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Health, wellness, beauty explained by women in healthcare.
Halle Tecco, CEO and Founder of Natalist
Claire interviews Halle, friend and founder of digital health technology company Rock Health, as well as CEO and Founder of Natalist.  This episode covers Halle’s struggle with infertility, women in the healthcare space, and how the combo of the two led her to found Natalist.
Nov 22
54 min
Parent Like a Pediatrician
Claire talks with NY based pediatrician Dr. Rebekah Diamond, on Covid, flu shots, and kids resiliency.
Nov 15
48 min
10 Questions, Round 6
Claire answers more of your questions, including the grossest thing she’s ever seen in practice 😳
Nov 8
35 min
Pulmonology, Parenting and Pelotons with Dr. Lara Lambert
Claire interviews Dr. Lara Lambert, a Charleston based Pulmonoligist, on her career beginnings and her rectal cancer diagnosis at age 40.
Nov 2
37 min
10 Questions, Round 5
Claire answers 10 questions from listeners - from flu shots to kitchen appliances! 
Oct 25
36 min
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Claire interviews Dr. Ashley Jeter, a medical oncologist, and answers all your questions on breast cancer!
Oct 18
45 min
Sweat and Scalpels with Dr. Mare Mbaye
Claire interviews Dr. Mare Mbaye, an OBGYN also known as Sweat and Scalpels. They cover topics from PCOS to the libido, so you probably don’t want to miss this one.
Oct 12
41 min
Maggie Rawlins, RN
When your nurse is also a Victoria’s Secret model. Claire interviews Charleston sweetheart, Maggie, to discuss her time in NYC working as a nurse on the front lines during the Covid 19 pandemic.
Sep 28
41 min
10 Questions, Round 4!
Claire answers 10 questions, from restaurants to stretch marks and flu shots.
Sep 20
41 min
Covid Update #8,765
Not really but SURE DOES FEEL THAT WAY! Claire corners Ed again to get his thoughts on the current happenings. Thoughts on a vaccine timeline, and general life musings. 
Sep 13
34 min
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