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Episode 27: Knights of the Necropolis ft. Riley Knight
1 hour 47 minutes Posted Jun 21, 2019 at 12:00 am.
Start of Break Down
Sultai Snow
Devoted Karnbo
Jeskai Humans
RB Goblins
Mardu Octomancer
Modern Challenge
Start of Riley Knight interivew
"What’s your favorite Modern deck to play?”
“How often do you get to play?”
“How has broadcasting Magic events changed your perception of the game?”
“What are your most and least favorite decks to discuss while broadcasting?”
“Do any banalities in the game get more interesting when you’ve seen them for the thousandth time?”
“Does the nature of Modern make covering it different compared to Standard or Limited?”
"Are you ever at a loss for things to talk about on coverage?”
"Does coverage make you a better player?”
: CFB Modern Madness
"Why is playing snow basics strictly better?"
"Do you like any Modern Horizons cards for Scapeshift?"
"What effect will the new Force cycle have on Modern?"
Hogaak discussion.
"How often do you get concerned with new decks' power levels?"
"What consequences do overpowered decks have on Modern?"
"What other decks could Modern Horizons introduce or improve?"
"Are Modern decks becoming more versatile?"
"Do you set goals for yourself as a player?"
"Should combo decks be built to be faster or more resilient?"
"Could Hogaak get banned before MC Barcelona?"
"Does WOTC print enough answers to new cards?"
"How much vegemite do you have on your toast?"
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Show notes
The Break Down: We talk about the latest MTGO 5-0 deck dumps and the last MTGO Modern Challenge.
The Dive Down: Stan and Zak chat with CFB's Riley Knight.
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