The Dark Side with Ron Cuzner
The Dark Side with Ron Cuzner
Ron Cuzner
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Priceless Memories!
Wow - discovering these recordings of Ron Cuzner’s radio programs really gladdened my heart today! What priceless memories these bring back from my college days at UWM in Milwaukee, listening to WFMR. Ron’s peerless style of pregnant pauses, quirky humor and rich knowledge introduced me to so many jazz greats I had never heard before. There has honestly never been anyone like him since. RIP, Ron. If you never knew there was a “Dark Side” before Star Wars, you owe it to yourself to give these a listen and learn. Thank you Al, for posting these recordings. I certainly hope Volume 3 is on its way! 😃👍
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Early UWM Years
Brings back great memories! We would have Ron on the intercom while stocking shelves at Sentry Foods on Downer Ave late at night after the store was closed. A shout out to Dave, Karl, Seth, Jim and Glenn. -Ron R.
Chet you're going down
One of the best!
Thank you ever so much for posting these great memories and music. I always listened to Ron on weekends and these brought back some wonderful memories. Keep them coming! I wish someone would do the same for Dick Buckley's CHICAGO shows, another great DJ
In a word, jazz....
Ron's shows were top-notch. His trademark style of bringing jazz to Milwaukee airwaves over a variety of stations over the years are the stuff of legend...Listen to the sounds of a true master at work, in a way that is educating, thought provoking and entertaining, all at the same time. So cool that these recordings have been preserved!
The Dark Side with Ron Cuzner
I am having trouble downloading these podcasts. It downloads 30MB and then stops. Has anyone else experienced this problem? As a longtime listener and former co-worker with Ron Cuzner in Milwaukee I would really like to access these treasured recordings. Help?
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Dark Side
Thank you so very much! I was recently reminiscing with my 26 yr. old son and commenting on how wonderful Ron Cuzner was, and how I missed the sound of his voice and the quality of his shows. Finding them again, is a treasure ! So, miss him....thank you, thank you!
Cuzner lives on
Cuzner was a family friend and I grew up listening to him, which also doubled as a musical educational experience. I have a WFMR 96.5 poster hanging on my office wall that he signed for me during his 10th anniversary (1970-1980) party that was held at the Jazz Riverboat. Heh - back then I thought I was the only one that taped his shows. If I heard an artist/album I liked, I'd make a note of it and procure the LP. Now with the plethora of these Podcasts, I can do the same - as his shows live on. (There was a 30-minute TV special on the Dark Side that locally aired in the mid-70s - I wonder if that will turn up some day?)
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Former Scout
Thank you!
These were the best Jazz radio shows ever! Just give any of these a listen and you will want more. Ron had a gift with his voice that made you want to listen. It was like a history lesson in jazz every night! Thank you for putting these together!
This is great. Just like listening to the dark side on WFMR back in the late 60's
Thank you! Thank you!! Man do these recordings take me back. Mr Cuzner was the King of Cool. This is great too have found these. Sit back and enjoy.
A Very Special THANK YOU to AL JEWER and MARSHA BANACH LAMBERT for all they have done behind the scenes in bringing us these wonderful recordings of Milwaukee's radio Jazz scene. Ron Cuzner truly was a gem and his love & knowledge of America's Music will remain with me forever.
An Absolute Treasure
What a glorious collection! When Ron was on the air, Milwaukee (or wherever you were hearing him) was the coolest place to be. To those who remember his broadcasts, these recordings are a priceless souvenir of years past. On their own, they are a rich collection of sublime, true jazz.
Marc 60657
The Darkside
Thank you so much for these recordings. They are sublime. Ron was a true Milwaukee treasure.
Love it!
Keep up the downloads. Ron Cuzner is greatly missed. Thank you for doing this.
The life you save, may be Tim Bell's
Thank you Ron and thank you to whomever has brought these out. I used to make tapes to listen to Ron on my trips back and forth to Texas. Hope there are more to come.
The Dark Side
The greatest DJ ever. The King of cool. The master of the catchphrase. I trust his cookie jar is still filled to the brim with, of course, his favorite cookie. The thought that these original radio waves may still be bouncing around the universe somewhere is very comforting. Even if you do not like jazz, Cuzner will capture and captivate you with his unique presentations of the mundane; the news (or the blues, depending on your perspective) or baseball scores. He was a Jazz sage with an encyclopedic knowledge off material and artists. (Like his favorite drummer, Billy Higgins) This guy was one of a kind, a true original and a national treasure. Whoever unearthed these tapes should be knighted. I urge you to turn off the lights, light up, relax, take a listen and the Dark Side......
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