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A Pediatric Podcast here to feed pediatric knowledge food to your adult-sized brain hole & provide weight-based dosings of fun.
#13: All That Fidgets is Not ADHD
Summary Ever gotten overwhelmed by all the categories of ADHD, or interpreter the scores on a Vanderbilt form? Join us with Dr. Sarah Vinson, a triple-boarded clinician in adult psychiatry, child psychiatry, and pediatrics who helps us optimize a diagnosis and management process of ADHD. What other conditions can masquerade as ADHD? Which type of stimulant should you use? Listen to find out more!
Nov 25
1 hr 13 min
#12: Sickle Cell Disease in Adolescence: Growing Pains
Smells Like Heme Spirit with Dr. Lydia Pecker -- Learn all about Sickle Cell Disease and the pediatric to adult transition in care from Dr. Lydia Pecker, a sickle cell doctor for young adults practicing at Johns Hopkins Hospital. In this episode we cover diagnosing sickle cell, detecting and managing complications, and the major treatments, including new drugs and bone marrow transplants. We’ll start with the basics and build up to expertise!
Nov 11
1 hr 12 min
#11: Community Acquired Pneumonia: The Alveoli Strike Back
Join us on a voyage of diagnosis, triage, and treatment of community-acquired pneumonia! Dr. Susan Lipsett delves into the nuances of triaging patients, teasing out viral versus bacterial pneumonia, and choosing the right antibiotic.
Oct 28
56 min
Race Correction in the UTI Guidelines
This short companion episode to our Pediatric UTI episode dives deeper into the race correction factor present in the UTI guidelines.Dr. Pat Poitevien breaks down why it is important for academic medicine to be thinking critically about race as a social construct, how race-based medicine may cause more harm than benefit, and the next steps for how to move forward in a curious, engaged, and evidence-based manner.
Oct 16
12 min
UTIs: Pearls of Liquid Gold
If you’re hoping to catch a clean episode covering a common childhood infection, urine luck! This special segment covers an evidence-based approach to urinary tract infection (UTI) featuring Dr. Ken Roberts. He is an educator, clinician, and leader in pediatrics. He is also the lead author of both the 2011 AAP UTI guidelines and the upcoming AAP febrile infant guidelines. Listen as wee discuss cloudy diagnostic dilemmas and whiz through the appropriate management of UTI.
Oct 14
1 hr 4 min
#9: Anaphylaxis: All You Need to Know
Wondering about how anaphylaxis presents in kids and how to give an epinephrine auto-injector to an infant? We chat with Dr. Julie Brown, a pediatric emergency medicine attending physician at Seattle Children's Hospital, about anaphylaxis, a common pediatric condition that can rapidly become dangerous if not quickly recognized and treated. We also discuss food allergy, adjuncts in anaphylaxis therapy, pediatric epinephrine dosing and auto-injectors, and discharge planning.
Sep 30
58 min
#8: Mastering Outpatient Asthma
Join The Cribsiders as our guest Dr. David Stukus (@AllergyKidsDoc) to discuss "all that wheezes" as he takes us on an in-depth journey through the epidemiology, diagnosis, severity, and management of pediatric asthma including the 2020 GINA treatment strategies. Check out for CME credit!
Sep 16
52 min
#7: Become #1 in the Diagnosis and Management of T1DM
Type 1 Diabetes - this episode is definitely a sweet one! Join us for a conversation with our guest Dr. Hussein Abdullatif (UAB), covering the diagnosis, workup, and management of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. We discuss the initial lab work-up, approach to treatment, atypical presentation, and how it’s okay to eat donuts around the time of an insulin shot!
Sep 2
1 hr 1 min
6: More Than Strep: Pharyngitis w/ “Uncle Bob” Centor
The creator of the Centor score gives us an evidence-based discussion on the diagnosis and management of pharyngitis. Think a sore throat is no big deal? Think again! We wade into the depths of pediatric and adolescent pharyngitis to review the Centor criteria, the differential diagnosis and treatment for acute pharyngitis, what complications to watch out for in the pediatric populations, and how we should worry more about Lemierre's syndrome than acute rheumatic fever.
Aug 19
46 min
#5 MIS-C: When COVID Affects Kids
The Diagnosis and Management of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) with Dr. Adriana Tremoulet -- Four weeks after a COVID exposure, children may not be completely in the clear. MIS-C is a post-infectious inflammatory state that affects pediatric patients and can lead to heart failure, acute abdomen, and a new Kawasaki-like syndrome in older ages. We discuss the emerging evidence with expert, Dr. Adriana Tremoulet on the presentation, diagnosis, and management MIS-C.
Aug 12
58 min
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