The Dice Tower
The Dice Tower
Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer
Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer take a look at board games, card games, and the people who design, publish, and play them. Top ten lists, Q&A, tales of horror, and more await you!
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Great Job, still going strong!
I love this, more of everyone, more questions, more gametek, more reviews!!!
amazing 5 stars1234567890
Tom vasel
Tom! You are my best, 🎖
My favorite YouTube channel and podcast
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Informative without being too dry
Been a long time listener and this podcast has been instrumental in learning about the board game hobby. They strike that balance of being informative and entertaining.
I love it
Me and my mom love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!😊
dat biy
Awesome Podcast
Love all the hosts and different insights. I love hearing about the new games they are playing mixed with discussion of some older games they still enjoy. Great to listen to on my way to work.
Nic. B
Alternating hosts keeps it fresh
All four hosts are great! I love the banter and jokes between Tom and Eric. Mandy and Suzanne are great at describing games and making me excited for games I haven’t heard of before. I also enjoy their Shelf Staples segment and 2 truths and a lie are always fun.
A Classic for a Reason
Tom and Eric are fantastic hosts, and I love hearing their friendly banter. The addition of Mandi and Suzanne was the best choice they ever made. I love these two even more than I thought I could. They’re great! Super banter, great information with a unique perspective from each host, and amazing coverage! Give it a listen.
Always informative and fun
Eric and Tom have been doing this for many years and their synergy is unmatched in podcast hosts. And I listen to a lot of podcasts. I’ve heard a lot of hate for the new format, but I like it. Tom and Eric clearly had some fatigue with the prior weekly format and hearing from them only every other week produces a much fresher and livelier show. Mandi and Suzanne had some growing pains to start, but have come into their own with a slight different feel to the classic Dice Tower format. I’m always looking forward to a new episode.
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Great Podcast!
The Dice Tower is one of the main reasons that I got into board gaming. Each host brings a good perspective to the table, but I really dislike how it’s now Tom & Eric one week and Mandy & Suz the next. I think the show would be much better if it was all 4 in a round table discussion each episode. As it is, it’s jarring and you never feel settled in with the hosts.
Nick Hayes
Content, laughs, and depth
For people who want clean, good natured fun listening about games this is my favorite place to find it. However, I personally do not enjoy the podcasts that Mandi and Suzanne host for several reasons. My rating is for the past shows, live episodes, and for what Tom and Eric bring to my life through the content they have done for years in the past, and years to come.
Ivan Warner
Getting Better and Better!
I’ve been a longtime listener and wasn’t sure about the format changing when it was announced, but I LOVE the variety that we get now. Tom & Eric are great; such wonderful chemistry. And Mandi & Suzanne have really found themselves as well. Like both sets of hosts for various reasons. Always learning about new games!
Both casts are great
I thought Mandi and Suzanne helped revitalize the show, and I like their perspective as much as Tom n Eric’s
Great all around.
I love the chemistry between Mandy and Suz, and Tom and Eric. I don’t understand the dislike for Mandy and Suz. They do a great job and bring a different mindset and opinion. I love the app segments as well as shelf staples. As far as complaints about the podcast being to long, then listen to it in faster speed. I wish they were longer. I listen while working so longer the better.
A good listen every other episode.
Tom and Eric are phenomenal however it’s unbearable when the ladies are on.
jb gamer27
Half of the podcast is worth listening to
I appreciate the reviews of games and the lists, but I find that each episode is far too long. It seems like it could be easily cut by 1/3 - 1/2 and not miss out on actual content. Additionally, the episodes with Mandy and Suzanne are unbearable. They are not funny or fun to listen to, despite seemingly trying to be either. I cannot stand the sound of them inhaling into the microphone, and the fact that they have multiple times recorded while nasally and sniffling is obnoxious (among many other things). They could easily cut this podcast into a 1 hour, every other week episode and we would not be missing out on anything.
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Bring back the old format please.
I hope the new format is bringing in new listeners. For me it does not work. I only give it 5 stars because Tom and Eric are amazing hosts and they deserve 5 stars. I hope the show switches to two separate shows sometimes soon.
Tom and Eric
That’s what I like
Now YOU have a friend in the gaming business
As a relatively new member of this growing hobby, I find this podcast a fabulous, informative, inspiring and entertaining resource. With almost 600 episodes to choose from, there is SO much to tap into. Great for a commute to get you ready for a weekend of gaming or game design. However, live shows and those with alternate hosts are less entertaining... even annoying at times. In jokes between the giggling guest hosts or pandering to the negative with a live audience are simply not what I’m after. Still ... it’s a podcast I listen to when there’s a new one.
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OG Feralparrot
Reformatting needed
I’d rather listen to Tom and Eric on a biweekly podcast than have rotating hosts. Also, the A-Z Top 10s need to go. I never find myself looking for a great game that starts with the letter C. I’m fine with revisiting past lists if you’re running out of ideas.
The beginning.
Tom's series of podcasts and video reviews are in large part responsible for my interest in the boardgame hobby. Like others I'm sure, when I first got started it was the Dice Tower that I would listen to and watch to discover new games. Things have changes over the years, sometimes they miss but often times they hit.
History on the Table
Love the look backs
Love time listener to the podcast and enjoying the new alternating format and Tom/Eric and Susan/Mandi. Just listened to the 5 and 10 year look back episodes and really enjoyed the trip back to the past.
The one cast to rule them all
I have listened for a long time! I love the new format and am happy to hear what perspectives each brings. Thanks guys and gals. Keep up the good work!
What happened?
Tom and Eric, but the other two hosts are unlistenable. I had be listen to the podcast since 2012 and can no longer do it. The only thing that has come out of this change was the discovery of new board game podcasts. Judging from some of the more recent reviews, you're losing loyal followers. I can no longer cringe at the words pie or random giggling at unfunny jokes. It honestly stresses me out and have to turn it off.
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peter jankster
Quality is mixed
Great for getting a quick overview of recently released titles. I think the girl hosts are immature and overly giddy though. Skip the live shows.
Tom and Eric have tremendous chemistry. Great asset to the board gaming hobby.
Tom and Eric
Was one of the best board game podcasts and still is when Tom and Eric do the show together. When the other hosts are on is almost unlistenable. What made/makes this podcast great is the interaction between Tom and Eric which is now less than every other week. Still love you guys though.
Separate Show?
I’d really love if Tom & Eric could have their own feed. I really dislike the changing hosts every other week.
Bread and Butter
Tom and Eric are great. They are the reason I listen to the Dice Tower, and I have been listening since 2011. I also like when Susan and Mandi are guests, but definitely not as hosts. I'm not trying to be mean or rude, and I truly do try and listen to their episodes. That being said, once the giggling, and pie talk, and long discussions of one game happens, then I move onto another podcast. If this new format has taught me anything, it's that there are other great podcasts out there, but I do miss Tom and Eric.
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I’m sorry guys
I’ve listened to this for years but lately I’ve really not liked it. They advertise for games the same episode that they talk about them. I feel like they won’t say it’s a bad game or talk about it’s negatives when this is the case. Susan and Mandy are cool but not why I listen. I feel like you guys talk more and more about the industry and less and less about games.
Solid board gaming show, great array of voices!
Great show. It’s nice to hear the broad array of opinions from the 4 hosts. Good work!
I miss the old format
I have been listening to this show for years as my go to podcast on board games and convention news. I like the hosts Tom and Eric and the idea to branch out and create new content in bringing us other podcasts. That being said, I have started to fall of when the show is featuring the two new hosts that were added. If the they as hosts were good enough to have their own show, let them. I do not listen to hear about food at the conventions or hear them laugh at their own jokes. Please, go back to the just Eric and Tom. Put the other two on their own show and see what the number for them are, don’t force them on us by putting them on this podcast. I check my downloads to see if its going to be anther foodie and giggle fest before I listen.
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Not what I fell in love with
Two stars, this show was a five star for yearssssss. I loved it. Till they changed the line up and I’ve watched it crumble. And maybe they are growing more than ever? But for me it’s done. It’s like if you ordered steak from a restaurant and the waiter brings you an uncooked heap of hamburger meat. I’m sure the noble thing would be to get up and walk away but something I loved was cheapened and I feel the need to explain why I’m so sad the restaurant is doing this. It’s so hard to bring someone on, let alone two, who were not the main attractions before. And to expect them to run the show? To hold down the fort? Looking at other reviews I am so thankful others were feeling since 500 like I did. Thank you all. I think until I hear it’s changing up and we see more of the steak we want and came for, I’m out. Sorry gals. You guys aren’t bad people, just not the hosts I want to listen to. Edit: I upped the stars to 4 because they have500 episodes and don’t deserve the hard grade because of a line up change.
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Phenomenal board games podcast
This podcast is, bar none, the best one for keeping its audience up to date on developments in the world of board games. Well done and highly recommended.
Lost its way
Dice tower used to be a great weekly podcast. But after a major format, the show is a shadow of it former glory. I gave it a 3 month chance, but I have to unsubscribe now. I hate having to delete half the shows. They are not what I want.
The Gold Standard
The Dice Tower Podcast is the standard by which we measure all others. Their consistency, humor, knowledge and shear love of gaming makes each episode a true joy. The recent addition of Mandi and Suzanne has added fresh life to this great show and made it even more entertaining. You can't go wrong subscribing.
Ray H [aka Tales of Cardboard]
No Better Board Game Podcast
Have been listening for years and years, and Tom has always grown and improved the show. The latest season is the best yet, with a rotating set of hosts and lots of great games and opinions to hear about.
No Longer Dice Tower
Because of two intercontinental moves over the second half of the year, we had not listened to The Dice Tower since August. When I just now played the new episode and didn't hear Tom and Eric, I was concerned. Now, it's just no longer The Dice Tower. I don't know these people. I don't have any connection to them. They were just subsitituted in without notice. I won't be listening anymore. It was the only gaming podcast we listened to on a regular basis. Sad to see the sudden change.
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This is THE board game podcast
If you like board games and podcasts, then you should already be listening to this one.
Great Bigg Painting
Loving it
I love the dice tower I listen to the podcast at work ( def makes it an easier day) and watch the videos on YouTube. I like their recommendations for games I'm a new gamer I got into gaming last year while I was pregnant. Loving the extra guests and have a female presence because I think it's a different view point
Tysons mommy
Fall From Grace
This used to be the premiere tabletop gaming podcast, but it has gone way downhill since episode 500. The new format is very poor compared to past formats. They brought in new hosts that alternate episodes between Tom and Eric, who instead should have just had their own podcast. The quality between episodes oscillates up and down so much between hosts and the new guests format that many episodes lose all critical objectivity or listenability. This truly was the top tier of gaming podcasts, and now maybe an episode or two a month is even worth listening to—what a shame.
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Changing the one thing that should never change
This is a downgrade from what has for the better part of the last decade been a five-star show for me. During that time I know that the Dice Tower as an organization has grown exponentially and I understand that means change. But the one thing that should never have been changed is this flagship podcast. Tom and Eric’s voices are the heart and soul of the Dice Tower and without those voices it just isn’t the Dice Tower at all. The new hosts are less engaging, less knowledgeable and less connected than Tom. This makes this new Dice Tower podcast a massively inferior product. I have stopped listening to what was once a weekly must-listen podcast because of this change. My one glimmer of hope is that Tom and the folks at TDT have always been good at listening to fan feedback. Mine is this: give these ladies their own slot on the network but bring back the real Dice Tower podcast. Even if administrative constraints mean we only get a biweekly or monthly show it would still be preferable to the disappointment that many of us feel when we fire up a brand new episode only to hear someone other than Eric and Tom introducing the show.
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Cardboard nerdery at its finest
Big fan. The personalities of the Dice Tower are all fun, enjoyable to listen to, and full of great board gaming knowledge.
A+ Would listen again
Very good.
Mike (1
Great to hear Suz and Mandi!
Digging the new hosts! Great format!
New Hosts A Poor Choice
The two new hosts are pretty irritating. I wish their jokes were as funny as they think they are. The constant giggling! Please bring Tom and Eric back! Will unsubscribe now.
Godfather of gaming podcast
Tom Vasel is The Godfather of board gaming and this is the podcast that taught me a lot in my early days of gaming.
Can a podcast about board games be uplifting?
Yes, and Tom brings the sunshine. I first learned about board games on another, defunct but aweseom podcast, A Better You, and then hit Google ti find out more. I landed on Tom's website and then this podcast which is invaluable if you want to learn about the newest board games.
Anthony Wilson
My news for games
Tom and Eric are a fantastic dip and balance each other out incredibly well. A lot of podcasts have a one minded team but the civility and discussion that comes from any disagreement is more productive and informative than if they always agreed on everything. Great show, thank you.
Dice Tower Makes Me Spend Money
But I'm not complaining! I've had hours upon hours of fun with my gaming group playing games recommended from this podcast. Love the hosts, love the quick but informational reviews, and love the recurring segments which are always highly entertaining. If you're a board gamer, this is essential listening.
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