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Fewer Barbaro Subs Please!
Michael Barbaro makes this show, and while the other reporters who occasionally sub in are okay, it’s just not the same.
My day isn’t complete without The Daily
On Saturdays I struggle! Also..a week without Michael? At first I was shocked, but now I’m worried perhaps he doesn’t get enough time off. I’m used to hearing his voice almost every day, this is the first short vacation I’ve noticed. Don’t burn out Michael Barbaro! You’re the best journalist in radio, and second best voice, surpassed only by the silky-smooth Roman Mars!
What even
I wish people would start talking about facts instead of their own opinions. People are so full of themselves.
Fascinating stories!
I listen every day. You’re all such good reporters and I learn a lot from you about what’s happening.
pea jay
Who Replaces Me?
Thank you so much for this fantastic podcast. Scott Watson is everything a police officer should be. It’s a shame he has not been promoted and his voice would be so valuable for new police recruits to hear. Perhaps in the near future something could be done to promote him and replace him with a black recruit from his neighborhood? Joyce S
Fast Aging Activist
Sunday Read
The content of the Sunday Read is normally interesting but the readers are too formal. I would like if the stories were read by the writers, in normal voices.
Sunday Read would be great, but...
Live the stories on the Sunday Read, but Audum is so annoying I can’t listen any more. Deadpan voice. Same male and female voice all the time... ugh. I’d rather have the stories in print so I can read them.
traveler 42
Quality podcast, annoying host
This is a really good podcast based on the content, albeit left leaning (it’s the NYT to be sure). But Barbaro’s constant hmmmms and huhs in the middle of the guest’s responses are pretty annoying. He is a great interviewer, however, which makes this worth the listen.
Missed points re wildfires
The spin on wildfires in ca and or was annoying. The housing crisis is now somehow to blame for the fires instead of climate change? Or the end of controlled burns practiced by indigenous communities? Yall had to bend over backwards to make that insurance take make sense and avoid talking about climate change and the influx of natural disasters. And for what?
jeanette jjj
Worth every minute
I listen nearly everyday for the personalized and in depth coverage which I find non-political -a great relief. I really crave and need impartial coverage. I may not agree with all of the information and the point of view of the presenter BUT am always educated about the topic. Thank you.
So much sadness
Today’s program was well done as usual. seems as though we should be able to fix this problem? We know what children want and need too grow into healthy adults who contribute to society and then raise healthy children of their own. How can anyone in the world be ok ignoring this needless suffering.
Absolutely great!
Thank you so much for the information. Ali Schuback
Ali Schu
Not a mathematician but...
Surely doesn’t equate to a 4.5 stars get over YOUR views and tell the facts please!!
Love the content but....
Great content but host & guests speak in a strange, robotic way that is super annoying.
I can’t believe the pod focused on the California fires again, instead of what’s going on in Oregon
Wildfire episode
You forgot to mention the cultural burning that indigenous people can do to maintain these fires. I’m surprised you neglected report that in this episode since it’s been in about two NYT articles. Please don’t neglect or dismiss those important voices. Native people know what the land needs.
Left Garbage
If you don’t hang with drug dealers, you don’t put yourself at risk. President trump played down the virus as to not start a panic. Listen to the entire recording. 🙄🙄 This podcast is pure garbage.
Climate change isn’t news? otherwise well done
It amazes me again and again how the Daily ignores news related to climate change. There has been nearly no coverage of west coast wildland fires and other natural disasters over the past few years. The issues it covers are always the hot social or political topics of the week and are often NY-centric. The stories are very well produced and important to cover. However, there is more to news than COVID-19 and police brutality. Why isn’t news related to climate change considered important as well? Edit: they finally acknowledged the wildland fires today but chose to gloss over the fact that more land is burning than ever before and in areas that have never burned. Instead, they made it sound like the problem is building houses in the wrong places.
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September 11 Podcast
Shame on you for not even mentioning what this day means for our country. I was hoping it would be in the “here’s what else”. Very disappointed.
listener from tally
Where tf is the Daily about the Woodward revelations?
I was sure after the 2 parter on Breonna Taylor, they would cover the Woodward revelations and Trump’s own words in the taped interviews. Wildfires deserve to be covered but could have been moved to Monday. The Woodward/ Trump story is a timely and consequential one and I would have clearly assumed this would have a dedicated episode. This podcast was born out of the Run-Up, focusing on the 2016 election. Where has the election coverage gone? Doesn’t need to be focused every episode obviously but when major, breaking stories occur I would expect they would be covered in full. Disappointed.
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Inaccurate reporting about Kenosha
In todays world where live scenes and videos are being posted to Twitter, Facebook and other platforms in real time why would a reporter completely inaccurately reported and included an audio of a white guy, who eventually got shot and killed, taunting a black guy with a racial slur “shoot me n****, shoot me n****” when in reality he was saying it to another white guy? There is multiple videos showing what happened. What’s the reporter’s agenda behind it? Why deliberately lie about such a delicate issue? Report the truth, or lose credibility.
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Breonna Taylor
It was a tragedy, but it wasn't a racist shooting. The cops had a no knock warrant and they were shot at by her boyfriend, a known drug dealer. She was caught in the crossfire and killed. Want to hear something else about her? She was involved with drug deals. Thank you New York Times for the incredible journalism.
I Love Utah!!!
Constant restating of answers is grating
Rukmini is excellent. Please can we have more of her and less of Michael Barbaro. His constant restating of interviewees’ comments is unnecessary and tiresome.
not a two-year-old
Feeling guilty about your white skin?
Are you a white woman with several post-grad PHD’s who has been brainwash at your leftist institution? If you’re an elitist leftist who wants to feel guilty about being HuWhite supremacist while being insulated from any of the consequences of your ideology, then this NYT podcast is for YOU!
Sean Morrisey
Balanced Coverage of Breonna Taylor
I listen to this podcast often, but the reporter who covered Breonna Taylor and ISIS in the past is a treasure of the NYT. Very responsible when there is occasionally some evident bias in reporting.
Decent podcast, but...
Whoever does the preview voiceover...oof. The long dramatic pauses are literally comical. It sounds creepily robotic. Seriously, stop it.
It's just ok
Favorite Podcast
I can’t start my day without listening to The Daily. The host is great, and asks biased-free questions. The reporting and storytelling is the best I’ve heard on a NYT podcast.
Where’s the political coverage?
59 days to the election, and five days without a podcast touching on the most consequential presidential race of our lives? Questionable editorial decisions lately on the direction of the show.
The Daily
Outstanding! Look forward to each episode and Michael does a fantastic job !
listener from Nebraska
Somewhat conflicted
I’m a regular listener, but after listening to your episode about Daniel Prude I became conflicted. As a Rochester resident who has been closely following this story, I have to question how you chose to present this story with the omission and glossing over of some important details. It has me questioning what I’ve been listening to in your podcast for the last several months. It’s clear that journalism changes between local and national audiences.
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Ben Will Bar
Excellent podcast!
Amazing reporting at this difficult time. Wonderful reporting!! Look forward to it every day.
King of the Pajama Boys
Now I know what became of the pajama boy in the Obamacare ad... he became the host of the Daily!
Dill BeBasio
More balanced please
This used to be my favorite podcast. I feel it’s leaning farther and farther to the left. I’m really missing the balance.
What happened to Daniel Prude?
Why didnt the reporter ask the mental health hospital why he was released after 3 hours? Seems like a logical question and you skipped right past it. Police action may have been wrong , but if we want to defund police and let mental health professionals field these kinds of calls, why didnt they hold him for observation? Seems like they dropped the ball and no one is questioning it.
Good content but the host can be distracting
The host makes too much noise while his guest are speaking and it’s distracting for a podcast.
Daily Must Listen!
I need the makers of this podcast to know, the work they are doing here is so incredibly enlightening, needed and necessary right now the words in a review are unable to capture my gratitude for this podcast. Listening gives more than just perspective, but connection to the story in a way not experienced elsewhere. Please keep doing what your doing.
You called Jacob Blake, James Blake
Please fix that and apologize.
Your Dame
Come on NYTimes
Please stop bringing people on the show that make you have to put “This episode contains strong language” on the label. I like the show but seriously. Isn’t this podcast supposed to be professional journalism?
Amazing reporting!
Some of Michael’s stories will have you in tears! The best way to start the day
Girls Gotta Rate
Please get a new host
I would love to listen to this podcast, but cannot stand the host’s breathy and overly sensitive voice. It makes my skin crawl. Please find a new host!
That was so annoying
Foxy Rady
Always so enlightening!
I don’t know what people who say they don’t love Michael Barbaro’s voice are talking about. I love him and all of the reporters. I must quote or talk about something I’ve learned from The Daily at least 2 to 3 times a week to clients, friends and family. And it’s been that way for at least the past 3 years! You are my go to for deep dive info. Loved the story about the theater in the Berkshires. Let’s hope all theaters can open soon! Keep up the great work and don’t pay attention to the haters
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Biased in favor of decent people
How DARE you! Lol
Favorite podcast
Michael is one of the best hosts on the air. Each day is distinct, information packed, and most include great journalists.
Elmo Pete
Love the show
Please stop the Fat Tire Amber Ale commercial, they are quite annoying, or change the tone of them
GNG Nurses
Here’s...what need......toknowtoday
So good.
Informative and inspirational
The interview with Officer Scott Watson was truly excellent journalism. ‘Who Will Replace Me?’ moved me to share it with my daughters aged 12 and 14. Three days later the conversation is still going between us about the example of what humanity could look like if there were more Scott Watsons in the world. Thank you for humanizing the police force - extreme flaws and all - through this interview with this remarkable man. Two young girls are inspired by his kindness and dedication and will remember his story for a long long time. Our family appreciates The Daily - and the NYT - more than you know.
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American Family in Seoul
Get a new host
Great show but Michael Barbero is unbearable. He invariably sounds condescending and pedantic.
No integrity
What a shame for the country’s top newspaper / news outlet to become nothing short of left wing agenda driven story tellers. It’s not reporting the news when u bend everything to ur thoughts and beliefs! I’m not even a Republican, I’m a moderate and it’s just too much it really is. Can’t even listen to the political pods anymore it’s a joke and the Times has made a mockery of what news reporting is supposed to be.
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