The Denimhunters Podcast
The Denimhunters Podcast
Whether denim is your passion or your profession (or maybe both), this is the podcast for you! Hosted by Thomas Stege Bojer, this podcast answers some of the big questions about denim and jeans. Thomas talks to denim personalities and experts to hear their inspiring stories and get their answers to some of these questions. Make sure you’re subscribed to the show wherever you get your podcasts. If you have any questions that you’d like Thomas or his guests to answer, you can submit them at Denimhunters is a blog turned consultancy platform. We direct denim business through insights, creativity and action.
18 Denim Encyclopedia Terms Every Denimheads Must Know
Do you know what selvedge is? Rivets? Roping? If you're into raw denim, and you probably are since you're listening to this podcast, you've surely read or heard about terms like these. And chances are you already know what they mean. In this episode of the Denimhunters Podcast, Thomas discusses 18 common must-know terms from the denim vocabulary. This should be a good place to start if you're new to raw denim (and denim in general). But it's also relevant if you already consider yourself a denimhead but you're looking to brush up on your vocabulary. The episode is part of the series where we dive into the Denimhunters content archives and our Denim Encyclopedia to discuss some of the essential and most frequently debated topics of raw denim. You can learn more about the 18 terms (and many more) in the Denim Encyclopedia:
Aug 24
44 min
Answers to 7 FAQs about Buying Raw Denim Jeans
In this episode of the podcast, Thomas answers seven of the most frequently asked questions about buying raw denim jeans. The questions and answers are pulled straight from a previously published blog post that he wrote together with Bryan Szabo from the Indigo Invitational, and published on Denimhunters. The goal of this episode is to help you make a more informed raw denim purchase. And while the questions are most commonly asked when you’re starting out in this scene, the answers (should be) equally relevant whether you’re about to buy your first or your fiftieth pair.
Aug 17
41 min
How Nudie Jeans Took Raw Denim Mainstream and Beyond (with Palle Stenberg)
In this episode, Thomas is joined by Palle Stenberg, one of the three owners of Nudie Jeans, to talk about his story and, of course, the story of Nudie Jeans. We talk about the origins of the brand, about what makes it different from other denim brands; we talk about organic cotton, about repairing jeans, and the brand took raw denim mainstream and beyond.
Aug 10
53 min
How to Buy Raw Denim Jeans That Actually Fit You (Men's Fit Guide)
This episode of the Denimhunters Podcast is the second instalment in my ongoing series where I tackle some of denim’s big questions and discuss the most frequently debated topics. In a previous episode, I talked about the three key elements of quality jeans: denim, fit and details. In this one, we dive deeper into that second key element, the fit.
Aug 3
46 min
How to Identify Quality Jeans with these 3 Key Elements
In this episode, Thomas talks about the three key elements that all quality raw denim jeans share: Denim that fades well, great fit, and details that're made with attention to detail. If you want to learn more about everything Thomas talks about in this episode, check out the Denim Encyclopedia on Denimhunters. It has answers to all of the most frequently asked questions about denim and jeans, as well as explanations about how denim and jeans are made.
Jul 27
1 hr
Cleaning Up the Denim Business (with Tony from Kings of Indigo)
Dutchman Tony Tonnaer has spent more than 15 years doing his part in making our shared denim addiction less harmful to the planet. After falling in love with denim during his time at Pepe Jeans in the early 00s, he became the CEO of Kuyichi, one of the brands that pioneered a more sustainable approach to making blue jeans. In 2010, Tony decided it was time to branch out on his own. That’s when he created KOI, also known as Kings of Indigo. Not long after, at the 2011 Bread and Butter summer show in Berlin, Tony presented his brand to the world. In this episode of the podcast, Tony and Thomas talk about the philosophy behind Kings of Indigo and how jeans can be more sustainable.
Jul 20
55 min
How Okayama Denim Became a Go-To Place for the Best Japanese Jeans (with Merv Sethi)
In this episode of the podcast, Merv Sethi from Okayama Denim tells his background, how he started his store with a tsunami relief project, and the USPs of his business. Merv shares his story and gives some insights into his background: his grandfather immigrated from India in 1952, and his family has been in the trading business ever since. We also talk about how the Okayama Denim Project that Merv did in 2011, in the wake of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, became the start of the Okayama Denim we know today. It all start when Merv was looking for a maker of the bracelet he did. That’s when he met Ken-ichi Iwaya, the founder of Pure Blue Japan, in his store on Jeans Street in Kojima. Okayama Denim is one of the few international Japan-based online retailers of Japanese raw denim. They retail most of the brands we all love to countries around the globe. In fact, in 2019, Okayama denim shipped to more than 70 countries! But the key USP of Okayama Denim has to be collaborations. They have to be right at the top of the ‘most collaboration’ list of any denim retailer. And they collaborations go far beyond the details of the jeans; they also collaborate with the makers on the denims. Make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast on your favourite player. The show’s on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, and of course on
Jul 13
58 min
How Japanalogue Gives Japanese Denim an English Voice (with Dave Stewart)
Thomas talks to Dave from Japanalogue about his story, the philosophy behind his website, and how he might be able to turn it into a full-time thing. Dave runs Japanalogue entirely as a hobby project (at least so far). As a single parent and a job as an English teacher at a girl’s high school, it’s not like Dave hasn’t got other things to do and take care of. That’s also why, on this podcast, I asked Dave about his plans to take his side to the next level. Knowing the language and the culture is probably one of the key reasons he seems to be able to get the Japanese denim bosses to open up in a way the rest of us simply can't. He's practically become friends with all of them, it seems. And that puts him in a very unique position.
Jul 6
45 min
Curating the History of Blue Jeans (with Tracey Panek)
In this episode of the Denimhunters Podcast, Thomas talks to Tracey Panek, the historian at Levi Strauss & Co., about what she does, why it's such an important department in the Levi's organisation, and why what she does influences denim and blue jeans from any brand.
Jun 29
43 min
How Tenue de Nîmes Carved Out Its Own Niche in Raw Denim (with Menno van Meurs)
Tenue de Nîmes is different from other high-quality denim-focused retailers. The Amsterdam-based retailer is inarguably one of the world’s finest denim destination. On this episode of the podcast, Thomas talks to the man behind Tenue de Nîmes, mr Menno van Meurs. They talk about his dad’s old jeans and cowboy boots. They talk about his love for sports and later denim. How he got a job in Mode d’Emploi, whose owners also did the Atelier la Durance brand. And how he, together with two others, started Tenue de Nîmes in 2008. Of course, they also talk about what I think is one of the coolest in-house marketing platforms of any denim retailer, their publication Journal de Nîmes. And they talk about why the fashion industry is so f*cked up and actually really needs to change, which the COVID-19 crisis is facilitating.
Jun 22
55 min
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