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The Best
Love these Podcasts. They’re my stories.
Chester Monroe
Not interesting
No one in history has ever tried so hard to be a rebel. This dude is not funny, his humor is so low brow. Also if he was your neighbor or coworker you’d hate him. Why would you listen to this garbage. Imagine a rebel With 400 podcast episodes hahaha
"freedom street-fighter"
Not for everyone, but that’s the point.
Like caviar on Jell-o, this podcast and Doug himself isn’t for everyone’s particular taste. But if this is what does fit your pallet, nothing else will do.
Baby we’re back
Finally some good content from our boy Doug Stanhope. Olive Grace was such a annoying drag on the show but Bobby is where it’s at. Best new guest since Chad Shank.
Dear Doug,
I want to see your buddy Depp’s documentary on Shane MacGowan! 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠 Shane loves a dry Pinot Grigio paired with a Gruyere cheese.
Greatest episode.. Definitely high... just working and living.. my Covid story... love you and the gang... Seattle loves you
Top Press operator
Best one yet! For all the crazy’s.
Keep feeding that boy weed and shrooms please
The Best
So here I have found the funniest, the coolest , the most relevant , comedy podcast . Yes DS being the best makes the others less than the best. Keep on rocking DS. (DSP>the others)
So happy I found this guy. I thought stand-up was all Amy Schumer-ized now.
The Most Authentic Self Revealed World Understand Podcast
Doug’s beauty is only overshadowed by his grace...funniest dude in the game
Stoner Doug = not funny
Podcast is unlistenable since you began starting every podcast with how high you are. You’ve lost your edge, each new special is worse than the last.
You’re so lovely...
It’s true. I love the chaos, the reality, the absence of careful, correct language and observations. All of you make me giggle and I love it. Thank you my darling. I adore you and your attire. Thank you. I’m from L.A and living outside of St. Louis looking after my parents. All of you keep me grounded in “the real.” Theresa Will you consider a couple x small shirts for the pretty, lithe girls..
Miss McNeilly
Good show
Chaille is Doug’s obnoxious neurotic errand boy
Doug rules.
Chaille is pure ear cancer, but it’s worth gritting your teeth through his inane blathering for Stanhope.
Plastic jug vodka
My favorite vodka-soaked comedy savant and his island of misfit toys. Chaille does a great job of bottling the lightening. Love Stanhope and how he is unapologetically himself.
Stanhope’s podcast
Thank you
Stanhope clan
I just wanted to say thank you all. For the podcast, stories, & hours of laughter & entertainment. I miss Bingo & Chad- I have really enjoyed listening to Tracey, Greg, Shane Gillis, Gin Glenn, & Olivia Grace & Mr. Stanhope tell stories. Greg you are truly someone that I admire. Your work ethic is flabbergasting, and I am so stoked that Tracey is on mic. You definitely add depth & more laughs to the podcast. Xoxo
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86 the Inman Episode
Big fan. Listen to everything. Even plan to bump up my Patreon level. The Inman episode was garbage and a complete waste of time.
Vodka soda guy
Love this podcast was a weekly highlight, at the moment a daily highlight. More Todd Glass.
Test of Friendship
A friend of mine introduced me to Doug’s standup, and the fact that I listened to every album in a weekend and asked for more made us friends for life. We saw Doug live with Olivia Grace opening and she was a delight. Her standup is hilarious. This isn’t my #1 podcast but it is interesting to hear about Dougs life and his compound of misfits in Arizona
Good pod
Would of gave it 5 stars but the podcast producer constantly interrupts Doug’s stories to correct him and to tell his own stories. If you can get past that, it’s a good pod.
You’re ok dude. I mean my sister loved you so...
Love you guys and gals. Thanks for all the entertainment
Dough is funny man. He makes haha’s.
Enough issues with Andy
Hey dingleberries where this weeks Stanhope Podcast ? Issues with Andy isn’t cutting the mustard
Youmommas a ball licker
Fun house!
Doug Stanhope is one of the most genuine comedians you will ever find! He’s not only funny but would be a great hang in person. His podcast captivates you as if you were sitting around the table with your buddy’s drinking exchanging drunken tales and jokes. Chad Shank and Greg Chaille are the best and make the podcast so much fun with their interactions with Doug. Keep up the great work Bisbee!!!!
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Stanhope is the man
let your yang hang
Used to be great...
The first years of the show were fun, irreverent and no holds barred Doug & friends sitting with you having a cocktail, shooting the breeze. Greg and Chad, Jobi, even that nut Inman. Hennigan stories are timeless classics. Even grew a soft spot for Andy over time. Sometime around him writing his second book he starts brining in more people to the funhouse and getting more soapbox. I don’t really care about some yoga instructor who moved in a few doors down. Former killer termite here, signing off. No longer worth the listen.
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Hotel bar tender was excellent. Keep up the good drunk work! See you guys in Dallas next time
Where is Waldo
What’s up? Where are you? Did I miss something?
Olivia’s laugh
This podcast is one of my favorites, and Olivia has a wonderful laugh. It is so pure that you know the laugh is genuine.
This isn’t Doug Stanhope
This isn’t Doug Stanhope writing this but this is the best podcast ever I promise
WhaT happened???
This podcast has really gone down hill. The new chick is the worst......
Accomplished Drinker podcast
Doug us a breath of fresh air. Bless Greg for making sure this exists. I know Chad although I’ve never met the guy. I pause on my playlist when this drops.
An underground staple
I’m glad I have a place for my Stanhope fix. It’s so raw. That one dad joke dude laughs at himself too much and sometimes it’s easy to get turned off. But! It gives you a peek into the silly kind of humor that Doug really enjoys in his free time. Solid vehicle!
Doug is the best comedian in the world.
I love you. Thank you for all the years of joy.
Miles Vara
Makes me feel like I’m sitting around drinking with my drunk uncles (except not getting touched)
Best comedy podcast ever!
Start from the beginning and do cliffhanger 1 & 2, then go to the tin can rehab, then every Inman episode you can find. Doug, Chad, and Greg are the best, once learning to love them you should also listen to any Matt Becker, Andy Andrist, and Tom Knopka episodes. There are great Alaska story’s and amazing band interviews also to be found here. Do yourself a favor and subscribe right now!
Funny, smart & they don't give a F$&K
Once you get into a few podcasts you realize you can't stop listening.
Stanhope for president
Very good podcast, they gel very well together. Don’t write many reviews, but this one is well worth it. If you have some kind of intellect, and enjoy great comedy this is for you.
browns maybe
Stanhope is a great comedian. Probably Top 3 in the game. But the great ones die early, so listen to him while it lasts.
Not the worst podcast I’ve listened too
Doug Stanhope
Simply the very best podcast available!
Ficticious Lettuce
This is the only podcast I can listen to and pretend that I have friends. Thanks!
Tommy Trauma
5 stars because i cant give more
Love the podcast. Great cast of characters. Keep up the great work Chaille.
Better than listening to bagpipe music
The only disappointment is I can’t taste the cocktails. I’m going to update my phone to iOS 12 to see if this fixes the issue.
Frat boy
I fight homeless people
Is anybody else hearing this podcast in fast forward?
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