The Debatables Podcast
The Debatables Podcast
Alonzo & Tomekia Young
The Debatables Podcast is a podcast from a married couple who have conversations that sometimes turn into debates. We want to have these conversations/debates together to share with the world in hopes of stimulating the minds and thoughts of others. We welcome you to the world of the Debatables!
Black's Law Dictionary
Why are you allowing 'black' to be your status? Allow us to tell you again YOU'RE NOT BLACK!
Apr 24, 2020
22 min
What Does it Mean to be black?
Origin of word ✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾 Etymon is the origin of a word, the original root. Do you really know what you are saying when speaking in the way that you do? What does it mean when we label ourselves black, colored, negros, etc? What are we telling the world? How does this affect us within the law and how we are treated? If you don't believe any of these things matter. Think again.
Apr 23, 2020
22 min
Nationality......... What is your Nationality? Do you know what it is or have you even given it a thought? Why are we not taught this? Let's jump in to find out more about this topic.
Apr 21, 2020
24 min
Belief vs. Principles
Do you operate with beliefs or do operate on principles⁉️⁠ ⁠ What is the difference between the two and why are they important⁉️⁠ Wouldn't you want to know how distinguishing the difference between the two affects your everyday life⁉️ Join us as we discuss the difference between beliefs and principles.
Apr 20, 2020
10 min
Easter & The Vernal Equinox
Easter & The Vernal Equinox Let tie it all together: ✝️ Easter 🐇: Bunny 🥚: Eggs ⭐: Venus All of those things bring us to the Vernal Equinox or the Spring Equinox. Join us as we discuss.🤔
Apr 17, 2020
20 min
Women Are From Venus
Women are from Venus! ♀️ Venus; who, what, & why❓❓❓ Venus and how she relates to the holiday Easter that we celebrate every year. Do you think of Venus when you celebrate Easter? Why should you, right? Well, listen to find out who, what, and why in relation to Venus.
Apr 16, 2020
11 min
Easter - The Rabbit & Eggs
Rabbits don't lay eggs 😕 so why are these two items such a major part of Easter⁉️⁠ ⁠ Is there a meaning behind the rabbit and the eggs that we are unaware of⁉️⁠ ⁠ If so why weren't we taught these things⁉️⁠ ⁠ The meaning is right in front of your face...just think about it.🤔
Apr 14, 2020
9 min
Who Decided When We Would Celebrate Easter
When is Easter and what is its significance? Have you ever thought about why we celebrate Easter and the TRUE meaning behind it!? No!? May you should think about it, wonder why, and look for truth!
Apr 13, 2020
13 min
Are You Black!?
Black? African American? Are these JUST labels? What are we? Who are we? We have been having this debate for the past few weeks and wanted you all to join us as we continue to have this conversation. Join the conversation in the comments below. Also check out some of the following links. Do your research!! Suggested and advised Tools / Books to CORRECT the many Mis-concepts that have been socially engineered to purposely run your train completely off the track. . 1. Unabridged Dictionary 1936 - look at the definition of American. 2. Henry Campbell Black's Law Dictionary 4th edition - review definition of Nationality. 3. Cross reference definition of 'Rights' in Bouvier's Law Dictionary (Rawles 3rd revision) with emphasis on Political Rights. 4. See definition of Domicile and all of the sub-definitions of domicile in Black's Law Dictionary 4th Edition. Note: The two key attributes of Nationality are Domicile and Political Status. 5. See History of the Moorish Empire in Europe, Vol. 1,2, and 3 Note: Law and History cannot be separated.
Dec 26, 2019
21 min
Vote or Not to Vote.....That Is the Question
This episode we discuss or should I say debate on whether or not we should vote. We discuss the laws and knowing as well as understanding the process when it comes to voting. Do our votes really matter? Can we really make a difference by voting? How can we vote if we don't even understand the laws? These are only a couple of the questions we ask in this episode. We admit to not knowing but that’s the whole point of this conversation. I also got our mayors name wrong but again we never claimed to know it all. Like! Share! Subscribe! #thedebateables #knowledge #conversations #think #love #marriage #voting #onyxsourcemedia #letsdebate
Dec 10, 2019
48 min
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