The Dana Buckler Show
The Dana Buckler Show
How Is This Movie?
Are you a fan of movies, TV shows, all things film? Then you will love the podcast, The Dana Buckler Show. Available on iTunes,Stitcher, Spotify and several radio stations Dana and Company tells the story behind the story of some of the most beloved and iconic films of all time. Host Dana Buckler, a natural-born reciter of tales, entertains and delights the audience with his encyclopedic knowledge of film, his sense of humor and his articulate and clever talent of weaving personal anecdotes into his broadcasts. His never-ending quest to learn everything he can about the film industry pays off big time for the listener. In addition to presenting stimulating, informative and often-humorous programs on individual films and genres, Dana also interviews people in the movie industry, giving listeners a rare look into the sometimes-hidden side of film-making. Listen to one episode and you will find yourself not only better informed about film then you ever thought possible, but ravenously hungry for more of The Dana Buckler Show You can also reach us
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Dana knows everything about films and his interviews are well thought out. Truly enjoy his podcast! 👍🏼
Dana rules!
Dana’s awesome and so is his podcast!
Evyl Ed
Great podcast!!!
This is my favorite movie pod cast.
Thank you to all that listen to this podcast!
What happened to this show. It used to be so good. Now it's D list people and boring interviews.
Great movie reviews and interviews!
I listen to podcasts all day at work and Dana’s podcast is entertaining and very enjoyable. Makes my workday a breeze and also adds to my ever growing must see movie list!
If you love movies you’ll love this podcast. They delve into history, have amazing guests and the hosts have smart and thoughtful opinions. Keep up the great work!
#1 For True Movie Buffs
One of my favorite podcasts and the BEST one out there for true movie buffs. Plus, it keeps getting better. The core casts offer great insight, history and backstory to some of the best movies ever made. But the show has evolved into so much more - fantastic guest interviews, themed movie categories and, my new personal favorite, the 20th Century Movie Club. There’s something for anyone who loves movies and is especially interested in diving into history, brought to you by one of the best storytellers out there.
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Your Ice Cream Man
Great Content
Dana has a great way of portraying the movies so the listener can understand and comprehend the true meaning and his viewpoints of the specific movie,he is referring about.
More please!!
I’ve been listening for 5 years now, I love it, I just wish Dana would put out more episodes!
Great podcast
Can’t get enough thanks for the podcast! 😃
Love it so much!
Thank you for everything you do Dana, you have such an amazing personality and the voice to match!!
Great Movie-Lovers Podcast
I used to love this podcast. It used to be in my Top 3 Podcasts. But something changed when Dana changed it from HITM to The Dana Buckler Show. It changed gradually, but it changed a lot, and it’s continuing to change...and not for the better. If you go back just a couple years ago and compare, you’ll really notice the difference. I used to love a very calm Dana talking about movies, the history of each movie and how it tied in with the history of cinema. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Theater Rants, my favorites were when I learned something about the movie and that cinematic time period. Recently it’s all about guest hosts and foul language. I understand multiple hosts is big in podcasts right now, but that was always how Dana was unique...not anymore. I understand having a “special” guest host every once in a while, someone who is a specialist in their craft that can offer something extra. But now Dana just seems to host PTI or some other multiple host talk-show where people talk over each other. And can we talk about how frequent the F-bomb is dropped now? My goodness, I’m not a prude and I do my share of cursing and I certainly am not bothered by cursing in movies and shows when it is necessary. I realize that a well-placed F-bomb can have a dramatic effect. But sheesh, Dana drops them more and more every episode...for no reason at all. Instead of dramatic, it’s distracting. After listening to the Rocky 3 podcast, I decided it was too much. There were so many unnecessary and distracting F-bombs. I think I may be done as a devoted listener to this podcast, it’s certainly not in my Top 3 anymore. I realize my review doesn’t mean much because I’m not a Patreon supporter. What’s interesting is a few months ago I was about to become one to get the extra episodes, but I have changed my mind because of the new direction the podcast has taken.
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Entertainment Gold!
Dana has a voice that soothes the ear like a massage! Combine that with his endless sea of knowledge of movies and beyond, this show has it all!
Wonderful Podcast
Love it, Thank you Dana!!
Good stuff!
I just discovered this podcast about a month ago, it’s brilliant! Dana and company have enough variety to keep me constantly entertained!
Great Podcast
I absolutely love the 20Th Century Movie Club, please do more movies from the 80’s!!
Love the show!!
Thank you for the years of great podcasts Dana!
Brilliant Podcast!
I have been listening for a week now on a recommendation from a friend at work and the more I have been listening, the more I love these reviews! I am a huge fan of movies both old and new and to hear this passion coming from Dana and his guests is fantastic and it if very informative while also entertaining! These also help to spark a lot of old memories of me and my dad watching movies and sharing stories relating to the movies we watch. I could not give a higher recommendation!
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DWB 1999
Great Deep Dives
I'm a fish when I watch movies. I just watch without thinking. But why should I when Dana and cohosts Mike and Ashley are there to let me in on what people smarter than I are thinking when they enjoy a movie. Movies is a busy topic in th epodcast world, this is my go to. Keep up the great work.
Be consistent!
I need Dana to start getting control of episode lengths. The Teen Comedy one was long for a reason (and fantastic by the way as was Showgirls and Robocop) but the most recent People vs. made me decide to finally write in. I was about to start donating to their Patreon when that awful episode on a Time to Kill came out. Mike seems nice but he just goes on and on and on and on and on. I stopped listening. I do not want a two hour episode of legal analysis. Please cancel that type of episode and stick to what you are good at from now on. Bring back the deep dives on movies because that is what we are here for and listening for every time we tune in.
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Couple of things
For this to be 5 stars for me, Ashley needs to invest in a quality mic so it doesn't sound like she's calling in from long distance, and she needs to not talk for the sake of talking. I think she just fills airtime by speaking when there's really no need. She annoyingly rambles and I had to stop listening to her episodes. Dana's great.
Favorite movie pod
I listen to alot of movie pods. This one is my favorite. Dana and crew discuss alot of movies I seen growing up that are some of my favorite films. Also the only podcast I support on Patreon. Keep up the good work Dana.
Dana's Sweet Voice and Ashley's Analysis Make For a Great Show
I found this show after one of my favorite podcasts Shat on TV read out an email from this show's co-host Ashley. Getting to actually hear her on here shows she is funny and scarily thought provoking. And I got introduced to the one of a kind Dana Buckler. He's knowledgeable, funny and that voice of his lulls you into a happy and safe place. Now, I am listening to both Shat TV and Movies and Dana and Ashley every chance I get. It is like a perfect night out. You get a cold beer and whiskey shot with the Shat shows to start and a nice and sultry cognac with Dana and Ashley to end the night. Five stars and zero wipes.
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Zero wipes!
One of my favorite pods! I love Dana’s (and Ashley’s) take on films.
kerri poe
5 stars all the way
Dana is a well researched host which makes this podcast so interesting. Dana also brings in excellent guest hosts like Ashley who compliment the podcast greatly. Really liked the Primary Colors episode as well as Showgirls. Kudos to both Dana and Ashley. Definitely give this podcast a listen if you like movies even a little!!
Drew Zakmin
Genius Showgirls Review!
One of the best episodes to date! Ashley was the perfect guest for the episode - she is smart, witty, and was uncensored in the best possible way. 👍🏽👍🏽
Bad Change
I enjoyed the HITM podcast. Unfortunately instead of talking about movies the new pod goes into such topics as cisgender issues.
I have tuned in for awhile to the show, but with the recent changes, it is time to post a review. The changes to the Dana Buckler show so far has been an improvement on an already great model. The new 20th centruy movie club is going to be a great series and Michael Scott seems like he is going to be a fine new host. Add to that the episodes so far with Ashley Schklafley. She is also really a great new voice on the show and wicked smart and thought provoking. I am ready to hear more from both. My only wish is that shows would come out more often. You are an amzing show creater Dana. Thank you for your hard work.
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Good find and great cohost
I had the fortuitous opportunity to meet one of the cohosts (the charming and extremely funny Ashley) on a flight recently. I talked with her about movies and TV for hours, and she convinced me to listen to this show and another that I really like now on my commute. I have learned so much about my favorite movies. Dana is a top notch host who knows his stuff and Ashley is smart, insightful and a great addtion to Dana's knowledge. I am going to be a long time listener to all episodes.
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I listen in, even if I haven't seen the movie
I love the way Dana breaks down the production history of a movie. Even if I haven't seen it, I tune in and always come away having learned something that makes me want to watch (or re-watch) the movie. And does anyone in podcasts have better guests than Dana? I submit that they do not.
My Favorite Movie Podcast!
Dana knows a lot about movies, and it's been fun to listen to him evolve over the years. He now does lots of interviews, sometimes with fellow film fans but also with directors and screenwriters. The research that goes into his examination of various films is impressive, and he does it with humor and good cheer. The movie rant episodes are great, too. High recommended, especially for horror fans who want to know more about Freddy, Halloween, and the Excorcist and Jaws franchises.
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Colin Woodward
The King of Composition
If you are only planning on listening to one movie podcast, this should be it. Why? Because Dana’s composition of sound bites and exposition makes it feel like he’s had a back seat to all these films, covering not only the plots but also the film makers’ journeys leading up to and beyond the filming process. A definite must-listen!
Love this podcast!
Just discovered this podcast, it’s so good!
Refreshing and unique
In a medium as niche as podcasting, Dana Buckler stands out as a content provider who is unique and approaches film in a manner that no one else dare attempt. Through a mix of personal experience, well researched knowledge, and a personable attitude, Buckler is able to tell interesting narratives of beloved films that many may not be aware. I've been listening for 2 years this summer, and I'll definitely be tuning in for more to come.
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So glad I found this!
Dana is a podcast master! This show something for everyone, Film History, great Interviews and really fun stories!! Bravo Dana!!
The top of my list...
With my job, I am able to spend the whole day listening to podcasts. However, I usually keep them going in the background and “half-listen” to each one of them as I go about my work. Some days I can’t wait to hear certain podcasts from other shows but there is only one show that I will sit down, close my eyes, and purposely listen to while doing nothing. HITM is the only one on that list. Dana always starts off the show with a rather large sound clip from whatever film he is talking about. That way of kicking-things-off always takes me back, not only to the movie, but also to that era of time in my life when I first encountered that movie. Dana then brings you into what was going in the lives of those who were involved in the making of that particular movie and also the drama that surrounded the creation of it. Each episode is like a movie in itself and I almost get the same excitement for each episode as I did for the movie he is covering in that show. I appreciate Dana taking me back to those times in my life when what came out of Hollywood was magical and new. I have probably got about 12 other friends hooked on this podcast and they feel the same as I do about it. Thank you Dana for all of your hard work. This guy really appreciates it!
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Great Podcast
Very informative and entertaining. Dana is an extremely likable guy. Always a pleasure to see a new episode in my feed
Love it
Probably My Favorite Podcast
The way Dana breaks down how a movie was made is both interesting and entertaining. He has a great voice and isn’t boring to listen to. He does thorough research (which most take a lot of work cause of how in depth it is) and makes sure to throw in his own thoughts so you can understand what’s going on. He has a great series called ‘Movie Theater Rant’ which goes into detail about everything wrong with going to the movies. His personal stories he tells are entertaining and let’s you get to know him even better. What else can I say? Go listen to this great podcast.
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Ben Smith Productions
Great Podcast
Been listening to Dana for a wile now, and this show gets better and better. He makes me remember movies I love. Give it a listen!!! (please)
Film lovers talk about films
Dana’s podcasts are great if you love good, smart films. His three part series on Boogie Nights is fantastic. I’m making my way through the back catalogue now. Good listen.
So Glad I Found This Podcast
In a world where there are way too many podcasts about man has the ability to tell us amazing stories about some of the greatest and most important films of all time, as well as his unique personal connections to these films. I can’t say enough good things about “How is This Movie.” The stories I’ve heard Dana Buckler tell have given me a whole new appreciation for every movie he’s discussed. Although I didn’t discover the podcast until a few months ago, I quickly worked my way through every episode. I even became a Patreon supporter so that I could have access to the Patreon exclusive shows. This podcast is simply awesome.
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Mike F. L.
Good show
Entertaining and enjoyable. Good story teller. The reviews are only half the fun.
Base 123
Great movie podcast
Intelligent discussion by people who love movies
I love this podcast. They do an amazing job of breaking down movies that I happen to love. You don’t have to be a film snob to enjoy this podcast. But you will find that your appreciation of movies and how they are made grows the more you listen.
Adding depth to your favorite movies
The first episode I listened to was on Alien; I assumed by the title of the podcast that it'd be some kind of film review and I was curious to hear another perspective on my favorite movie. How delightfully wrong I was. Instead, Dana went through the full history of HOW the movie was conceived and produced, starting with the creator's early days in college and ending with the film's debut. The tale was compelling and utterly fascinating, and further enhanced my appreciation not only of Alien itself, but of the astounding number of coincidences and chance encounters required to produce a movie like Alien in the first place. Dana's podcast restores a sense of mythos to classic films by exploring their history, and I can't over express my gratitude for his endeavors.
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There are many movie podcasts with people just sitting around giving their opinion of different movies, which I personally don't care about. This one on the other hand is all about what I actually want: learning the behind the scenes info about how they were made. The struggles, the changes, the reasons things went the way they did. Absolutely excellent show for anyone that really cares about movies.
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Outstanding show
I discovered this show through Rog, Big D, and Gene Lyons over at the shat the movies podcast and I've thoroughly enjoyed every episode. Your analysis, stories, and reviews are insightful, poignant and hilarious. Keep up the good work
Great Voice!
Dana has one of those voices that I can't stop listening to! Keep up the wonderful Dana! -EVN
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