The Dooderverse
The Dooderverse
Cameron Vandersnatch Domasky
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So good!
Before listening, I didn’t really watch Cam or Gloria, but after listening, I went to both of their accounts and absolutely love all of them! Please come back and make more!
Go to their YouTube
This guy is so funny he always makes me happier at the hardest moments.
Brandon farris is an amazing comedian, father and husband. I absolutely love the content that he makes everywhere. Gloria is absolutely gorgeous. And cam Is an amazing friend and partner comedian! I love your content on YouTube! Keep posting!
Lexi Arvidson
I have been a fan for Brandon for over 3 years now and is videos on YouTube are amazing he always makes my day better and makes me happy❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹😩😩
brandons funny
I love this podcast and Cam is great so is Maria Gloria Brandon I love this podcast
Sophia the Gryffindor
Love it
I have been a fan of Brandon for 1 year now and I love this podcast
Come back!
Please come back! Honestly the only podcast I’ve ever listened to 😂
Come back!
Enjoy the dynamic! Sometimes I think y’all forget about Gloria though
Bring back the podcast!
I miss y’all!
New to the Dooderverse
Pretty new here but over the course of a week I have binge watched most of Brandon’s videos. I have fallen in love with his videos and all of their chemistry. Excited to see more of them here. 💜💜💜
Meant to be
Love y’all! I would cry so hard at your wedding knowing your story now. This sounds like a love story from a rom-com movie. ♥️
I don’t write reviews but....
You guys are amazing! I listen to this while I work and it honestly keeps a smile on my face. I’ve listened to your podcast twice over just for the laughs so please keep making more.
i love all these podcasts and i don’t like podcasts 😂 i love Brandon and Mariah Gloria plus Cam you guys are all so funny
I am all about Maria Gloria and I guess Brandon and Cam too.. 😉😁 lol Honestly though, these three are so freaking cool together. I followed them on their other platforms, but during their podcasts they are so much more down to earth and hilarious. There’s no sugar coating which I am all about. It’s all good vibes like you’re sitting around chilling with your closest people, except you can experience that while you’re cleaning your casa or driving to work. Pleaseeee, keep them coming guys. I’m here and loving ‘em!!
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Katy Mae Holley
Favorite podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast. I have listened to every episode and watched the videos on YouTube. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, it’s nice to be able to just sit and listen to these three hangout and have fun. No worries. No agenda. Just friends being friends, and it’s a great escape from anything that may be going on at that time. Keep up the great work. I love you guys.
Ronnie Floyd
Getting it right!
I have listened to every podcast at least twice and just let them play through on repeat all day every day. Makes my day so much better. I love all three of you and all your styles of humor compliment each other so well, despite what other people might say. I love that you basically just let us hang out with you and you don’t have some strict rules on how you run your podcast. Loved the family ties episode and love the idea of playing a game once a week on the podcast. Cards Against Humanity was hilarious. Going live would be cool but I think maybe it should be a once a week thing if you do it so it doesn’t change the whole feel of the show. Love you guys so much!! Thank you for being you!! ❤️❤️❤️
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Most Bestest ever
Love love love this podcast! It’s a regular part of my drive home!
Diff but great
This podcast was def different than I had expected but it’s really refreshing. We get to see a diff side of Brandon and I am loving Cam and Glo so much! Keep it up! Love ur show!
F word
It’s a pretty good podcast but stop saying the f word in EVERY SINGLE PODCAST
🎶 Simply The Best 🎶
Better than all the rest. Better than anyone, anyone I’ve ever met. I’m stuck on your heart. I hang on every word you say. Tear us apart, baby, I would rather be dead. For realsies though. Best podcast in the ever expanding universe 😏
But the volume
Love this podcast and you guys, but the volume is pretty quiet when in a vehicle
Can’t hear it.
I would love to rate this higher, as I love Brandon. I have to turn my radio as high as it will go and still just hear low voices. Half the time I can’t hear Brandon at all. I did manage to hear that somewhere others are leaving similar messages about the volume so I hope you can fix it
Love to Podcast... But..
I really love the podcast. However, I feel as though the Apple podcast App is getting shafted for more YouTube content. I listen to the “podcast” while I’m at work. And I had no idea who much content had actually been released because only the first couple episodes have actually made it to this app... would love to give higher review. But want the content that all the other platforms being posted to are getting.
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Love it
This podcast has been the best I’ve ever listened to, even though I usually listen to political talks, this podcast has my exact level of humor and it’s just great
Love to bits!
Absolutely adore this podcast. Shines a different light on Brandon and has really opened the door for me to explore Maria Gloria and Cam’s content as well! Keep it up guys!
Love love love!
If you are fans of any of these guys or all of them as I am. You’ll love this! Just regular chit chat. A group of friends just hanging out and talking! New fan of you guys and now loving the feeling of joining in on conversations. You guys make me laugh out loud!
Wonderful humans!!
These are 3 of the funniest humans I’ve ever listened to! I love their videos and am so glad they decide to start this podcast! It definitely makes my heart happy to just listen to them chat with each other!
Unfortunately I could barely hear you guys either. I play podcasts through my car and I had my car volume all the way up and I couldn’t understand you guys ):
So funny!
I love the chemistry between Brandon, Cam and Gloria. Cam can be a bit much to handle sometimes but I still love the podcast as a whole. I only wish these audio versions were put up as fast as the video versions on YouTube were.
So love!!
I can hear everything I’m not sure why the person who reviewed earlier could not hear anything. But I’m super excited because I love you Brandon Farris! I love Cam and I love Gloria. So excited for your podcasts!!!! do you boo-boos!!!!
Your podcasts are life. You guys are seriously the cure to my depression and anxiety so thank you!!!!
Can barely hear you guys turn up the volume
Can barely hear you guys turn up the volume
Could barely hear
I work in a somewhat noisy environment and only listen to podcasts with headphones. Had volume almost all the way up and could barely hear it. Don’t have this issue with other podcasts. Couldn’t get through 5 minutes of the first episode. Fix the volume of the recording and maybe I’ll try it again.
Absolutely love these guys they complete each other and make me happy just watching and listening to them ...always laughing
Love you all
I love all 3 of you. Your all 3 amazing in your own way. Hope to meet yall one day.
This is a LOLLLLLercoaster! Thanks dudes!
Y’all are so funny! Definitely makes my days at work go by fast. Cam you’re funny and your sense of humor is great, and definitely the cutest!! Love y’all, looking forward to more episodes!
I love you all
Brandon has helped me through my depression and I will be buying his merchandise and I am subscribe to his channel I love you Gloria and I love autumn she is soooo cute and thanks for letting this be my happy place Love, Emily
fllyn is cute
Great podcast funny as hell and you never know where they are going to go next
The funniest podcast yet!
I love it! I love Cam and Maria Gloria humor it’s hands down the funniest! Hands down the best trio in a podcast!
Gracie Rose 654321
The best people ever
You must watch you will not regret it the best podcast and they are all funny in there own way so you will like at least one of them or all of them definitely good to listen to while baking
Emm Kyser
Brandon and Cam
Brandon and cam are great!! I enjoy listening to them.
I could listen to these 3 amazing souls all day long💜 So excited to see this succeed 💜
It feels amazing to feel like I’m sitting in the room with you 3. Just you being you and me loving it so much. Keep up the good work.
Jackie lee wood
Loved it!!
Love Brandon so much!!!!!!
Happy Five Months Maria and Brandon
Best podcast by far no joke.
Smoogy 14
Never fails to make me laugh
Haven't laughed as hard to the videos and the podcast. In a very long time. thank you
Three great personalities make a great podcast and funny! Addicting. Keep em coming guys! I’m deceased!!
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