The Covenant Cast
The Covenant Cast
We’ve spent over a decade in the tabletop gaming space, as content creators, local store owners, and online retailers. Now it’s time to answer your questions, dive into complex topics, and have an incredible amount of fun along the way -- featuring exclusive updates, candid dialogue, and fascinating interviews with designers, publishers, and visionaries.
157: Industry Insight - Flesh and Blood TCG Founder, James White
James White started Legend Story Studios to launch the Flesh and Blood TCG in 2019, after over seven years of development. But like so many publishers, 2020 became a crucible of determination and adaptation. Surprisingly, though, the game is now growing by leaps and bounds - and according to James, the next set, Monarch, is when the system becomes fully realized for the first time. Join us for a fascinating discussion with the driving force behind what may be the next big TCG.
Nov 22
52 min
156: The Breakthrough Moments
Last week's Ashes stream was filled with an excitement that is familiar to most of us - the moment when you see behind the curtain, when your understanding of a game is catapulted into new territory that reveals previously unknown possibilities. The best games find ways to create those moments over, and over, and over, while others lose steam before those eureka moments can take place. Join us for a discussion about these breakthroughs, and how they happen.
Nov 17
53 min
155: The Startling Acceleration of Flesh and Blood
We've seen so many card games come and go over the years - but we've never seen an explosion quite like Flesh and Blood over this past month. New partnerships, $1,000 boxes, a thriving singles market, and a migration of disenchanted Magic players - join us as we ask the never-ending question: is this the next one?
Nov 10
1 hr 18 min
154: Industry Insight - Eric Lang, Game Designer
Eric Lang, designer or co-designer of - Game of Thrones LCG, Call of Cthulu LCG, Warhammer: Invation, Star Wars LCG, Conquest LCG, Dice Masters, Arcadia Quest, Blood Rage, Rising Sun, Ankh, Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures, Bloodborne, Ankh, Marvel United, and more - sits down with us for an exceedingly insightful 90 minutes on COVID, philanthropy, activism, and principled opposition.
Nov 2
1 hr 37 min
153: Industry Insight - Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games
The second publisher featured on our Industry Insight series, Jamey Stegmaier (Viticulture, Scythe) of Stonemaier Games (Wingspan, Pendulum) discusses the lead up to COVID, the adaptations made in 2020, and where things go from here - for both publishing and retail. Nothing is off the table.
Oct 21
59 min
152: Industry Insight - Brenda Mulgrew of Knight Watch Games
We've kept up with Brenda and Paraic of Knight Watch Games since they won the Power Retailer Award at GAMA (after which we interviewed the former), watching their space improve and their vision come to life. What happens, though, when COVID injects uncertainty into those long term plans? How can retailers adapt? Let's find out.
Oct 14
53 min
151: Industry Insight - Rodney Smith of Watch It Played
If you've been in this hobby for any amount of time, you've probably seen a video from Rodney's iconic Watch It Played YouTube channel. In this continuation of our Industry Insight series, join us for a closer look at content creation in the age of COVID, and the impact it might have on the future of tabletop. Find all previous casts, as well as products, subscriptions, and blogs, on our website:
Sep 25
1 hr 14 min
150: Industry Insight - PvP Geeks & Skytear
"The only way to stop us is to kill us." Kicking off our Industry Insight series, Giacomo and Riccardo share the inspiring (and terrifying) story of PvP Geeks' first foray into tabletop games - right as COVID-19 shut down the world. Find all previous casts, as well as products, subscriptions, and blogs, on our website:
Sep 21
1 hr
149: How to Ruin a Game, Part 6 - Communication
In our final episode of the "How to Ruin a Game" series, and our final episode of Season 3, we embrace one of the most sacred necessities of any modern business - what to say, how to say it, and perhaps most importantly, when to say it. It's particularly relevant for community-driven games, where even a day of silence can compromise everything.
Aug 30
55 min
148: How to Ruin a Game, Part 5 - Marketing
The ultimate buzzword for any business, marketing is yet another way that tabletop games can fail - and effective marketing is a particularly unique quandary in this industry. Join us for an exploration of marketing considerations for every publisher, from our perspective as an online and local retailer. Find all previous casts, as well as learning content and products, on our website:
Aug 23
1 hr 10 min
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