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The Curious Clinicians
The Curious Clinicians
The Curious Clinicians is a medical podcast that asks "why?". Why do diseases present in certain ways? What are the mechanisms of treatments we use? Why does the human body function as it does? Join us to explore these questions and many more.
Episode 14 - Septic Pulmonary Emboli
This is the next installment of our series on questions from intern year, with a question that came up on rounds. Hannah examines theories as to why septic pulmonary emboli often present in the periphery and bases of the lungs, while "bland" pulmonary do not.  Don't forget to pick up your CE/MOC credits, courtesy of VCU Health! You can read the show notes for this episode and subscribe to our mailing list on our website. Support the podcast and pick up some sweet swag from our online store.
Nov 24
18 min
Episode 13 - Uremic Platelets
The Curious Clinicians plug-in to learn about why uremia interferes with platelet function and increases bleeding propensity.  Don't forget, you can get CE/MOC credit just for listening! Check out the show notes for this episode here. And you can also read Tony's tweetorial on this topic here.
Nov 10
23 min
Episode 12 - Torsades and Magnesium
The Curious Clinicians are back at it, exploring why magnesium so effectively treats the arrythmia torsades de pointes. Hint: it's the same mechanism as magnesium's effects on bronchospasm in severe asthma and seizures in eclampsia! As always, you can get CE/MOC credits just for listening! To learn more, check out the show notes for this episode on our website. You can also read Avi's original tweetorial on torsades and magnesium here. 
Oct 27
21 min
Episode 11 - Acetaminophen and Metabolic Acidosis
This is the first in a series where Hannah explores clinical questions that have arisen during her intern year. In this episode, The Curious Clinicians learn why acetaminophen toxicity can lead to an anion gap metabolic acidosis.  Don't forget, you can obtain CE/MOC credits just for listening! To learn more, check out the show notes for this episode on our website.
Oct 13
15 min
Episode 10 - Metronidazole
Avi, Tony, and Hannah are back at it, investigating why metronidazole treats both bacterial and parasitic infections, why it's only effective against anaerobic organisms, and how this relates to the supposed disulfiram-like reaction.  The episode opens with an important message from Dr. Mark Shapiro (host of the Explore The Space podcast) about VoteHealth 2020. Here are some links for obtaining CE/MOC credits just for listening to this episode and to read the show notes on our website. You can also check out Avi's original tweetorial on metronidazole and all of The Curious Clinician Podcast's other episodes.
Sep 29
20 min
Episode 9 - Umami
Hannah, Tony, and Avi dig into the origins and mechanism of that most wondrous of flavors: umami.  Show notes: CE/MOC:
Sep 15
19 min
Episode 8 - Dyspnea from Angina
The Curious Clinicians examine why coronary ischemia can present with dyspnea. Show notes: CE/MOC:  
Sep 1
22 min
Episode 7 - (Ab)normal Saline
The Curious Clinicians dive into the history and physiologic effects of IV fluids and why saline is definitely not "normal". Show notes: CE/MOC:
Aug 18
18 min
Episode 6 - Azithromycin
Avi, Hannah, and Tony investigate why the antibiotic azithromycin has anti-inflammatory properties.  Show notes: CE/MOC:
Aug 4
23 min
Episode 5 - Contraction Alkalosis
Tony, Avi, and Hannah examine the mechanisms of contraction alkalosis as a result of diuretic use, as well as the roles of chloride and a protein that none of them had previously heard of: pendrin. Show notes: CE/MOC:
Jul 21
30 min
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