The Docs In The Box Podcast
The Docs In The Box Podcast
A podcast about medicine, muscles, and more through the eyes of two physiatrists Dr. Amy West and Dr. Matthew Cowling.
Episode 5: Will Lanier from the Out Foundation talks CrossFit, Pride Month, and the importance of good shoes.
Will Lanier is the founder of the OUTFoundation and OUTWod (now OutAthletics). OutWod is the OUT Foundations largest international initiative for bringing together LGBTQ+ athletes and allies to sweat for a cause in a safe, inclusive, training environment. In this episode we discuss how OUTWOD began, its role in the health space, and its future direction, including the new name change. Will also gives us some tips how to stay proud during quarantine and beyond!
Jul 16
54 min
Episode 4: Dr. Sean Pastuch founder of Active Life Rx talks about bridging the gap between The Medical and the Fitness Communities.
In this episode with Dr. Sean Pastuch, founder of ActiveLife Rx, we discuss the importance of communication, education, and collaboration in connecting the medical professionals with the fitness community.    We also examine how the coach can become the healthcare provider of the future by providing a next step for injured patients after formal physical therapy has ended.  We also discuss how active rehabilitation plays a role returning an athlete to sport after injury and why providers should never tell a patient, “if it hurts, don’t do it.”
Jul 8
34 min
Episode 3: Dr. Tom Siskron talks fitness, nutrition, and the COVID-19 pandemic.
In episode three we are joined by Dr. Tom Siskron, a urologist from Shreveport, LA president of the Northwest Louisiana Medical Society and co-founder of CrossFit Medicus One.  We discuss the importance of fitness and nutrition in the prevention of chronic disease  and how Dr. Siskron incorporates these principles into his medical practice. Dr. Siskron also discusses his evaluation of COVID-19 mortality data and the influence chronic disease has played in pandemic-related deaths.
Jun 30
53 min
Episode 2: Let’s talk : Thoughts on the Current State of CrossFit
In this episode, we discuss the current state of CrossFit and how we feel to best move forward during these difficult and uncertain times. We also discuss the future direction of this podcast and its role in connecting those making a large impact in the health and fitness space.
Jun 22
15 min
Docs in the Box Episode 1: Introduction
Lets take episode #1 to introduce ourselves and let you guys know what this podcast is all about. Muscles, Medicine, and More!
May 18
13 min