The Cycling Podcast
The Cycling Podcast
Lionel Birnie, Daniel Friebe, Richard Moore
The Cycling Podcast - daily insight and analysis of the Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a España and Classics. Join journalists Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe – and a few special guests along the way – as they podcast about the latest cycling news and the world of professional cycling. Expect a mix of insight and analysis as our three experienced journalists cover not just the big talking points but take you behind the scenes of professional cycling. Richard Moore is the author of Slaying the Badger and Sky’s the Limit, Daniel Friebe writes for Procycling and is author of The Cannibal, a biography of five-time Tour winner Eddy Merckx, and Lionel Birnie is co-editor of The Cycling Anthology, a collection of essays about the Tour de France.
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First Time, Long Time...
Boys you’ve stretched yourselves too thin. Thank you so much for filling the void during the terrible lock down but bicycle racing is back and you all are seemingly absent.... in the wake of all the other cycling podcasts that have popped up... you’re once a week program isn’t covering the current season. Go back to basics boys.
How does this podcast have 5 stars?
I keep trying to listen to this podcast, but these crusty blokes piss me off every time. I never understand why bitter people choose to record podcasts about subjects that they are so jaded about. Save your time, don’t do it!
Bitter childish
Good show....., with the exception of when discussing Lance Armstrong and the Lance documentary and then you all sound bitter and hypocritical....Almost childish! The hypocrisy is so overwhelming in cycling it is pathetic!!!! How you and others choose to give a pass to some and not others is ridiculous and quite disappointing. I’m sure you won’t read this or even care
R Luckenbach
Best road cycling podcast
Hands down the best road cycling podcast avail. Their blend of professionalism, humor, personality and original content makes for great listening. Other cycling podcasts are hit or miss. The Cycling Podcast nails it every time. Keep up the great work!
Great Show! Questions. Suggestion.
Thanks so much for all the work, in particular Our Giro. Something great to look forward to each day. Very well done. Why do you (and others) call them "turbo" trainers. Here in the US they are indoor trainers or trainers. Why do you say "so and so took the decision to ... " ???? I always figured it was the euros who speak English as a second or third language that say it that way. I know you are British - Daniel too even though he appears to want to hide it - but that is not proper English, is it? Here in the US we say ... "so and so made the decision to ....". Or, "I need to make a decision" (not "take" a decision). Who "takes" a decision?!?! You make it, not take it. Larry is nice but painful to hear talk. All the "um"(s) are killing me. Maybe he can work on that? When he gets going they disappear but when he is starting or talking slowly ... lots of "ah" or "um". I know, I have issues. Just wanted to get them off my chest! Otherwise, I love you and all the shows on your platform. Thanks!
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Beautiful story about a beautiful win
Amazing Job Mitch! This is exactly what cycling needs. You have something here, more of these from more teams.
Beyond Category!
Your Giro coverage was unbelievable. What great stories and interviews. You’re a great team. Thanks for clear commitment to excellence.
I love TCP
All except for Daniel’s butchering accento italiano. Hahaha!! Cheers!!
What these 3 gents put together is so insightful and entertaining, I wouldn’t miss an episode. No Grand Tour can be enjoyed fully without their coverage. The KM 0 episodes are nothing short of artistic.
I like the word play and metaphors used often to describe the events gong on in cycling. The intelligence sometimes conveyed by all involved is appreciated, especially from a bunch of fellow alcoholics.... Thanks! Chiro is way too Nationalist, and rarely says anything of substance, no? Ah, but maybe he speaks for the sands of time.... . Lionel has an excellent robot voice! Please keep the song Mitch Docker uses for Life in the Peleton! P.S. Please stop the Aussies from saying, “Look.”
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Love this podcast!
One of my favorites- the team feel like friends and are so insightful.
Just brilliant. Adding Mitch is a coup!
Best Pro Cycle racing pod even better w/MD
Longtime listener of TCP from Northwest Georgia-USA. Your race coverage and interviews with key personalities at every level of the men’s and women’s pro pelotons is absolutely my favorite coverage of any type (websites, magazines, YouTube). I hope you keep at it, despite all the fame and fortune. Lionel, Richard, and famous tv personality Daniel Frieberencinni provide the perfect level of entertainment, hard hitting journalism and in depth athlete profiles. thankfully they only occasionally touch on indoor bicycling (track and video game racing-aka zwift) when it applies to the athletes on the road. Adding Mitch Docker’s awesome podcast to TCP is a brilliant addition that will surely add listeners and make a great podcast even better. I’m looking forward to hearing all your great coverage in 2020, especially when PhilGil wins La Primavera, Wout Van Aert takes Strade Biancha, Mathieu Van der Poel wins De Ronde, Sagan wins in Roubaix, Chris Froome comes back to full fitness for his fifth Maillot Jaune in Paris and Remco becomes the next Merckx by winning everything that Alaphilippe doesn’t. !
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jh buckeye
Quite wonderful work.Super insight into racing and bike culture. Minor correction: vibration is damped, not dampened. To dampen frame vibration would be to wet it!
Cover kanza by drone!
Great podcast gents, a staple of my daily commute. I love the idea of embracing gravel as an American racing identity. We can cover the racing by drone! Even just the last 60 or 100 kms...
Racing or podcasts?
I often look forward to the daily podcast more than the actual racing!
In a league of it’s own.
I listen to just about every cycling podcast out there. This podcast “The Cycling Podcast“ is by far the most anticipated. It’s in a league of it’s own. The only cycling podcast I would call Pro. Thank you!
Funny and insightful. Love all of the cultural elements and references to previous races and riders. Kilometer 0. Explore. Feminin. Fantastic all round. Outside the team bus needs a little work, lol.
Part travelogue and mostly wonderful cycling reportage
Whether sharing their insights of the villages through which the cyclists pedal, warm but pointed interviews with the cyclists and staff, or top-notch discussion of the day’s action, the cycling broadcast trio bring light and luster to professional cycling.
Ned McC
Best cycling podcast ever
TDF coverage has been top notch! Thanks from Colorado, USA!
Not Good - Far below The Cycling Podcast’s usual standards
First, I am a long time ‘friend’ of the pod and mostly love everything that the team does. Really enjoyed the KM episode with Poesti. Been a fan of his since his initial Giro win!
Fans with open eyes
The David Walsh interview pulls back the curtain on the reality of this glorious sport and the “all too human” cycling heroes. It’s about sport and also about journalism. Great stuff.
Great chemistry with both teams
You folks do a fantastic job with Cycling Podcast Femin and the men’s version too. 3 people seems to be the magic number and the knowledge about cycling including the background on the area’s culture. Love the profiles of riders. I’m a proud friend of the podcast too. Keep up the great work ladies and gentlemen!
Brilliant, sophisticated, and top-notch panaché
Absolutely wonderful podcast. HIGHLY recommend becoming a friend of the podcast for what amounts to a minimal and very worthwhile cost. The commentary is well researched, insightful, educational, and entertaining all at once. The frequency of episodes is such that the crew becomes the go-to source for grand tour coverage and has become THE voice of my spring season each year. Coverage of the Giro is always fantastic and is like an audio tour of the regions (thanks Daniel!) and the insight from the entire cast is always friendly and inviting. Just can not say enough good things. Well done chaps and keep up the good work, please!
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Insightful, enjoyable and highly entertaining
Outstanding insights woven into very entertaining news and indepth content about the cycling universe. The interplay between the trio makes this throughly enjoyable. More please!
I pretty much stopped paying attention to road and these dudes brought my interest back. Thank you!
Nothing better
There is no better podcast. The Cycling Podcast has made me love, learn, and care about cycling in a way that I never thought possible. Keep up the amazing work.
Liam Hysh
Professional level pod
Good folks, knowledgeable, humble podcasters covering the cycling world. Good enough to pay for.
Explore is a great series!
My wife and I are currently enjoying Ep. 4 of the “Explore” series and we’re happily reminiscing about our years lived in Suffolk (Mildenhall to be exact) during my time in the US Air Force. Bury St Edmunds and Southwold are two great places and I loved cycling around that area. The whole series is great but I wanted to thank you for the trip down Memory Lane. Best wishes from Keylor in New Bern, NC.
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The 3 commentators play off each other well. They all bring a different perspective to the show. I have learned a lot about how racing works listening to the podcast
New Vegan,
I'm new to Cycle Racing and Lyle made me a fan!
I am so glad I discovered your podcast! As I mentioned, I am a new fan of cycle racing and your podcast has helped me feel like I am actually present at the races.
Love this podcast
I recently discovered ‘The Cycling Podcast’. I absolutely love it.... great hosts, great guests, great topics and great content!! (Love the music too). Chapeau!!
My first choice for news and insights on professional men's cycling
I look forward to listening to the conversations and interviews about men's professional cycling. Very entertaining and informative. Excellent balance of personalities that always keeps me wanting more.
Almost like being there
I have been enjoying this Podcast for several years. They do an excellent job of capturing the local vibe of all the tours and races. The commentary is thought provoking, intelligent and often amusing. They don’t just cover the stars but interview many interesting competitors, team directors, soigneurs, officials. It has truly increased my knowledge and enjoyment of cycling. Well done.
Big John La
My favorite cycling podcast
By far and away the best cycling podcast. A likeable cast of characters. Insightful, knowledgeable and fair, I like their ability to get information and interviews from all the riders including the non english speaking ones other podcasts avoid. The race coverage is the best!
My ‘look forward to ‘ podcast
Informative, self-effacing, and fun to listen to.
Chuck. Newell
Best pro cycling podcast out there
Best pro cycling podcast out there
Excellent podcast
This is the best English language cycling journalism, hands down. I’m so grateful for their work.
minneeota cyclist
Best in the business
Classy, informative, professional...a gem of pocast for anyone who enjoys professional cycling. Highly recommend.
The Cycling Podcast is Transcendental!! 5⭐️
I have been a long time podcast junkie, but I must admit that the one podcast I could not live without is “The Cycling Podcast”. If and when I’m deserted on that proverbial tropical island, Daniel/Lionel/Richard are the only media I would need! Aah... cycling news, coconuts, sand, Lionel Birnie’s homemade cassoulet, and Daniel Friebe** donning a loin cloth ... now that’s my ideal of paradise!! But seriously, No podcast is more informed and connected with all of the latest cycling news and inside scoops, including incredible interviews and thoughtful commentary. The one day classic coverage is superb. The grand tours’ daily coverage is a MUST listen on every night during the events. These chaps’ brand of setting the scene and placing you right dab in the middle of the Arenberg Forest or climbing Mont Ventoux is beautifully crafted. A true transcendental and exciting experience! A longtime friend of the Podcast, Melissa S. (Pennsylvania, USA) ** [despite the way he pronounces his last name that day]
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A podcast with both a sense of humor and a sense of history featuring commentary and rider interviews. Quite addictive. The podcast is free, but the inexpensive “Friends of the Podcast” specials are fantastic. During Grand Tours, special guests add insight and local perspective. It both deepened my understanding of the races and made me want to ride more.
Great Cycling Podcasts of the Giro
Great podcast, good insight and overview of the world of cycling. Love the interviews with people of all facets of the sport. Keep up the great work. The last 3 weeks of the Giro were great. Loved the "Last Kilometre" additions. Update April 22, 2018: I still love the podcasts, it adds great value and insights to the cycling races and ancillary aspects of the sport. I also love to support the sponsors of the podcast. I have been using Science in Sport and Harry’s shavers for years. I just purchased Rapha clothing and want a podcast jersey for my birthday. I am a friend of the podcast 2017 and just purchased the 2018 edition. Can’t wait to listen to the Liege Bastogne Liege coverage this week. Paul
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Bar None, the Best
Been listening for several years. I’m not a normal reviewer, but Lionel’s recent blog on the podcast’s economic model spurred me to write. The podcast is, in my opinion, easily the best cycling podcast available and that puts it at the top of all podcasts I listen to. In short, the product is a steal. Thank you for the quality programming, thank you for the insights, thank your to the advertisers and thank you for the numerous odd looks I receive as I listen on my headphones, laughing out loud at the banter between the three of you. I always feel like I’m part of an inside joke that everyone else is missing out on. Cheers and chapeau!
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Without doubt the best cycling podcast
This is by far the best cycling podcast in what is becoming a crowded field. The content is fantastic, interviews are first rate and Rich, Daniel and Lionel are well established cycling journalists who provide insight that cannot be found in other podcasts. I’d also recommend the Friends subscription which is incredibly reasonable and well done. It’s worth it at twice the price. American cycling fans like myself can get jealous of the availability of the sport in Europe but this podcast makes it feel a lot closer to home. Keep up the good work guys.
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Avvocato Sicilian
Great informative show
These guys are pros and deliver the goods. Insightful analysis of bicycle road racing and the culture that surrounds it. Well done.
I can hear the mud!
Love the Euro insiders’ pov and the sounds from the race! Makes cx feel much closer and not something misinterpreted by internet-based “experts.”
Of Course you need to do more cyclocross podcasts...
Loyal listeners already spend over 100 days a year with you and your guests. That’s not enough so CX is the answer even if, self admittedly, you don’t know a lot about it (yet). Keep up the coverage and high production value and thank you Rapha and SIS for your sponsorship.
Politics In Sport
I had been a loyal fan for several seasons, but was deeply appalled to hear BDS propaganda in episode 32.
Great interview
Great interview I now know more about the guy on the TV
Great podcast much appreciated from California
I strongly recommend this podcast. I’ve been listening for a few years now. I am now a paying subscriber or “friend of the podcast” as they say so l can listen to some of their exclusive content as well. The three “musketeers” of cycling podcasting are some of the most knowledgeable in the business and their guests and guest hosts as well. Bravo! ADN from SoCal
ADN from SoCal
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