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Number your shows pls
I wish you would number your shows so I can look them up fast instead of wading thru years of shows looking for the one I want to hear. That is all. GREAT podcast and reporting! Wish I could find the “Franco” shows tho.
Catte Adams
Better than I expected: has some bias, widely varied stories, decent evidence trail I think
This is my daily source of news, and I still notice some problems with it. I like the format with a focus each day and notes at the end. I also appreciate the topics covered; almost always, if I hear something mentioned somewhere else, there will be a feature about it on The Daily. That said, as with NPR, every so often I listen to an assumption or question that I consider biased.
Too Fake
Please replace hosts and entire production team. The stories and interviews are often quite good.
Small stories
Isn’t this The NY Times? Why are you choosing to do such small interviews with random people. I don’t care what some random people in the upper west side think. Can’t you get experts on the show and talk facts not personal anecdotes about the election. Maybe get the candidates? What a joke.
New York Democrat
Don’t interview morons
Today’s podcast interviewing the 26yo about defund the police was disrespectful to my time. Her arguments were so illogical. I expect more intelligent debate on big issues. Do better!
Margie MacairDec15
Great journalism terrible broadcast voices
This is a great and probing show for anyone interested in current affairs, both global and local. My one complaint is the overly affected voices that verge on parody. On some occasions the intonation including MB’s is downright grating. Please stop speaking like that, and if you must, consult with a voice coach. It isn’t necessary the content of your show will see the episodes through!
View of a sheltered privileged daughter
The NY policing episode portrayed someone on the far left that will just give the right more ammo.
Just a mouthpiece for the woke left
Used to actually talk about important issues. Just a mouthpiece for the woke left now, though.
Useful but could be so much better
This podcast covers interesting topics, but I find myself often frustrated by the fact that obvious follow up questions aren’t asked of the guests. It also frequently leaves out context and comes off extremely one-sided which isn’t a good look for a NYT podcast.
Absolute trash
Crap coverage
Not this interviewer
The interviewer is no Michael - but she keeps trying to be and it’s distracting and annoying
Vaccinated US Expats
Michael, You should do a podcast for US expats overseas that have been vaccinated but are unable to get a COVID-19 vaccination card from their state that have moved back to the US. Thanks D
My first podcast everyday!
Love Michael and I’m very disappointed when he doesn’t take the lead each day ...even knowing he has a baby now. Please never replace him!
desperately single
Listen and Discuss
This podcast should be required listening for anyone interested in engaging in an honest discourse of the relevant issues of our time. Not all episodes are created equal, but each presents a forum for discussion. For those who claim it leans too far to the left, do your research and present your counter argument. To dismiss this podcast, or any news outlet for that matter, as agenda-driven is missing the point. Take in the information, think critically, and form your own conclusions. A wise and informed populace is humanity’s only hope. Keep going, strive for perfection; we’ll be ok so long as we listen, debate, and grow stronger together.
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Humble & Informed
Pausing as you speak
Please stop with the annoying speech pattern. No one wants to tell you but it’s affected. Now it’s not just Barbaro but it’s become everyone who hosts. It’s the only reason I stopped listening.
john and tara
Day X mini series
Good reporting of an important story (that I appreciated reading previously), but the narrative delivery is too frustratingly halting I could not continue listening. Tried listening at 1.5 speed, but then non-narration parts were too fast. Narrator is much more fluid when talking to people, so it seems she could benefit from better coaching/pacing in the studio.
Otherwise Loyal Listener
I was loving the daily pod cast .. the last month the stores are boring .. is Michael doing this on purpose since he’s on maternity leave? Can’t believe I miss all the hmmmmmmmmmm’s
about the billionaire/tax podcast
how come no one is reading off names of billionaires on the right? i am only hearing those on the left or those we don’t know their political affiliation. aren’t the kochs on their? there must be some on the right how about reading their names off too when you are calling out soros geez
The music
The background music while a reporter is talking is so annoying. It’s overwhelming. Please make it stop!
J. Todd H.
No Balance Reporting the Story
I was excited to listen to the episode on why the rich pay very little taxes. The story was very slanted. While the content was mostly accurate, it skews the listeners point of view. For example, if four people witnessed an accident from each side of the street. This story only focuses on one point of view. It’s somewhat correct, but actually misses huge details. For context, I am not rich. I do understand taxes and incentives. The tax code is written to incentivize behavior to benefit all Americans. One example is the tax incentive to invest in clean energy.
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Icky Ads
Love the show. Is it just me or have the ads gotten more manipulative recently? In the last few weeks I’ve heard from Exxon talking about how they’re reducing their carbon footprint, Facebook advocating for internet reform and more privacy protection, soda bottle companies on creating 100% recyclable plastic bottles (eye roll!), and almond companies on their sustainability and reduced water consumption. On the one hand, it’s nice that these issues are now considered culturally important enough to address, but on the other hand it feels like it erodes at the credibility of NYT when every episode is funded by thinly veiled corporate greenwashing.
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Oil company ads
Despite all the powerful journalism in this podcast, NYT accepts money from oil companies. Otherwise this would be a 5-star review.
Please improve Guests’ audio
I love this podcast, the reporting, and the editing. I recently listened to the episode about mRNA (great episode. 10/10 material), but the guest reporter’s audio was kind of crackly—like she recorded through the phone. The Hungarian biologist’s audio was very clear, so it was awkward to listen to because the actual reporter’s audio wasn’t as clear. This made the episode a bit difficult to listen to!
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music man #2
More Astead!
Michael is in a league of his own, but while he’s taking care of his new baby (!!) I would love to hear more from Astead! I really like the way he asks questions and responds to his guests. His flow sounds really natural and not contrived, which is important because the opposite stands out sharply. Still love the show, and it’s always a treat when Michael pops back in to do an interview!
Sabrina is terrible
Sabrina is getting more space and she is a horrible interviewer.
Bezos Tax
The piece on Bezos tax is deliberately misleading. This is bad reporting and unethical as a reporter. The guest made it sounds like Bezos never sell stocks and keep borrowing to avoid tax. This doesn’t make sense to me, so I read more about it. Turned out, the guest omitted the fact that, according to ProPublica, Bezos sold $6.5B between 2006-2018 and paid $1.4B in tax. With that much cash, he does need to sale more. Now , that makes sense. So if the entire story is about Bezos not paying tax on the appreciation of his unsold stocks, then there is no story. Nobody pay tax on unsold stock, rich or poor. He cashed out $6.5B, paid tax on it, and left him with $5.1B, enough to live on a rich life without selling more . What is wrong with that? Please stop doing sensational story. It takes away your credibility
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Leftist trash
No acknowledgement of Joe Biden’s pathetic mental decline. Shocking! The most politically bias show.
Bad information
Weismann needs to go read the tax code! Not accurate depiction of the reason there is no tax paid
Very disappointing
In its early days, the daily was pragmatic and facts-driven. It endeavored to explore all sides to every story. Sadly over the last year, it’s become a victim of polarization - leaving us in the middle with one less source of trustworthy and insightful commentary.
Denver Wing
Artful storytelling
The Daily combines artful storytelling, the context, and insights needed for the most current and relevant topics. I often find myself thinking how I’ve never fully understood a topic until hearing it explained on the Daily. Thank you for sharing news in a digestible and delightful manner!
Barbaro replacement hard to listen to
I usually love the daily, but I find the woman who’s stepping in while Barbaro’s on leave unbearable. The questions are so overly inflected and scripted… it sounds like an educational audio show for children. It’s okay to just toss the story to the expert without using the “I’m thinking about” and “I’m wondering” that sounds natural from the usual host and contrived by the guest host.
Makes me smarter!
I love this Podcast. When I am done listening I feel like I’m a little smarter. I come away with new information and awareness. I look forward to it everyday. Plus, I’m somewhat new so get to go back and listen to older ones.
Dumbed Down
Guest speaker makes a statement and host paraphrases the statement in the form of a question and the guest paraphrases an answer. It is not unusual for the host to later ask a question the answer to which has previously been given. This endless repetition and simplification of the content is most annoying and reveals an unwarranted assumption about the intelligence of the listener. Please correct.
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Midsummer Star
Dr Kariko
Loved this segment. She is truly a great role model for young girls who have any aspirations in the field of science. If I were still teaching I would use this in my classroom!
Great content, sometimes annoying hosts
I find the multivariate insights of this podcast always help me better understand an issues. You get access to experts actually speaking or the history to an issue. Always listen to this awhile cooking! I’ve become used to some of Michael’s particularities of speaking. But a new sometimes host, Sabrina, has a way of overdramatizing or speaking in a contrived way that I find very distracting. Please just talk. Don’t need to go high and low with your voice to act surprised or create drama. It’s news. It’s ok to just talk I think. It all in all, great content.
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gurl w a problem
They used to be a respectable place to get accurate information, not anymore!
wea as ssrds
mRNA Dr Kariko interview
I listen to The Daily with a critical ear. I found the timing of the interview with Dr. Kariko to be questionable, and rather manipulative as emails from Fauci reveal an agenda that is clearly less than ethical. There are many Daily episodes I learn from, even if I do not agree with the sometimes, in my opinion, pseudo left point of view.
The best daily podcast
A perfect daily podcast. Great sourcing, information, topics, production, and interviews. A wide variety of subjects that are all current news. Simply great.
The Interesting & In-depth Stories
One of my favorite Podcasts. And I like Michael’s “hmmph” sound…it tells me he’s really “listening” to his guest. 👍👏
LOVE! but…
The host for Day X… it’s really just painful. Her cadence. I can’t be the only one feeling this. Can you offer her some feedback?
Love the show about Dr. Katalin Kariko
Congratulations to her for all her hard work
Loved the Dr. Kariko episode
How intriguing! Loved hearing about this doctor and her role in developing the MRNA vaccine.
The Daily
I’ve been enjoying for some time but today’s episode about Dr. Kariko was particularly excellent. Thanks for the deep dive into the stories behind the story.
Not Russian Debbie
Hosts incredibly annoying affectations
Dear lord what is it with so many left leaning people in media and their dramatic vocal affectations? First he inserts these utterly meaningless pauses, breaking up every sentence coming from his mouth. The pauses rarely make sense or represent a place for thought. I can only conclude it is some self driven affectation that the host believes is in some way attractive, impressive, or makes him look deep and reflective. It is annoying beyond belief. Second he inserts groans of acknowledgment to conversations that are best suited for tasting scenes in a cooking show or soft porn. The whiney voice is bad enough, but when you add all this it is insufferably pretentious and obnoxious.
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Shadwell von Bernstein
Dr Katie Kariko
A wonderful and inspiring podcast. I sent the link to my young relatives to hear the story of a hero and to aspire to do even a fraction of what this great scientist has achieved. God Bless Katie Kariko!
Beyond the headlines
I love the in-depth investigation of issues in the news. You take the time to dig into the story, leaving me with a much better understanding of the news and issues.
Positive view of the left and not so positive for the right.
Every now and again this podcast surprises me with a good story. However most of the time this podcast highlights the liberal side of events while casting a dark cloud over anything from a conservative view point. Does anyone know where the unbiased media went? I’d really like to know where to find decent news that isn’t spun one way or another.
Thank you for this podcast. I learn something every day and even though some of it may be disturbing (Day X) - all are insightful and reveals much. On top of that, the program is well produced and a pleasure to listen to.
Love this show; don’t love the Facebook ads
Ok. I know it takes money to produce a show of this quality. And ad revenue is important. But seriously. Those Facebook ads talking about how they’re leading the way in internet privacy and upholders of truth would be laughable if they weren’t so obviously dishonest and self serving. I don’t believe FB should be drummed out of business, especially if they really do shift the way they operate. But those ads are nothing more than insulting efforts to aggrandize themselves while glossing over the fact that —until they were caught— they were doing exactly what they claim to be leading the fight against. I can’t believe the NYT is allowing itself to be a platform for such bald-faced dishonesty.
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nice channel
very nice channel
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