people that worked & loved PRINCE. RESPECT & CURATE the legacy of this modern master and may we all live 2 see the dawn! THANKS DOC for sticking with this and getting it right... much appriciated!
Dr Funk Podcast
Thank you J and Chris! You're interview with Prince's Engineer Dave Hampton was so insightful. Thank you for helping us see what went into his creativity. J and Chris, thank you for your dedicated effort and time to do these podcasts. For helping us feel connected. To hearing the struggle behind the Legacy and insight into who Prince "is" (I can't say was) as a person...whom I love and respect so much more now knowing the "whys" behind what he did. He is a genius.
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Loyal Purple Listener
I'm new to Dr. Funkenberry, but I'm by far from being a new Prince fan. I'm so happy that I've stumbled upon this podcast. It's been a place where I feel like I've found someone that feels how I do about Prince. I appreciate Dr. Funkenberry's willingness and diligence to respect, honor, and maintain Prince's legacy. It's awesome listening to this Podcast just to get an understanding of what the state of Prince's affairs has been since his passing. Plus, to be able to keep up with all of the artists that was associated with Prince. Thank you Dr. Funkenberry and keep up the great work! I look forward to the new podcasts each week!💜😃👍🏾💜
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Dr. Funk is the real deal
Can't go a week without listening. Always interesting, thought provoking and just FUN! Sidekick Chris is a nice compliment to the good Dr. as well.
Just found where I belong in this podcast.
I've been part of the Prince family for over thirty years and seen him perform many times. Since he passed I have tried to cope by being a member of several Facebook Prince groups. But only today have I discovered Dr Funkenberrys podcasts and can't stop listening. I feel like I have finally found what I have been searching for. I feel acknowledged. I appreciate his respect of Prince so much and his knowledge. I'm just so thankful!
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Keepin it real
Dr. Funk's podcast is raw and he's keeping it real. Anyone and everyone who loves Prince and is interested in new and upcoming artists should definitely subscribe. Thank you Dr. FB
Thank U 4 Caring About the Fans
I've heard that Prince was a stickler about his work being freely shared on the Internet, understandably. Likewise, the family needs to cover their expenses, understandably. But it's still so disappointing when us lowly decades-long fans try to view a clip of a Prince concert or an interview, just to relive the memories and find closure, only to find that the family has blocked access. That said, thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating your time and sharing all of these insights on his life during your podcasts.
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Sarah Inglis
Someone who cares
This podcast is done by someone who really cares about Prince. He has interesting insights to this man and shares them with us. Positivity, Love Sign describe this podcast.
Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed
Love the program, everything about it. Great stories, great everything. Keep it going, and we'll keep coming. I'm definitely a fan. Peace!
Marcel From Canada
The Authority
No one, and I mean no one, has the inside scoop on funk, soul, R&B, and especially PRINCE, like Dr. Funkenberry. A lifelong devotee of Prince, the good Dr. always brings the latest information, the largest heart, & real insight. Jeremiah is one of the few covering the scene who has integrity & loyalty, because he comes from a place of love. A+
I would highly recommend these podcasts to everyone that loves Prince. These help me so much in the healing process. Dr. Funkenberry always has Prince's best interest in mind and stats true to what Prince would have wanted. Thank you Dr. Funkenberry.
Info for the TRUE and DEDICATED 0(+> Prince fan
In a world without PRINCE, Dr. Funkenberry honors Prince like no other. He makes me feel like I am not alone with my grief and truly cherishes the man who will always be near and dear to my heart. Thank you for sharing with us! Always4Prince 💜☔️🎶
Desire to WIN
I'm not sure why I wasn't listening b4 but am so glad I'm listening now. Thank you for giving us fans/fam a forum to feel included in his life. I love that you stand up for him in the midst of all these rumors. The podcasts definitely help thru a difficult time. They are enjoyable as well as comforting so thank u again.
What a gem.
I am so thrilled that I found this podcast. Dr. Funkenberry, thank you so much for doing this! Your stories and insight have helped me through this healing process. Prince will always be with us. He was so generous and left us so many gifts.
Grateful for you and the podcast!
These podcasts are a lifeline! Your personal stories about Prince and your passion to do the right thing by him help us feel like he is still here. Thanks for sharing so generously with all of us. Someone recently told me that when we lose someone at a young age, the concept of "acceptance" in the grieving process just is not the right word. How can we accept that we lost Prince? It is unacceptable that he's gone. I found those words helfpul and freeing. Yes, he is gone, and I'm not ok with that. And while life goes on, we can have permission to still feel the loss. Thanks again for all you do for this community of people who miss him greatly.
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Thanks for the Voice of Sincerity
Dr. Funk I really enjoy listening to your Podcast. Keep up the great work and love the honesty and authenticity your bring to all your broadcast. Prince forever in my life!
Great Show
I just started listening to your podcast a few days ago and it has tremendously helped me cope with Prince's passing. Thanks for sharing some of your experiences working and hanging out with him.
Love..Love..Love it!!!
Thank you J, for keeping the family together. 💜
💜💜💜💜 this podcast
Thank U so very much 4 sharing ur experiences with the PRINCE family!
We have what we need...
You're a bridge over troubled water. Listeners, if you're in search for Prince loyalty and sincerity, here is a stop to consider.
Lady bbbb
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