The Cultured Guitarist
The Cultured Guitarist
Al Peterson, Kasper Townes
The Cultured Guitarist is dedicated to exploring the cultural zeitgeist surrounding the instrument that has been the most moving instrument of the last 100 years. Join us for the ongoing conversation of what it is to be a guitarist. We tackle everything from new gear, old gear, songwriting, playing, gigging, practicing, collecting, modding, building, etc. If it’s related to the guitar, we’re gonna explore it. With a lot of humour and some stellar guests, Al & Kasper tackle the topics in the unending quest to be six string gurus.
#052 One Year of The Cultured Guitarist!
It’s the 52nd episode and one year since launching the show! Kasper and Al go on a walk down memory lane revisiting the episodes and how they evolved as the show grew. They talk about the guests and the different ways the show broke ground in the ever evolving world of guitar. Thanks for joining our world and here’s to another year of The Cultured Guitarist!
Nov 24
1 hr 50 min
#51 Conversations With A Former President with Andrew McKeag
This week the boys hang out with Andrew McKeag, known best for being a member of The Presidents of the United States of America, as well as a bunch of other projects. Andrew tells tales of helping Mitch Mitchell’s widow find old Hendrix gear for a museum, touring stories, what it’s like to join a world touring rock band and what he’s up to now. It’s a super great episode with a super great dude, so get listening!
Nov 17
1 hr 38 min
#50 Whole Grain Tones with Lurch Audio
Kasper & Al sit down with Mitch Bullock of Lurch Audio to chat about the rad pedals he’s making in Hamilton, Ontario. Mitch’s hand painted pedals are all named after cereal grains and provide a big range of unique tones that are as good sounding as they are looking. Bon appetit!
Nov 10
53 min
#49 Glistening Torpedoes! An All Gear Review Hour
The boys are back with some cool products they’ve been diving into thanks to some generous and forward thinking brands out there. They give their impressions on the Mask Audio Electronics Yes! fuzz, a custom Onkel Amplification preamp, the Soundslice FX Chop-Chop tremolo, the Electrofoods Pedals Pigpile fuzz, a set of cables from Rattlesnake Cable Co. and the Iron Horse V2 tuner/power supply from Outlaw Effects. It’s a lot of cool in a tidy show!
Nov 2
1 hr 9 min
#48 Music Movies Are The Best Movies
This week Al, Kasper and Asher from Caulfield Cables get together to reminisce and rate all of the band/guitar/music movies they could think of. There’s some legends on the list, there’s some obscure ones on the list. There’s a couple that probably should never be mentioned by human beings again. It’s a good laugh and a hilarious glimpse into the taste (or lack of taste) the three boys have. Enjoy!
Oct 27
2 hr 5 min
#47 Don’t Joke About Ginger Baker With Adam Grimm of Satellite Amps
Al & Kasper chat with one of the most radical folks in music, Adam Grimms from Satellite Amps. He joins the boys to chat amps, guitars, men named Night Bob and being sued by Gibson Guitars. Adam shares details about much of the lawsuit and how that influences his brand going forward. It’s an incredible episode and peek into amazing amps and some of the dark sides of being in the music business.
Oct 20
1 hr 16 min
#46 Slumming It with Robot Graves Industries
Al and Kasper get into it with Alex who’s one of the few brave souls making world class aluminum guitar, bass and baritone necks and they hear a little about his upcoming full guitar model. They debate the new JHS 3 series, talk about juicy pedal gossip and much more. Enjoy!
Oct 13
1 hr 24 min
#45 The Sound of Toasted Almond Scent with Dusky Amps
Kasper and Al get their chat on with the fabulous Chris Rossi of Dusky Amps. They chat about how Chris got into making some of the coolest pedals on the market with offerings like the Hypatia, Augustus and the Mandorla. Not to mention some world class amplifiers! Get listening!
Oct 6
1 hr 27 min
#44 The Lord High Genius of Pedal Building with Mask Audio Electronics
The boys are at it again, this time with Alec from Mask Audio Electronics! We learn how to get cease and desist letters, how to ignore them, and how some of the raddest pedals out there get named “Yes!” & “No!”. They go into custom guitars with strange building materials and so much more. Enjoy!
Sep 29
1 hr 17 min
#43 Big Work Now, Small Work Later with Demedash Effects
Steve Demedash returns with stories of his never ending pursuit to perfect the art of imperfections and what to do with what might be the last supply of strange Russian transistors ever. He also schools Al & Kasper on how to make pedals that will blow your mind, all from his home in Winnipeg, Canada.
Sep 22
1 hr 1 min
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