The Criterinot Podcast
The Criterinot Podcast
Graydon Sheppard
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This podcast is. Aaarrrrtgh
bud lively
Graydon is fresh and original- he is fun to listen to and asks great questions. This podcast series offers an interesting perspective on films that one would not normally think of. I look forward to this podcast growing and more interesting guests and film discussion.
I discovered Graydon via the Babe? podcast and he is always my favorite cohost. Between Graydon and my love for my movies... I knew this podcast was for me. I can’t recommend it more!
Your nervous energy is so soothing to me! You are doing the lords work. Keep it up!
Love Graydon! Great selection of movies that don’t often get treated seriously
So many LOLs!
Love to have more than Babe to hear you on!
Love u Graydon!
You made me LOL during the She Devil episode. It was so fun to rewatch that movie! Thank u for being so fun.
KiKi 420
Graydon is literally the funniest cutest person on the planet .
You’re perfect
Love you Graydon! Brilliant podcast 💛
Absolutely adore him, his voice and sense of humor he has already given me lots of LOLs on Babe? & SUP and now we get more of him here! Yay!
Love love love
I could listen to Graydon talk about anything, but this is truly a gem of a podcast. 🖤🖤🖤
The podcast is great! I love hearing Graydon on his own pod.
Infinitely Listenable
Graydon is a true loller and I'm loving this pod. I've learned new things and had a lol and am hungry for more. Kudos, Graydon!! Love and light!
Graydon is an angel
Loling from the jump! So excited about this pod!
Loveeeeeee graydon
Insightful and entertaining
I love Graydon on Babe podcast, and am so happy he started his own. He has a great perspective as a filmmaker and i loved hearing what he valued in clueless. He’s so funny
Makes me want to stay alive
Thank you Graydon for providing enough lols to warrant further time on earth. You’re smart and have great production skills and you’re also not! Well done. Also thank you Justin Trudeau for allowing another hot Canadian to succeed.
Graydon head over here
Haven’t heard an episode yet, but just subscribed. I lurve him from the Babe? Podcast and his first impression soothed me so...yay for this
Amanda Engle
First episode is amazing. So looking forward to more of this pod. I love hearing about film through an educated but diverse and relatable lens
Love Graydon
Graydon is a frequent guest on the Babe? podcast and always brings the lol’s. Happy to see that he’s spreading his pod wings and excited to see what’s in store! Rate and review!!
Can’t wait for more!
Graydon is a true gem, and I really look forward to hearing his takes on some of my favorite movies. His warm personality combined with his industry knowledge makes for a great discussion. Also look forward to more chipmunks- style karaoke ballads at the end of the eps.
If real life is bringing you down...
... it’s time for you to subscribe to this pod. Graydon is a movie maven and he’s bringing awareness to the art and glory of our most beloved film gems. Choosing Clueless for the first episode was simply perfect. I have to admit though, I still get super triggered by the ska scene (why was that ever a thing?) Anyways, this is gold, Graydon’s gold and I will be patiently awaiting that Pismo Beach Disaster Awareness merch!
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Multimedia Moguls
I’ve been listening to Lara’s pods and keeping up with all the great collabs with Graydon. These two seem to read each other’s minds and give us effortless, fun deep dives on some of tv’s most undervalued treasures. I’d be down for a recap of The Simple Life or Rock of Love, tbh. Love these guys!
The Real Chef Penny
Already a Notty (sp?)
Always need more Graydon in my life. So happy this podcast is in my life.
Yes!! Graydon & Lara are magic
Im down!
LOVE love love Graydon on Lara’s pods so i already know this will be good! Whatever he does, im down!
Graydon is hilarious, the concept for this podcast is terrific, and bringing Queen LMS on as the first guest was a fantastic idea. Five stars :)
Thank goddess for this
Coming from being one of 3 girls in my sound design major in college, and always surrounded by loud opinions on what films were important, it made me keep the ones that truly meant something to me a secret because they were never on those lists. So excited for this podcast, and this refreshing perspective!
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