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News and Chuckles
Many thanks to AG and all her smart, funny and empathetic crew for my wake up staple. And the theme song is by They Might Be Giants! Ear candy all around for this Gen X lefty.
The greatest podcast available! Love the news with swearing.
A “progressive podcast” that bootlicks every 3 letter agency in the Government.
It’s pretty disturbing that AG calls herself a progressive but constantly gushes over the FBI and CIA. 2 organizations that have really done nothing but oppress progressives all over the world, including at home. I’ve been a listener since Mueller she wrote just started because it gave me a sense of sanity though the garbage. But it’s getting nauseating now. Also it’s hilarious to me that, she focuses so hard on obscure republicans but will never find the time to even mildly criticize a center left official even when they deserve it.
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big d tranny
AG is a fantastic host and DG had fallen into the cohost role with ease. AG knows her stuff and clearly does a ton of work to bring the listeners and well researched summary of the most important news of the day. I look forward to this podcast each day and always make the time to listen all the way through to the good news segment at the end!
Great daily breakdown of the news
AG and DG are the first podcast I listen to every morning. They break down all the news and tie it together with humor and just enough swearing.
News with swearing!!
I love this podcast. AG and DG are great together. Informative and funny.
Love love you guys! But, you need to do something about the audio. The guy today was very difficult to understand. Normally there’s a level issue with AG being at a different level than others.
Normal speaking speed, please.
Normal speaking speed is more pleasant to listen to. The racing speed reading is very difficult to listen to. No time to digest what is being heard and words get garbled. Even though I love the content, I usually just move on since listening to someone tripping over speed reading is not enjoyable.
Love this podcast
Frank F is one of my Fav’s. Love both of your honest insights.
Required Listening Everyday ☮️♥️☮️
My First Cat
Required listening
These women are SO smart AND funny! It’s hard to start the day without my coffee and my daily beans!
I read her article on Cotton. She rocks
Speech Class
Hi. I have a pretty strong aversion to the phenomenon known as “vocal fry”. I’ve tried to move past it/get over it but some of the voices in broadcasting today are just terrible. It doesn’t bother me in normal conversation but when I’m listening to news it’s really annoying. I just wanted to tell you I like your show and I LOVE your wonderful, beautiful voices.
Keeping me company...
…during quarantine and working from home. Voices of reason. Listen everyday! Thanks for your work!
CJ Burk
Very Good
I love this show and I am really loving Dana, she’s the perfect addition.
Love this podcast. AG is awesome to listen to
Amazing job!
This podcast is amazing AG And DG are so smart and funny and I appreciate their thoughtful take on all the latest news with swearing! Haha love it thanks for all you do.
Cracking Up!
The double-ended dildo story was epic! Thank you for all you do! Glad I found you 😍
I thrive on this podcast and these people
The experts AG interviews are the best and because it isn’t cable news they can say what they really think in plain terms. This podcast helps me keep track of all the details of Trump’s corruption and yet help me keep from being consumed by the hellscape of Trumpism. Sometimes I laugh or cry or both. As a member of the community I give and now get support. It is a full range podcast, news, analysis, humor, emotion, empathy. As I like it.
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Unintelligible in many areas
Audio in Bonus show 2 with Andrew Torres was horrid. Please don’t use the same audio software for the actual show when you fire it up. Love the show other than that💓
Coffee talk
Every morning I look forward to your podcast AG ❤️ I’m in Hawaii so you always post before I wake up. So insiteful & informative, the good the bad and the orange. MAHALO wonderful Lady
Behind the headlines
It’s strange to see “brand new reporting” of details and stories previously covered ages ago by AG and The Daily Beans. Conjecture = “Beans”, and they always make it clear what is reporting vs what is conjecture. 5/5 toats recommend.
Essential News
AG keeps a focus on mischief and mis-deeds in Trump-world âne the US Gov with from a happily Feminist, Humanist, Progressive POV. With shock, awe, laughter and swearing.
Best Way to Start My Day
I trust the Beans to give me the real news each day! Great coverage and analysis. Love AG's in-depth interviews. And love the humor.
Informative and entertaining
Thank you AG and the Beans Team for keeping us up to date with all the craziness coming out of the White House. You bring context to the madness and make us laugh while doing it. I love your conversations with the people who have inside knowledge about our government agencies and the courts.
Sassy and Informative
The title says it all. I listen to this show on my daily walk with WiggleButt, my 13 year old Ausie. Thanks to AG and her beanie babes for keeping me informed, entertained and sane.
What a way to start your day
Informative, witty, and worth your time
KRC Creations
Rudy case
It’s time to sanction. trump need to be sued now
Top Notch
AG is able to keep her well trained eye on all the important issues hurtling toward us every day. She has the smarts and knowledge to analyze and put it all together so regular joes like me can keep up and understand what the hell is going on these days. I’ve been listening for about a year to the daily podcast and she has been right on with her analysis and perspectives. Her irreverent, swear-worthy delivery keeps my anxiety at bay and I find it comforting that a person like her is doing what she is doing. I know I never could. Please don’t ever go away! ✨🙏✨
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I’ve been listening so long I forgot how I found out about it. Smart, in the weeds news that’s entertaining. I have learned so much! I’ve tried to find something that compares but none are as entertaining and detailed. Love this pod!
Beans beans are good for your heart!
My compliment sandwich review: This is one of the first pods I listen to every day and AG is money with her attention to detail and iron trap memory of the cast of characters rolling through the news. Also AG gets killer guests and I like she doesn’t dumb it down. My only complaint is the Good News section, I do appreciate it but hearing them respond to pictures we can’t see is sort of useless and slightly annoying, the stories are a nice uplift, though. I’m super stoked they brought back the comic commentary during the news block, it’s super unique to the show and helps me digest the often heavy content and keeps it engaging. Thanks for the great podcast!
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Exactly what I needed
AG (and her crew of *stars*) is the voice of sanity in the cacophany that is 2020. I am new to podcasts, and Beans is my Gold Standard. Funny, incredibly intelligent, thought-provoking and relevant, the dialogues will keep you informed and entertained. My must have!
AG and her binder of women co-hosts have kept me sane throughout the Trump years and especially in 2020. The show is informative and hilarious, and Allison’s passion is contagious. I finally became a patron today after all this time because we need as much of this kind of knowledge and humor daily. Also Pod Pets. Cheers!
I used to work in a kitchen
... with a lot of guys, and one of the ways they accepted me was that I swore as much as they did. I’ve tried listening to this podcast, but I just can’t stop thinking about that kitchen. It seems strange to listen to women sounding like I did forty years ago.
Walking & talking
I faithfully listen every single day because this is the most well researched news you will find on the internet. Thank you AJ and staff for all of your hard work, connections and analysis. YOU ARE AMAZING! :-)
My Favorite Podcast
Smart, informative, and funny. An almost impossible feat while reporting on politics during this horrifying administration. I am so grateful!
new favorite podcast...
... out of the gazillion different podcasts i listen to. doesn’t hurt that one of my very favorite bands, They Might Be Giants, did the theme song.
Love this podcast
I listen to this podcast every day. I spend a lot of time driving for my job. This podcast is the first thing I listen to every single day. This is the best way to get the headlines. Allison is witty, hilarious and intelligent. She translates the day’s headlines in a way that is personable, palatable and perceptive. Couldn’t start my day without it!
This podcast is worth its weight in Beans!
I’ve been listening for almost a year now. I must confess this is my favorite podcast. I’ve heard news stories here well before main steam media. It’s like I’m in the loop before everyone else. AJ explains the what and the whys. This is totally worth your time!! Oh and there’s swearing!!
My #1 show that I listen to
I listen to tons of podcasts, but this is my go-to everyday, especially for political news. Love these ladies, and love their vibe! You do wonderful work, AG :)
Go-to podcast for progressive, under-the-radar news
Always informative, and the new Flip It Blue segment featuring candidates running for House seats around the country is always upbeat. A.G. Is a top-notch interviewer who elicits unfiltered insights shedding light on the web of Trump era corruption.
CS in Chi
A fave with some rocky patches
Was a daily listen I have so looked forward to for over two years, but is becoming what feels like less-than-well-thought-out punditry. More often than not in 2020 it’s felt like AG is reading headlines. Miss the banter & analysis of the earlier episodes. It’s been disappointing :/ Updated 10-19-20 It’s just such a bummer that it feels like Jordan was completely and unnecessarily pushed off the show. ESP as Dana Goldberg and Amy C. come on more and more...
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Long time Patreon
Love this show it catches news I miss from other sources.
The best news with swears!
This is my go to news podcast. Turn off all the other news and start with AG!! It’s refreshing to hear real news and guests interpreting tough news and law speak. Thank you for making me feel sane and connected in this crazy Covid world.
I wait everyday for this little slice of beautiful reality . It’s just wonderful to hear the truth daily instead of straight up lying or just skipping a important political moment. Thank you .
What happened to this podcast???
When I first found this podcast a year ago I was overly excited! It was a refreshing and great way to get the news every morning. Three women going back and forth in conversation who were hilarious. After COVID hit I was understanding to the fact that some TEMPORARY adjustments would have to be made. But while all other podcasts have bounced back this one never did. I echo all other reviewers who say they will never understand why they all didn’t just jump on a Zoom call and keep it pushing. Now it’s just the main host quickly spitting out headlines and then rushing to talk to her legal friends about something VERY specific. I also know that it’s not a network issue because other shows on the same network were able to keep their original formats. It’s so disappointing because I use to really love this show.
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The Truth
Turn off Fox News and listen to this Podcast!
Beans I Need Daily
I wake up, I put on your Podcast. Love it, and AG’s style. I really appreciate what you’re doing, what you’ve been doing and what I know you’ll keep doing. Thank you for your service, it’s keeping me hopeful at this extraordinarily difficult time in our country.
I have moved on
I used to listen to this podcast first thing in the morning every morning. It gave me the facts while also having a banter and a conversational aspect I grew up love. Lately it has just been A.G. Talking to herself and inflating her ego. There are plenary of other podcasts that have molded to the COVID-19 issues and kept their format by recording from home over zoom. I’ll never reallly understand why they didn’t do that. At this point it’s more efficient to just get the news from NPR.
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Ego ruined it.
I started my day listening to this and MSW, and loved it. In the past few weeks, the podcast went from informative and poignant, while being delightfully uncouth... to AG shoehorning humble-brags every chance she gets. Went from what I looked forward to in the morning, to insufferable masturbatory crap. What a shame.
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